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- 30 July 2005 - Special Olympics / Day at the Beach

If there were another place or time in this world, where I would rather be, than in La Jolla, participating in the Day at the Beach / Special Olympics, I don't know where that place or time would be.

I just want to thank Adam, Scot, the Special Olympians, and the WindanSea Surf Club for allowing me to be part of  this great event -

It's both an honor and a privilege!

- AND -

Can you believe how much support we received from others than those in the WSC??

The San Diego Surf Ladies, Silvergate Bank, San Diego City Lifeguards, more and more -

Sometimes, I just gotta think that maybe, just maybe, life is pretty darn cool without worrying about having the biggest house or the fastest car in the neighborhood -

The Special Olympians, in my opinion, demonstrate how family, good friends, and a wave or two can make a really great life!

Water Photos by Jeff Lhuillier - these photos are GREAT!!

The photos below are only part of the more than 1000 photos I took.

Naturally, most [of my photos] were either out of focus, or out of range, or ... it was the singer [me] and not the songs - the songs were beautiful - next time, I swear, I'll do a better job - but - there are a few good ones [photos] in the mix


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