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- August 2006 -

- 31 August 2006 -

Moscow, Idaho

Waco, Texas


- 30 August 2006 -



- 29 August 2006 -

By the way - I crawled outta yesterday's death bed, and rode a death defying wave this morning:

Photo By:
Comments from a semi-reliable source who witnessed my ride:
"Big Pink, regarding this wave you road this morning, if I'm not mistaking, I saw you riding out in the ocean, past the pier, did a cut back at swamis and then got barreled at Blax, and kick out at archie's left...unbelievable, but maybe true!"

Bill Andrews Survives Hit and Run Accident, 08/28/06

- AND -

It ALMOST made me laugh!

Your humor couldn't have come at a more opportune time -


- 27 August 2006 -

Graphic result of overzealous Paraquat Overspray - This is not a sight for chillin or wimmin - the photo is gross, probably rated D for disgusting

- 26 August 2006 -

Are you ready boys and girls for exciting action that only BA can provide - especially at the prices you've been paying?

Well hang on tight[ly]

In reverse chronological order of appearance -

"What did he just say?"

The sunset as usual, was shrouded by fog and industrial, mutant creating, pollutants:

The Skimmers conquered Emergency Room Visit Beach:

The Groms conquered Groms Gone Wild Reef:

In between all of this action,

San Diego's Finest responded to a complaint that "Those kids on the beach are too loud, they're probably drinking alcoholic beverages, and they don't pay nearly the taxes that I do!"

Brian and Josh conquered Jenny Hill Reef

The Brazil Babes remained the center of attention
The Groms conquer Back Flip Beach - All Grom Back Flip photos were taken by Grom Nick -

BA Conquers La Jolla Shores on "Big Saturday" - by the way - all Shores photos were taken by Jim "This Is What I Do Best" Comstock [photo of Comstock by KK]

He [Comstock] was the one perving on the babes! I was merely minding my own business, as I always do - I let my surfing do MY talking!


- 25 August 2006 -
Today started with a bit of surf and a lot of film crapola -

BA's Liner Notes:

It [the day] got much better as I approached Hollywood Beach -

The Big Dogs were out with the Big Lenses

The locals attempted to shred -

The movie stars did shred on boards with lottsa wax and no wax

William and Mikey [no, not William and Mary College, or Hail Mary] proved that more than one star can ride a wave simultaneously -

Skimmers??? Yeah, they were back -

Groms Gone Wild - naw - our Groms are nice little kids!

The Best Boy [movie lingo] just might be a Best Babe

The sunset from my front porch was obscured, as always, by smoke stacks and missile silos -

- 24 August 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes - Big Shot Stuff in The Arena Today:

All I said, as I walked thru the set, was: "Dude, I would be the perfect STUNT DOUBLE for you"

Maybe The Steck would be a better stunt double?

JP - I'm sorry that my crude comment to the Fat Producer resulted with him calling the cops -

I really thought it would help the film if a real man - BA - was making it with the babe, instead of some pretty boy.


Who cares, I, along with Team Coke, Grom Colburn and Grom Jake, wanna be in pictures!
By the way - it was pretty darn tranquil this morning in The Arena!


-23 August 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
I surrender - finally, we get a touch a south swell, I snap about 400 photos with my NEW Digital Rebel, and most of the photos I've taken, at least in my opinion - ain't too bad.

Adults, Groms, Skimmers, all ripping the waves in The Arena - Tattooed Brazil Babes on the beach - Tourists getting high-tided [oops, that was from yesterday] way too many photos - way too little time for me to lift and separate -

So rather than cull the Groms Gone Wild from the Adults Gone Wild surfing, and the Skimmers Gone Wild from the total, etc., I've divided the total by three - three albums [A B C]
- SO -

If you think I photo-ed you yesterday - good luck finding your mug[s] in this mess!

- 22 August 2006 -

- 21 August 2006 -

- 20 August 2006 - UCSD Longboard Invitational and Luau -

BA's Liner Notes:
UCSD Longboard Invitational and Luau - Legends Expression Session - there are about 2,000,706,987.56023 Photos in this album - good luck!!

Yeah, yeah, I know - there are some mis-titles, duplicates, etc. What do you expect when I was attempting to Multi-Task while surrounded by:
Check-In Desk Babes,
high-tech hotties, with
Judges that are judging everybody,
Surf Stars yelling at me?

Team Check-In Desk ONE
Team Check-In Desk TWO  
Team Check-In Desk THREE  
Team Check-In FOUR  
Team Check-In FIVE   
Team Big Tent Luau
- 19 August 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
I don't know how much better one can feel after volunteering for an event like this one!
I took a few hundred additional photos of the kids surfing, but some of the kids cannot be photographed -
I'll try to separate those photos from the rest
Doesn't that just rip your heart out?
No photos of kids because they are literally being hidden from those who may harm them.
Our kids are little photo magnets - how lucky are they - how lucky are we?
BA -   Sunset Photos at Liberty Point, El Salvador 19 August 2006

Photos: Day at the Beach 1    Day at the Beach 2   Day at the Beach 3

- 18 August 2006 -

Some Photos

More stuff to follow on 24 Aug 06 AM

- 17 August 2006 -
Some Photos -

More stuff to follow on 24 Aug 06 AM

- 16 August 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes "A":

BA sez: "I ain't much of a photographer - I simply take a lot of photos."

