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The 2005 Edition of The Bill Andrews Electronic Fish Wrapper Is Still Going!

This is even WORSE than 2004's - and it's getting WORSE-ER by the day!

- March 2005 -

29 March 2005 - Words - My arms are ready to fall off, my head got almost ripped off my neck. The Wiz was correcto, as always, and the waves were very "energenic!"

26 March 2005 - Words - The Shores early - Tommy Wolfe is a dork Reef in the pm -
Photos:   The Lost, err, Lot Boy; Lost Babe; Mexican Party Shirts and another crappy sunset in Tijuana.

23 March 2005 - Words - BA begins pimping "How to look like a La Jolla Surfer" Kit,
and Photos -

21 March 2005 - Photos - Tommy Wolfe is a dork Reef, BA witnesses a rescue at Baby Dunes, Another crappy sunset from the corner of Wine Tasting Blvd. & Tales From The Tube Ave.

20 March 2005 - Photos- The Lounge, Tommy Wolfe [is a dork] Reef, Ratland, The Arena, Robertson's, The Corner's Finest, Sandy's FINALLY old enough [to drink legally], Another Crappy Arena Sunset.

19 March 2005 - Words [Rights vs Rites]

17 March 2005 - Photos AM - PM [Stecker, Thorpe, The Lot, The Arena, Groms Ripping]

16 March 2005 - Photos [The Arena, The Swarm, and a Jo's Jetty Sunset]

15 March 2005 - Photos AM - PM

14 March 2005 - Words and Photos

13 March 2005 - Words and Photos [Team Fuji Water Photos]

12 March 2005 -
Words and Photos

11 March 2005 - Words and Photos am - Photos pm

03 March 2005 - Words and Photos


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