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The 2005 Edition of The Bill Andrews Electronic Fish Wrapper Is Still Going?

- 27 August 2005 -
BA waxes cerebrally:

["Jeeze BA, keep it short!!"]

I know that there are some in this world, and many in La Jolla, who think that "things" just happen -

[Good things happen to good people, maybe 'cause they happen to be wealthy, too??]

So I just gotta get up on my pulpit - only because I own it - and pontificate just a bit -

In my world, most things just don't happen - take today, for example -

All of the volunteers that helped with today's event didn't just show-up 'cause they happened to be in the neighborhood with nuttin' else to do Team Silvergate Bank and the other Sponsors could have spent $$ in a number of ways - The food for hundreds didn't just fall out of the sky - the gods ain't that crazy! Jeff actually had time to take GREAT Water Photos!!

As for ME, it's an honor and a privilege to participate, and it proves, at least to me, that this world ain't such a bad place - but we gotta work on the good stuff - it doesn't just happen!

=== ===

Day at the Beach - The Big Set-Up - 2005 [Album 1]

Today's account of the action is gonna be a bit disjointed, but what else would one expect from ME?

I read somewhere, that sometimes, folks can be over-educated in relation to their intelligence...??

I am not one to throw stones, after all, I live in the Glass House of Pane[s] / Pain[s]

- BUT -

How did this group, EVER, PASS Clown School 101?

Let's see - this way, naw, this way, how 'bout this way - let's take it down and start over - "You Clowns - we wanna help"

[come on Scot - don't get mad, I'm just the messenger]

Whew - we erected a couple of the Erector Sets -

Clown School 101 was a bit difficult for the Graduating Class of '07 - this was Clown School Class minus 101: Why did we get the Little Blue One - is it up yet?


- NOW -

Bring in the child labor for another class: T-Shirt Folding 101 -

"You grab the shirt here, right below the ******, then here, right above the *****, then fold it and fold it again - it's as easy as Emergency Room Surgery!"


[Decker hung his head in disgrace - after all, he did fail ALL of the morning classes, including Medical, err, Remedial Masochism Management and punched himself in the nose]


Big Bro was watching us - but for a good reason - it was Scot's turn to shine for The Media and for THE KIDS!


Day at the Beach - The Kids Arrive - 2005 [Album 2]

I don't know about you, but when those kids - so very tentatively - climb out of the bus - and greet us - I almost have to wipe a tear or two out of my eyes [please don't tell anyone I admitted that I have a kind and gentle side]!


There were quite a few surf stars present - Erik Sommers* Richard Kenvin [* More about RK below]  -   Tom Ortner  - 

Randy "el presidente" Lind
- Captain Mikey's Kid - Mark, Randy, and Tom Veg-O-Mite - Cardiff's "almost" Sisters - Joe Roper

Of course, in an event like this, there are always, a few, erstwhile old time surf stars, who now perform better on dry land than in the water - however - one photo is worth at least six words: "Chicks dig me 'cause I surf!"

There were volunteers from everywhere: San Diego Surf Ladies - Team Ocean Beach - Team Cardiff - Tag Team World - Team The Lot -


Day at the Beach - Water Time 1 [finally!!] - 2005 [Album 3]

Day at the Beach - Water Time 2 - 2005 [Album 3A]

Day at the Beach - Water Time 3 - 2005 [Album 3B]

Day at the Beach - Water Time 4 - 2005 [Album 3C]

We made a hot tub - We tried to save the Jellies - We made an aquarium -

We even made that old guy, BA eat a dead anchovy!

Team Tiff represented well so did Team Dennis!

DJ didn't serve corn dogs, so we tried to make our own!


Day at the Beach - Lunch Break - 2005 [Album Four]

What would a Day at the Beach [#19!!] be without the food - perfect timing - as always!!

DJ's Team of top notch chefs prepared lunch for more than 6,851.5 hungry volunteers and students -

["Hey BA, are you the 1/2 man?"]

What would we do WITHOUT Team DJ?


Day at the Beach - AWARD CEREMONY - 2005 [Album 5]

In the world of professional surfing - the stakes are high, the money ain't bad, and most of the competitors are young men who don't really seem to have much fun during the competitions - it's not at all about the best surfer being the one who's having the most fun.

However, in our world, the Day at the Beach world of surfing, the participants are girls and boys, men and women, and judging from the smiles of the "competitors," everybody was a winner!

Team Cardiff's Dynamic Duo's student, Kristen, placed 2nd in the heated battle for "Who Can Catch the Most Waves in Five Hours?"

Kristen could only catch 3,589 [waves] - she lost by ONE wave!


Day at the Beach - Sea World Comes to The Shores - 2005 [Album 6]

The WindanSea Surf Club is so powerful, that we were able to clear the water of critters [finned critters].

We successfully segregated the hunters from potential prey; the kids from St. Vincent De Paul, and their instructors were safe, at least in the water, for the entire day.

I wanted to ensure that the neutral zone between US and THEM was being kept, so I made the long trek to THEM land.

I witnessed one rescue - OB Morgan provided safe refuge from JAWS; some kid wanted to use me as a safe haven - I booted him away.

What wasn't well known, however, was that I had challenged one of WindanSea's many, world class * surfers to a surf-off on Sunday.

I must have been d***k - or something else - when I made the challenge.

- SO -

In a rare moment of lucidity, and because of my years as a "Shores Guy" I was able to call on a dear friend, Mr. Stingray.

I had spared the life of one of Mr. Ray's ancestors about 50 years ago - he owed me a huge favor - now the descendent had to help me extricate myself from this surf-off thing.

He came thru at the last minute -

My rival [RK] made one mis-step, and I, err, Mister Ray, capitalized on it - RK will not be surfing for a while -

I WIN by default!


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