Melinda Reynolds sez she, too, isn't much of a photographer.

Melinda sent me the Pipe photo below - Melinda doesn't surf but she certainly has the eye to capture the essence of the Pipe surfing experience.

BA's Liner Notes "B" - just another day in Barrio La Jolla.:
The locals were as hostile as ever.

The ocean water was, as always, polluted and the color - a paler shade of gray.

The Arena Women never smile - and no one in their right mind would think The Arena would be a decent place to take a photo of an Arena Woman.

Naturally, La Jolla's semi-permanent fog and smog bank was obscuring the sunset.

- 15 August 2006 -
** BA's Liner Notes One:

Do I have a weekend grande on tap, beginning at 8:30 AM on Friday!

I think it may be in my best interest to try to exhibit Adult-like behavior, in lieu of my normal Grom-like behavior, during the three day period.

Therefore, I thought I'd better come up with some adult inspired musings that may help me better understand the genesis of my current behavior, and how an understanding of my past may affect my ability to act differently in the future?
"Adult-like behavior, musings??
BA, you're the most un-adult senior citizen who's ever been on the AARP mailing list!
You don't even know what a musing is, and do you think you're some sort of tragic hero in a Shakespearian Play?
Maybe your fatal flaw is that you're still trying to compete for waves, work, and women with men 1/2 your age!"

So - I muse - before I embark on my weekend of ... I just have to process, effectively, some double messages that are floating around in my universe:

Message Uno:

I'm trying to make sense of the lyrical quote - from many artists - that "only the good die young."

About 30 years ago or so, I had a good case of melanoma, and the docs gave me about 3 - 6 months to live. I didn't croak, and as I remember, I was young then, now I'm not [young] ... does the fact that I didn't die mean that I wasn't "good" back then, when I was young[er]?

Additionally, even before the melanoma scare, I was in a few serious motorcycle and auto accidents - I survived them too.

Perhaps I am a survivor - is there a reason I'm still around - or, if in fact, "only the good die young" could I have been the the opposite of good, i.e., bad??

- BUT -

Message Dos - the flipside of Message Uno:

At least in my opinion, good things continue to happen to me - so maybe another quote is applicable, thanks to Earl. I've twisted his notion about Karma to read something like this: "Good things happen to good people, it's all about this Karma thing."

I've got a great job, my kids are doing better than ever, granddaughter Paige doesn't object too loudly when I hold her, and I have met some incredible people in the past year or so.

Last weekend, I was paying, a barely affordable - to me - $300.00 charge, in order to get my first generation Digital Rebel out of the camera repair shop. [new shutter, good for at least another 10 million shutterings]

I was using 3 different credit cards to pay the bill, when a friend saw me at the counter of the photo place, walked up to me and said something like: "My kids and I love your website, especially the photos of the Groms Gone Wild. Please let me help you to maintain, and hopefully increase, the quality of content of your site. I'd like to donate a new Digital Rebel XT to the effort."

After I picked my chin up off the floor, I took a number of deep breaths and gave him a quick sobriety test - he passed [the sobriety test], and I almost passed out.

He didn't bat an eye at the cost of the camera, his credit card went thru without a hiccup, and now I was the proud owner of a new Digital Rebel XT.

I gave him the repaired Digital Rebel for his kids to use, thanked him profusely, and I ran out of the store like an Adult Grom with a new Adult Toy.

- OUCH -

No mas musings, maybe there is a reason for my life being the way it is -

What's it's all about, I certainly don't know - so I figger, whatever I've been doing for the past few years, maybe I oughta keep doing it [whatever "it" is]

Now that I've unwrapped my musings from around my axle, I ain't gonna worry about behavior modification - I think I'll continue to maintain my place on life's stage as the world's oldest gremmie, err, grom.

Grom BA hopes to see you at The Day At The Beach on Saturday at La Jolla Shores - Ill be running around snapping photos; and on Sunday, for the UCSD Luau at Scripps Pier - I'm manning the Check-In Desk.

Maybe, what I've discovered during this rambling entry, is something that I already knew:

I don't have a lot of $$, and I certainly don't have a lot of time, so I better ensure that I never stop trying to be the best I can be at all times, and that I live each hour of each day to its maximum.

** BA's Liner Notes Two:

The surf has been pretty small for the past couple of days - so I consulted a real surf expert, Al Gore, to get his opinions on the reason[s] for this current run of small surf - and Albert said: "Because of George Bush and his Global Warming Policies, there will NEVER be any surf again, EVER, plus the wind will eternally blow onshore! In fact, you may never even hear surf music again - it's all George Bush's fault!"


