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The 2005 Edition of The Bill Andrews Electronic Fish Wrapper Starts Now!

This is even WORSE than 2004's - and it's getting WORSE-ER by the day!

- January 2005 -

        BA sez:     

31 Jan 2005 - Photos
Pokering with Reef Girls [playing cards, that is], Hogan's Feathers, The Arena sucks as always, and another lousy sunset from The Box.

30 Jan 2005 -
BA's Words of wisdom and Photos of:
More boring photos of another crappy day in La Jolla, Nebraska - oops I almost forgot, Buzzy salutes the Shores Baby, err, Bench Sitters

29 Jan 2005 - Exciting Photos of:
the tail wagging the dog, another crappy Penalty Box sunset

27 Jan 2005 - Photos of
winners on land backside and frontside

Jan 25a - Words err - more BA bs

Jan 25b - Words [alleged illegal seal pond activities] and Photos of:
Daybreak at The Shores, Sunset at The Reefsand a special bonus feature:  
before and after photos of a botched brain transplant

Jan 24 - Photos of:
Halley's Comet, Junior's Turtle, Charlie Carter in The Arena

Jan 23 - Words  [LJ Town Council - must have too much time on their hands]  and Photos of:
Surf Celebrities, Attack Dog guards the hotties in the Penalty Box, Randy in The Arena

Jan 22 -  Words and Photos of:
Shores babes
, Wisconsin babes, Ian, Teddy, Max, Boogers shredding Tommy Wolfe is a Dork Reef,
Salton Sea Charles

Jan 21 - Photos of:
More  Seal Pond hypocrisy, body surfing North Forbiddens, a newcomer to fine Seal Pond living, a secret left point photo - Junior here and Junior there  [he made this wave, but naturally I didn't get the photo]

Jan 20 - Photos of:  Mavericks, err, The Shores,  Wanker, and top secret surfing tips.

Jan 19 - Photos of:
Don't leave your boards- they might get hurt, a Tsunami hits LJ, the NEW Reef Mobile, body surfing inside Dunes, and lots of wild surfing action!

Jan 18 - Photos of:
Terrible LJ surf along Route 66, Fish Family Robinson, another crappy sunset from The Penalty Box  

Jan 17 - Photos of:
Red Curbs, Puff the Magic Dragon, more crappy surf in LJ

Jan 16 - Photos include:
Spike guarding the Penalty Box hotties, Pugsley demonstrating the normal human female reaction to BA.

Jan 15 PM - Photos [Wilson's Penalty Box Pirates]

Jan 15 AM - Words & Photos A beautiful memorial for Scot's mom, Dennis Frank delivers a stirring eulogy

Jan 14 - Words & Photos

Jan 13 - Photos - Tourmo Vicki, Tourmo Annie, San-O Jesse, Thorpe's last photo? Rats in The Arena, another Rocky Sunset
PLUS a bonus feature:
Photos SAVE the seal!

Jan 12 - Photos - Surf's NEVER up here am, pollution's ALWAYS up, surf's NEVER up here pm, another CRAPPY Penalty Box sunset

Jan 10
- Photos -
Billy Harris, more pollution, photos of pure LJ squalor,  Please remember - the surf ALWAYS sucks here - and the water is ALWAYS polluted - Go Home -Stay Home -

Jan 09 - Words & Photos - 10 stitches for Teddy -

Jan 08 - Words & Photos - South wind - I wonder where to surf - Hurt me, Teddy hurts, board hurts -
great photos of today [I didn't take 'em, that's why they are GOOD!]

Jan 06 - Words & Photos - Marco, Max, Vincent, the sunset sucks again

Jan 05 - Words & Photos

Jan 04 -
Photos - A new Seal Pond Guard, a new Seal Pond Sign, 3rd reef Twang, Neptune's Corner Cotty, another crappy LJ sunset

Jan 03 - Words & Photos - Seal Pond Nazi-Ette, dead seal -err- rat, BA feeds the homeless, rats with wings torment the tourists, save the rats -err- squirrels

Jan 02 - Words & Photos - Rainbow's end? Ratland sucks as always, Hawaii on the horizon, Neptune's Corner starts '05 as it ended '04 -

Jan 01 -  PM -   Photos - Billy Booth gets even with John Mowry, Ratland Lefts, Erik Sommer and his turtle, Neptune's Corner starts the new year.

Jan 01 -  AM -   Photos - Matty, George, and Decker, Good start for The Shaws, Jeff gets a Chores Happy New Year's present -


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