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- 30 April 2006 -

I guess that another good thing about being ME, is that I'm pretty easily entertained.

This morning the surf was smaller than yesterday,

The small south swell was kept even smaller - at dead low tide, by a -1.0 at about 6:00 AM.

So I figgered I'd get another shot at Sand In - Sand Out

Naturally, as always, the locals were extremely friendly - but I fought my way past them [him] and went down the stairs at The PB.

I used to only surf Wind**Sea on a south swell, so I got into the habit of always going down the PB Stairs, and, after surfing, I'd walk up the trail from The Shack.

It was "bad luck" for me to go down to the beach, or back up, by any other entrance or exit.

In fact, the only time I went "down the up trail" was in 1968 and I ended-up in a paddy wagon...

[yeah, that's my hand, waving good-bye to the girl friend]

- 29 April 2006 -

Today's surf?? Not bad -

Mickey and Jay got some early morning waves and Peter Wave Loch, and Jesus John got a few good ones in the afternoon -

- BUT -

Even better was:
Watching the Winged Rats rip-off food from the touristas -

[Don't ever turn your back on the WRS]

Encouraging kids to enter the Skateboard Vs Auto Derby on The Corner

There were a few wide eyes / wide mouths 

A fall or two

Almost a whiplash when some sunset babes walked by the skaters [and Charlie Carter]
Naturally, the locals were hostile and the sunset was obscured by high rise hotels.


- 28 April 2006 -
A bit crowded today in The Arena1 -  The Arena 2

"A bit, BA?? You're the master of the understatement - It's a good thing Styx was there to keep the peace, with his typical, Welcome to Wind**Sea warmth!"


- 27 April 2007 -


- 26 April 2006 -

Once in a while, the kids from the Mississippi Delta of Barrio La Jolla, have to become hunters, [no, not that Hunter] and gatherers -

When called upon by their families to do so, the kids put their lives at risk by fishing for Rusty Catfish in the headwaters of the Mighty Mississippi:

Attention parents - no children, no photo journalists, or wildlife were harmed in the making of this documentary!


- 24 April 2006 -


- 23 April 2006 -


22 / 23 April 2006

Beach Activities at the California State Middle School Surfing Championships

   Saturday PhotosSunday Photos


- 21 April 2006 -


- 20 April 2006 -

Grom action at Wind**Sea, photos taken on  20 April 2006:

There are more than 400 photos in the above albums:   20AprGrom2 and 20Apr06GromB2 - I ain't gonna leave 'em up forever -

A daring Rescue 911, by BA, of hotties [not to be confused with HOTTIES] caught in The Slot,

- AND -

BA sez: "I ain't posting ANY of the photos, of me, in my wet t-shirt and thong, err, boxers, until I can Photoshop© the photos of ME!"

Every so often, I get the opportunity to display the training I received in the Boy Scouts - Snoop Doggie, err, Water Dog Troop -

I was minding my business at Wind**Sea on the afternoon of the 20th - Suddenly:
I heard the voices, with a touch of panic in them

One of Nebraska's finest was stuck in the rocks, right below my perch

I'm as much of a fan of a wet t-shirted hottie as the next guy

But, I had to ensure that the rest of the wet one's gang would take a safe route to Casa Stecker.

However, the wet one [hottie two] just had to point-out a different path -

She [hottie two] and hottie one took off - the dash to make it around The Slot - [many have tried, few have made it alive]

The sprint began

Hottie one turned back - screaming: "BA, you gotta save my friend, she's trapped!"

I jumped from the rocks, pulled the hottie out of The Slot, and pointed the way to safety for both h1 and h2.

Naturally, since the two were not experienced Slot Runners, they got trapped again!

Using my super Twang Powers, I parted the waters, and they [h1 and h2] scampered to safety -
Whew - no wonder it's way cool to be me!


- 19 April 2006 -


- 18 April 2006 -

I made the drive-by surf check this morning -

The Arena had low tide, northwest, close interval wind swell written all over it - so speed run to the Buoy Lefts.

The sunrise was spectacular for The Shores - since it's normally foggy at all times here [all of La Jolla]

- BUT -

I was slowed-down a bit getting into the water, 'cause:

I stepped on an 8" spike that went cleanly thru my 15 year old Rainbows -

I displayed it [the spike] to the AM Shores locals - and, even though I was severely wounded, I gave myself a tetanus shot, paddle-out and ripped, tore and lacerated [the waves]!!

Waves - naw it's just The Shores -It [the surf] never gets any good here / there!


- 16 April 2006 -

- 15 April 2006 -

As much fun as it was yesterday to get chased off the beach in Cape Cod, MA, today's humiliation was even worse, and it smacked of some very bad memories [for me] from about 40 years ago!

We made the overnight trip to Oahu, blasted our Rent-A-Wreck to the North Shore, and, during the first photo I'm snapping, I get the big: "Welcome to The Pipe, now go home!"

If the Pipe Boogers have the guts to flip me off and tell me to get outta Dodge, there ain't no way I'm hangin' around for Team Titus or Team Sonny, or Team Johnny Boy to tell me to go home [actually that just might be deja vu all over again]!

Not a bad sunset though - as we ran outta town!

- 14 April 2006 -

I had to make a speed trip back to the east coast - I was gonna re-enact my sixties [no, not the 1860's, the 1960's] adventures as an accomplice to the Spies In the Surf - except this time I thought I'd make an East Coast attempt, rather than a West Coast attempt.

BA, Rick Griffin, Ron Stoner, discuss a possible method of surf access?
Rick Griffin Illustration for Surfer Magazine

BA, NOT Stoner!!
Slavin Photo

I landed in Boston, then off to Cape Cod - a photo of the sunrise was all I got before the hostile locals destroyed my camera:

I think I'll stay away from that area for a while!


