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The 2005 Edition of The Bill Andrews Electronic Fish Wrapper Is Still Going?

- 02 October 2005 - The Menehune Invasion -

I gotta say, it was an honor and a privilege to Beach Marshall this year's event - the waves were good, the kids were great, and the surf parents, errrr, most of the surf parents, were wonderful!

The sponsors
[starring Reef's Jeremy Sherwin, my boss' kid]

came thru again, and the volunteers, both WSC Members and Non-Members, broke their butts putting this together - thank you again for allowing me to participate!

By the way, there are hundreds of photos below, most are my usual crapola quality, it may take some time to load the pages - I can guarantee you - the wait ain't worth it!

- Menehune 2005 - The Survivor Series, another WindanSea Surf Club Production -

[I'll continue to add STUFF for the next couple of days]

Friday, 30 Sept 05 - The Big Set-Up:
Top Secret Plans for Assembling "The Big Top"
The Big Truck - Thank you GES
The other Big Truck - Thank you Armstrong Construction
Tim's the main man - with his faithful sidekick Larry
Andy's trying to figger out how to get out of jail
"Hey Andy, I thought YOU had the get out of jail card, or at least The King's phone number!"
Followed by -

The Big Pizza Party on Friday evening:
Let the wimmen do the heavy lifting!
The lull before the storm
"Hey Buzzy, where's the Vegetarian Pizza?"
"Hey Sebe, where's the tank top you won?"
The Hawaiians are in the house!
Obligatory Grom Abuse:
Grom abuse I
Grom abuse II
Grom abuse III
Grom abuse IV
Grom abuse V
Surf Parent Encouragement:
Team King
Team Kahuna Bob
Team Tuff Tommy
Peer Group Encouragement??
Go Red!!
Go Blue!!
Go Yellow!!
Go White!! "Hey BA, how do I work this thing?"
Mene-hunes 1 and Mene-hunes 2
DJ and the food!
PK's checking out the competition
It's NEVER cloudy at LJ Shores!
The first heat of the day
Another lost tourist - "Where's Black's Beach???"
"I got a board for each foot"
BA's Line
Team Holly
"My grand daddy's John Holly, so I'm a Holly, so I ain't afraid of nuttin - not even a DEADLY, 20 foot, jelly-fish!"
Mini-hunes Team Cordon


At least for me, Menehune Sunday -

I didn't make it 'till the end, so who won???

I guess, in the end, we all did!!


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