- 14 August 2006 -
BA's Liner Notes -

Another day, just like every day past, and those [days] yet to arrive, in Barrio La Jolla, full of:
Hostile Locals
Onshore winds and rundown shacks
Tattooed and bulked-up bikers posing as surfers
Beds of lava, making the beach unusable - not fit for man nor beast
Oil tankers destroying the kelp beds
Navy warship's wake, ruining the surf
Fog shrouded sunsets


- 13 August 2006 -

- 12 August 2006 -
BA's Liner Notes:
Nothing blocks traffic better than a 20' long boat broadside on a 15' wide road.
A bit of beachfront Beta Testing - The beer's free, now you gotta buy the hangover cure
No wonder the Shores Guys are such good surfers - we start 'em early!
Scot and Phil say: "Welcome to Wind**Sea!!"

Don't try this at home!


- 11 August 2006 -


- 10 August 2006 -
BA's Liner Notes:
The permanent Mid August thru Mid November fog bank has rolled in, and, for the next 3 months, the sunset will be fog shrouded - who sez there ain't no change of seasons in SoCal?

By FAR, the hottest babe on the beach!

I used to climb on these same rocks when I was their age [30000 years ago]

BZ should sponsor Quiggs - I figger when the surf's small, he gets about 1 wave per minute, and I think his average go-out is about 2 hours long -
[I can't decide if Quiggs is emulating Dora or Johnny Fain]

Team AM dominated -

- 09 August 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
Team AM got it good -

Mitch wowed 'em at The Shores -

Note Blond Grom Head - Notice Grom Head going over the falls - Grom gets slammed - Grom gets encouragement from Grom Hunter - Grom goes back out - Groms gotta be tuff around Barrio La Jolla - I gotta give it to the kid - he took a lickin' and kept on tickin'

Voo is as stoked as ever

Some guys have all the luck, CB sez: "Wanna see my artwork?"


- 08 August 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes for today:

I told these hotties I was a professional [photographer] - "Trust Me, I'm a pro!"

A beer drinking, football throwing babe - it can't get much better for her boyfriend!

"Sorry Dude, I didn't see you!"

UFOs were buzzing the beach - CB grabbed one, he almost became an abductee -

The locals were hostile, as usual - and the Wind**Sea Tow-In Team was getting ready for a trip to The Cortez.

This guy learned how "Hurts So Good Reef" got its name.

- 07 August 2006 -



- 06 August 2006 -

By the way - Please don't ask me again how to get to Dana Point so you can surf The Bone Yard

- Look it up in your 1962 edition of Surf Guide to SoCal - and I swear - the photos are not reversed - the wave is a left, it is NOT Seaweed Gulch, and it is certainly NOT The Pit or the Pendulum!

Just get on I-5 and head north or south for about 60 miles from wherever you happen to live.

- Please remember - the surf is always better somewhere else than it is in Barrio La Jolla.


- 05 August 2006 -


- 04 August 2006 -

Just north of the parking lot at Doheny, is a top secret surf spot called The Bone Yard. It rarely breaks because when the Playground for the Rich and Famous, The Dana Point Yacht Harbor was made, the construction of the harbor destroyed some Playgrounds for the Poor and Anonymous.

Once in a while it [The Bone Yard] gets pretty good:

Access to this spot is tough - there are Junkyard Dogs guarding every entrance.

One of the locals is, or so I've heard, is a gifted athlete, who actually can play baseball better than he surfs, or maybe it's visa-versa?

Lava outcroppings pepper the line-up, getting in and out is treacherous at best.


- 03 August 2006 - Save a Seal - Drown a Kid

It pretty amazing that just a few days ago, I was involved with kids, parents, volunteers, who appreciate the value of human life - and all were relishing the joy one receives when helping others to become the best they can be.

Today - a whole different story -

I visited The Children's Pool, err, Seal Crap Pool, err, Don't Swim Here 'Cause You'll Become a Mutant, or The Seal Huggers Will Hassle You Beach.

I don't know how many times I've said this - but here it is again:

If there is a strong south swell, there is NO safe place for a family to go swimming [heading south] in the ocean, anywhere between LJ Cove and maybe the Crystal Pier area.

The Children's Pool used to be a place where it was safe for the kids to swim - now this is where the Seal Huggers send them:

While the seals - non endangered, wild aquatic mammals - have this beach to themselves:

What a joke - the seal hugging nazis should be made to swim in the hazardous places they have forced others to go!

Valuing a seals' life over human life - my whole world is upside down!

This guy has the perfect message!


- 02 August 2006 -

Home of fog, smog, hostile locals and polluted water

JB sez: "Call Ryan Bracker or me for all of your commercial real estate needs!"

go home stay home!


- 01 August 2006 -

Well, this month is off to a good start - another award winning email from somebody, somewhere:


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