- 13 April 2006 -
Yesterday, the surf was un-****** real:

John Slavin Photo

Naturally, this morning, the waves were not so good [another reason to get it (the surf) when one can]

I guess the wind blew all night from the northwest, so the result was something like this:

Well, no problema for me - off to work -

I hadn't visited Seal Crap Pool for a while, so, after work, on my way back to The Arena, I figgered I'd stop by and check-out the Ugg Boot and Eskimo's Deli Paradise -

- BUT -

I didn't quite make it [to Seal Crap Pool], 'cause I stopped above Sunny Jim's and checked-out the waves below Ortner's Death Trail:

- Whoa baby - I'd better high tail it to The Arena!

The Reward[s]:

Jeremy sez: "Hey Bobby - GREAT Photo - but why are you in my way?? Only BA is such a pain in the A**!!! OUCH!!!

- 12 April 2006 -

Yes - that's the view from Casa BA -
- And NO -
There ain't no room for you!


- 11 April 2006 -

Jeremy sez: "Put me in coach - I wanna play today"


- 10 April 2006 -


- 09 April 2006 -

I figgered it was time to practice balancing acts other than those on a surfboard, or the line that Johnny Cash - or the SDPD - wanted me to walk, so, I went to Coronado, CA and cruised Island Style on a Segway - way cool fun, and I got so proficient on the thing that I rode around with one hand snapping photos, the other hanging on the Segway [for dear life] JUST KIDDING!!

If you want to see Coronado like never before - brace yourselves for some serious pimpage - I heartily recommend a Segway Tour, given by Norman at Segway of Coronado.

If I can ride a Segway and snap photos, anyone can do it [ride a Segway - leave the one handed photography to pros like I am]


- 08 April 2006 -

Not a bad way to start the day!

How 'bout another reason to be ME!!

I actually get invited to be the tuff guy on the beach - BA, Surf Contest Beach Marshall - El Supremo -

Whew - it wasn't, err it seems as if it were not, such a long time ago that I was the 98 pound weakling getting sand kicked in my face -

Now I'm the 198 pound weakling - STILL getting sand kicked into my face!

I've uploaded 3 photo albums from today's La Jolla Shores Surfing Association's Intra-Club and Menehune Contest:


I've only given a cursory [attention kids - cursory will be on your SAT's you better know the definition] look at the photos, so if you're offended or pi**ed-off at me about the photos or content, please call Anita Bryant@ 1-800-****!

Thank you to all of the participants, the volunteers from the La Jolla Shores Surfing Association, and especially to those who had to listen to my annoying bull-horning for hours!

Not a bad way to end the day!


- 07 April 2006 -

If there were a "Team BZ" Quiggs would have to be the captain!

4 More Great Reasons why it's good to be ME!

- 05 April 2006 -

Just one more reason why it's good to be me - Actually - a whole bunch of reasons why it's good to be me:

I got really good waves this afternoon - surfed it by myself - even though the wind was howling onshore!

Anyway I snapped a few photos before going down the cliff:

I first surfed these waves about 50 years ago, reef break training??

We would paddle down here, long before we could escape The Shores by auto - of course we anticipated surfing the real La Jolla Reef Breaks.

[as if getting slammed, by these waves, on these reefs would hurt LESS than getting pounded on the "real LJ Reefs"]

But I gotta say, the waves here at Deadman's Ledge: same as they ever were!


- 04 April 2006 -

I gotta be the first one to admit, it ain't no fun getting caught inside at any surfing break - anywhere in the world - but sometimes, even the best of us gotta pay the price.

In the above photo - another BA photo masterpiece -

Nick and Richard demonstrate:

How to enjoy a safe and exciting morning in the water.

- Note - If Richard [the paddle-out guy] had paddled towards the shoulder - to his right - he would have ruined Nick's ride

- BUT -

because Richard is an experienced Arena Surfer, he paddled to where Nick had been - not to the shoulder where Nick's going!

Imagine how much more fun it would be in the line-up if the guys sitting inside would take it on the head, instead of gang paddling towards the shoulder[s] and getting into the way of the surfer[s] who are up and riding -

Maybe they'll figger it out some day - they [the inside pack] can't have it BOTH ways:
1. Picking off the inside waves -okay - that's a nice safe place for you to hang out -

2. Getting in the way when an outside set comes, by paddling towards the shoulder[s] -
Just take it on the head -

After all - you [the caught insiders] are tied to your boards - the boards ain't going nowhere, and maybe, just maybe, the line-up would be a better, and much safer place to be.


- 03 April 2006 -

My friend asks: "BA, why do surfers always seem to be running to get into the water?"

BA sez: "Because these moments are pretty darn precious

- AND -

I guess, because we  [as for me, pretty slowly]  can."


02 April 2006 - AM -

Rand Hogan in Ratland - errrr - I guess he's still in The Arena??
By the way, Rand - I thought you were gonna head south - why are you surfing in your own backyard? BA Photo


- 01 April 2006 -

Jay's Getting Ready for Opening Day

Hot Action at Tommy Wolfe's 

Seen these shoes anywhere? They're missing in action -

BA Photo - Homeless Corner, Barrio La Jolla, CA

BA Photo - La Jolla, CA


A Few Surfing Photos of BA Since Turning 60 [in 2004]

Photos by John Slavin

Photo by Spicoli, errrr, Comstock

Photo by Darcy M

07 Nov 2005 Photo of BA taken by John Slavin

No it ain't Greenough at Sand Spit! It's BA!!
04 November 2005 Photo of BA taken by John Slavin

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