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12 Sept 2005 THE Luau - Photos on Line, Slowly, Irregularly

"Hey BA - Irregular?? That ain't nothing new for you old guys!"

[you may want to hit the "refresh" button in order to clear your browser's cache]

Tom Keck and WHSA Rule!!
Photo by: Tom Keck

Tom or Sandy will be offering this photo - way suitable for framing - in a few days, so please don't rip-off this one [the photo] - it's copyrighted by Tom Keck - it ain't mine!!

What a weekend - but first:

"Jeeze BA, not another one of your stupid stories!!"

[ oops - I forgot to mention my USUAL disclaimer[s]

1. This is my personal web site - my photos and comments are not endorsed or even encouraged by the real WHSA Team.

2. I heard that I was rude to the TV guy (KUSI) - (not new news to me, 'cause usually, I apologize profusely before I become rude or insulting ... anyway) ]

About 7,000 years ago, I worked for Surfer Publishing Group - The "Group" published a bunch of mags - all the mags, including Surfer Mag, focused upon "Lifestyle Sports."

"BA you're so full of crapola - Lifestyle / Extreme sports just started a few years ago with Kelly Slater and Laird Hamilton - you're such a di*k wad!"

Anyway, Steve Pezman was the Publisher / Big Shot of Surfer Mag, and he would make a valiant attempt to help me define what is, and what is not a "Classic" something - A person, A place, A thing.

I was never very good with adjectives or nouns - I'm kinda stuck with hotties, big, small, short, tall, way hot, Bill, Tom, surf, babes, etc., but Pez simply defined classic as something that's timeless - kinda like, in my words, my wool Blue Blazer, with brass buttons - no, not a blue Chevy - a sports coat that is still appropriate in most circles.

Anyway, back to this weekend - as so well defined by Steve Pezman: I just gotta add that I cannot thank Sandy, Salli, and the rest of the Luau Planning Team enough!

For me, what an honor and privilege to be asked to participate in their event!

"Jeeze BA, you're such a little girl, do you want us to wipe the tear off of your chubby little cheeks?"

Hey, I'm just a Shores Guy -

Finally after 50 years or so, I can kinda park in The Lot, and kinda surf In The Arena.

Finally, after what seems like 150 years, I don't worry too much about finding my car with flattened tires, - OR - even more importantly, I'm not too worried about getting stuffed into a trash can ["Maybe 'cause you won't fit into one?"] and then getting treated to the E-Coupon ride down the bluff!

******* Friday Evening - Su Casa - Starring:   Team The Best: Pat Curren and Sandy ******* Saturday Morning Wind**Sea   Starring:  Team: This is what it was all about!

******* Saturday Mid-Day Wind**Sea   Starring:  Team As Good As It Gets!

******* Saturday Afternoon - Wind**Sea   Starring:  Team Way Cool Guys
******* Sunday Morning Breakfast - The French Place   Starring:  Team: They Did It!! Nobody lives forever -

"BA - you've probably outlived your usefulness - we heard about your behavior at Su Casa!"

- but the Legends, and [some of] their deeds, will never die!


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