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29 Dec 2005

Whew - I escaped from the Backs at Black's Beach without breaking my board - only to witness Johnny B get an insane wave at B-Land -

Note Well my children:
B-Land used to be a beach break, but after the great flood of '04, the rocks became exposed - B-Land is for experienced surfers only!!

The Arena waves were a bit rough, even for me - but I did make it out to my new favorite surf spot - Little Baby Girl Reformers -

I'm not strong enough any more to paddle all the way out to the Arena Peak - plus the locals - most notably Duncan - are incredibly hostile out there -

So, if I can make it through the shorebreak at Tommy Wolfe is a dork Reef, I'm perfectly content to ride the reforms outside of TWiadR.

I think the waves at LBGR are so gentle that even the newest enrollee in the class that I teach: Hostile Locals 101 - could handle them - the name is very is appropriate and is certainly not a put-down for baby girls!


28 Dec 2005

John Borlan - Outside Reef between Scripps Pier and The Mushroom House - Escondido, CA

27 Dec 2005

Today started with a spectacular sunrise over the Lake's western edge, then I noticed that
Duncan was licking his chops 'cause the waves were so good
as always, the locals were very threatening - and naturally, the sunset sucked!

Long Beach Breakwater - San Pedro CA
Lake Murray Reef-er Madness & Punto del Triturador del Tablero

Speaking of madness - and I hope I don't get into any trouble for this - but maybe someone can explain to me why some parents let their kids run around on the top of bluffs - white water below - incoming tide - 15 foot surf!

I know it may not be my business regarding parental control of cliff hanging kids, but I do know that I have rescued more than a handful of kids [not my own] who have fallen into the surf - when I gotta jump in, then I guess it does become my business??

This guy is talking on the phone, and snapping photos of his kid [who is on the other side of the drop-off]

This guy dragged his dog and kid to the edge [the dog was not too stoked] and this family was more interested - apparently - in a photo opp than safety -

In my world - I ain't letting my kids get near the edge - maybe these kids are better swimmers than I am?

This guy must have thought his kids were part mountain goat - I just don't get it!

This group was safe, maybe they were cheering for the survivors of the madness?


- 26 December 2005 -

The Greatest Show on Earth - well - maybe the Greatest in La Jolla!

John on the 1950 Balsa Simmons replica - RK on a 2005 Fish

25 Dec 2005

Christmas Morning - The Arena
Christmas Morning - The Shores

Paige Andrews 1/6 year old, BA 61 years old!

BA coaches another hostile local

23 Dec 2005
Just another crappy day in LJ - lousy surf - and another fog shrouded sunset

Dangerous cliff conditions - however - this is one time I would have paid big $$ to be The Rescuer!

BA sez - ''I'll save you!''

Duncan sez: "Fins first - just like the instructions tell you"


21 Dec 2005

Felipe makes the long walk back from Ghost Trees Point


Richard Kenvin - today - riding a Balsa Simmons Twin Fin Replica - circa 1950 - VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!
- AND -
- I'd like to add -
I can't think of another surfer in La Jolla more fitting to ride a Simmons type board than RK [or Jon Roseman]

[Beachfront Stuff] [The Shores (1) - The Shores (2)] [AM Uptown] [PM Uptown]

Simmons - My Words - more to follow

Photos: [1]
[2] [3] [4]

The "Shallow End" La Jolla Shores

The view from my front porch - Little Makaha - 2:00 pm -

Black's 21 Dec 2005 photo by OB Root

The day, unfortunately, had to end

20 Dec 2005 The Day Before THE DAY

Patrick conquers Impossibles!

19 December 2005 - the day before, The Day Before, THE DAY

Whoa baby - If the surf wiz sez it's so - I gotta believe!
"Day-by-day predicted deep water (San Clemente Basin buoy)
early morning (4:00AM) significant wave heights:"
Today (Mon)  5.2  **********
Tuesday         5.9  ************
Wednesday       6.2  ************
Wed(peak)      11.8  ************************  (afternoon)
Thursday       11.5  ***********************
Friday          7.9  ****************
Saturday        6.9  **************
Sunday          5.2  **********
Monday          8.9  ******************
Tuesday(next)   7.6  ***************
Today did have some waves - a bit rough and crossed-up, but there were some for:
Hunter and his dad at El Centro
The Robertson's
Ken and his Reef Girl sis
The Arenians - no, not Iranians
Rescue 911
Tell the world as we know it "Surf's Up!!"
And - as usual - lousy sunrises, lousy sunsets, hostile locals!

