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The 2005 Edition of The Bill Andrews Electronic Fish Wrapper Is Still Going!

This is even WORSE than 2004's - and it's getting WORSE-ER by the day!

- February 2005 -

27 Feb 2005 - Words and Photos

25 Feb 2005 - Words and Photos

24 Feb 2005 -
Words and Photos of:
Mars comes to La Jolla, Dog Beach comes to The Shores, Wanky ripping, Comstock sitting, The Arena, Special Effects sunset

23 Feb 2005 - Photos of:
Gaviota Boat Launch, Green Wall, Tide Pools, Ratland, The Arena, Randy in The Arena, Robertson's, Flamingos

22 Feb 2005 -
  Words and Photos of:

White House Rights, Buoy Lefts
21 Feb 2005 - Words and Photos of PM Shores and even later PM Shores
Micker Miner, Fabio, Carson's Place

20 Feb 2005 -
Photos of:

19 Feb 2005 - My Photos
- Geo's Photos

18 Feb 2005 - Photos of today - Water Photos taken in The Arena

17 Feb 2005 - Words and Photos of:

16 Feb 2005 - Words [another great email] and Photos of:

15 Feb 2005 - Words and Photos of:

14 Feb 2005 - Words and Photos of:
Another Pump House memorial, Erik Sommer in The Arena, another crappy Cleveland sunset

12 Feb 2005 - Words and Photos of:
SCUBA guy in the surfline, battle of the surf babes, before the Double Ring, Double Sun

11 Feb 2005 -
Words and Photos of:
Tidal Bore Victims

10 Feb 2005 - More BS [BA apologizes for lack of The Great Lake tide knowledge] and Photos of:
Wanky, a BA, Jack-o conquers gigantic surf on Lake Murray's north shore, Welcome to La Jolla, The ArenaGallop, NM, sunset in Albuquerque, CA

09 Feb 2005 - Words   [BA begins pimpage of A Day With BA $$ makers] and Photos of:
Tommy Wolfe is a dork Reef, Sunset from the Down and Out Stairs [this one really sucks]

08 Feb 2005 - Words [BA gets a tour of great, Great Lakes surf spots] and Photos of:
Grom Demise Reef, Sunset in Chicago, El Presidente of Standing Water, Crawdaddy Reef.
07 Feb 2005 - BS  [BA compares mid-western baseball to surfing in LJ]  and Pixels of:
Grom control, Jackson - The Best Body Boarder in Pro Baseball, Mid-West Booger practice, Booger in the Erie Canal, Surfing in Chicago

06 Feb 2005 - Code and Pixels of:

BA's gonna be a beisbol STAR
EKM, BA cops another feel, and another;  BA's Cubby Tat -

04 Feb 2005 -  Code and Pixels:
BA cops a feel, Joel - err - Max in The Arena, Roxanne cops a feel, Matty sheds The Lounge - The Lounge shreds Matty's foot.

03 Feb 2005 - Pixels:
The FishPoker brings a crowd to Bl***'s, The Arena's SlipperySlope, Pulling In at TommyWolfe is a dork Reef, SnappingTurtles, TadHodson in The Arena, Fish - err - SeaBass - err - Sebastian, the King Of Neptune's Corner - and his court, plus it can't get worse than this crappy sunset at The Box, or from my porch.

02 Feb 2005 - Code and Pixels:

The FishPoker's Tsunami, Little Weave's big lens, Buzzy shreds The Arena's Slalom Course, Santa Ana in The Arena, Adults Only at Dunes.

01 Feb 2005 - Pixels:  
Crazy J gets penalized, Split-Tailed BottleNose surfs in Robertson's Aquarium.


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