On a more serious note - PK's sister got a new board, and a brave lady had a beautiful photo-op - along with her supportive boyfriend -


18 December 2005

I finally got-up the courage to leave Barrio La Jolla and go to Glamorous Pacific Beach - I visited a really cool surf shop there [the female employees were schmokin' hot, but they seemed to like some surf star more than they liked me] and it was there [Pacific Beach Surf Shop]that I learned:

It's a little known fact that Nike also owns the surf line "Converse"

A way long time ago, Converse was a major supplier of basketball shoes to the NBA All-Stars -

Another little known fact is that Hunter Stretchman is not only one of the premier centers in the NBA, standing a full inch taller than The Shack, but that Hunter is also a surfing legend in the La Jolla area.

I for one, admit that I'm a bit tired of seeing photos of Henry, RK, etc., getting great waves at The Marine Room - I was really stoked when I was able to capture the 7' 6" tall Hunter on one of the largest waves EVER ridden at Catfish Boat Launch, Ogden, Utah:

Hunter sez - See Shack Daddy!


16 Dec 2005

Another crappy wave in The Arena

Another day of polluted water, lousy surf, hostile locals of all sizes, a traditional "Welcome to The Lot" and naturally, another crappy sunset!


11 Dec 2005

I guess by now the word is out - Lake Huron was on fire [no, not because of the toxic waste] this weekend!

I was lucky to be able to surf, and photo the best waves ever in Canada Lake Huron:
Henry was Shaun Thompson at Backdoor

JoJo was his daddy [switch footed]

Dennis was Miki Dora

Carsten was Phil Edwards

Ian [not Rotgans] was Da Bull

Scot was Scot
The Erie Ear Canal Connector was wide open at sunrise, starring:



The Sea Bros [don't hack each other]

Rebecca [navigates thru the crowd]

Wayne Severson [goes right on a right - guy on shoulder goes left on the perfect right]

Matty [displays the broken Bessell nose - courtesy of a Shallow Ended Kookmeyer]

Tommy Ortner
Deadman's was The Mexican Pipeline, Puerto Escondido for a while!
The low tide made for some great Frontside Ollies over the ledge!

As a bonus - the rights off the end of Scipps Pier were uncrowded, and fairly large.

Henry Hunte - Lake Huron, Canada

Emo at Punta Casa Blanca

Members Only!!
Henry Hunte backdoors the Point at LJ Beach and Tennis Club

10 Dec 2005

The WindanSea Surf Club had their annual Christmas party at Punta Bruticus Maximus in Mexico.

I had never been down there [PBM] so was I in for a surprise!

The wave is rideable, only on the full moon, in the dead of night -

The wave is very similar to the left at The Mexican Pipeline, Puerto Escondido.

As far as I know, I'm the first photo-journalist to ever take photos here.

The locals limited my equipment - no, not that equipment, my photo equipment - to a Kodak Brownie; and I did the best I could with a film camera without a flash bulb, and with a very slow shutter speed -

Yeah, I know, my photos, as usual are out of focus, etc., but this time, it was the song and not the singer.

Night Rider New York Mike destroys The Wave at The WindanSea Surf Club's Christmas Party 10 Dec 2005 - Punta Bruticus Maximus - Mexico

If you ever get a chance to go to Bruticus Maximus you gotta go - but just one more thing - make sure you ask the bar tenders to show you the surfing photos of ME - the ones that Joe Roper laminated on to the bar table tops.


07 Dec 2005

In The Arena for Surfing and Duncan Donuts

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hostile local confrontation

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fin first take-offs

way too big for me


left death bomb - Deadman's -

largest wave EVER ridden
[at Deadman's]
Nov 28


Nov 29



shrink's chair at pecker-head rock

gremmie days at La Jolla Shores

The Rocks!

led by Matty ...

Family Cobra Head

Lesser groms


heads up in the surge

great practice for these kids

Robertson's Cliff Dive

Japanese tour group

closer look at the entire Grom Gang.
Nov 30



Frappy in Frap-Land

The Chair

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Surf contest at The Shores

Surf School -

Best Surfer

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Best Nose Tweak

Comstock's Welcome
to La Jolla from The Bench of Despair

Longboard Coffee Drinking Team

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Triangles zone

Team MAX -

Another Very Hostile Local

Pecker Hed Rock

This is: NOT BA -

This is: I wish it were BA

Matty defies BA - pays the price in Zona BA -

sunrise to sunset -


Photos of
Arena Action

Starring - as usual:



Hostile Locals


Another crappy sunset


BA discussses Foam and Balsa and
Surf World Shocker: Clark Foam

Surfing snapshots from around the world:

Hostile Local in Cambodia

Hands across the border in Mexico

A Booger Eater in Patagonia

Duncan in La Jolla, Michigan

Hide the grom at Typhoon Lagoon, Thailand

Almost a flasher at Black's, East of Eden

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