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- 31 December 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes - You gotta be kidding me - This ain't no April Fools - or is it?
I was crying 'cause I was too far from the action to get good photos of a real Bride and Groom [and] Photographers Shower a couple of days ago
so - Jason Stewart's [shameless plug -and I don't even know the guy] friend brought the action a bit closer to home - I'm sure, perhaps, a bit too close for comfort


Anyway - prior to all The Arena excrement - The Shores was an early morning playground the usual gang of suspects;
Tommy - Big Shot Contractor - Ortner  
Larry - Cowboy Henderson - Crow and his fellow Team USA Basketball star, Twin Tower Dale
Faceplant Tony  
Limo Peter
Hotties Jen and Sam
Jack - Faceplant - Cassidy 
Michelle - I surf better than my husband does - Connelly 
My hair never gets wet Deborah - Plus I surf a lot better than my boyfriend Richard does!
Headbutt David
And a cast of thousands: Photo Album 1 - Photo Album 2

Welcome to The Arena

Overhead Ollie


- 30 December 2006 -
BA's Liner Notes:

I received my usual "Welcome To Wind**Sea" this afternoon from my friends in The Arena

I knew I shouldda stayed at The Shores - It was pretty good this morning!
Album One
Album Two

But getting back to ME:

I can't believe it -

[all my hard work of leaving my phone number in every place possible: For a good time, please call BA at (***) ***-****]

- I finally got the call:
"Hey BA - this is Miss Sunshine Surfer - I saw the photos of you in Surfer Mag and in the Ron Stoner Book.
I've been trying to find a "mature" surfer to hang around with.
I didn't realize you were THAT mature, but what the heck, since you are an ICON, I'll give it / you a chance, so if you're interested call me at ......."
While I was listening to the message, I was doing the unthinkable [which is not unusual for me]

I was driving, and drinking a cup of Joe
When I heard the message I ran into a telephone pole - yeah - ALL the utilities in Barrio La Jolla are NOT underground -


I spilled coffee on my lap - it's a good thing I was still in my wetsuit - the coffee was hot and I might have had to sue McDonald's or Boz wetsuits
"And it burns - burns - burns, the ring of fire - The ring of fire"
Well, the connection - at her end - dropped, and the incoming phone number was blocked -

What makes this proposition interesting is that this was not some email from some "cyber-babe."

This was a real message - complete with a pretty darn sexy female's voice -

- SO -

Miss Sunshine Surfer - you must have read my web crapola at some time - so please, I'm begging you, call me back or email me - assuming of course that you are over 21, and at least 1/100 as good looking as your voice is sultry!


By the way - here are a bunch of photos from the formerly secret spot known as La Jolla Shores - featuring the greatest surfers in the world [or at least the greatest surfers between the Green Wall and the Marine Room] Album One - Album Two -


- 29 December 2006 -

Surfing 101:There are some valuable surfing lessons in the following photos - I'll explain later - The Shores,   At Tommy Wolfe is a dork Reef,   In The Arena

La Jolla Sunset



Tom Ortner

La Jolla Sunrise

- 28 December 2006 -

Morning Photos: North Side Album    -    Afternoon Photos: South Side Album

La Jolla Follies

[Just in - Chicago Tourist and an Accompanied Minor - just kidding!!
 Salvaged the only remaining traces of wedding photos disaster:
- Purple Haze Sunglasses -
Where are the Bride and Grom, err, Groom?]

- 27 December 2006 -
BA's Liner Notes:
How 'bout that wind today - even the most vicious of all the seagulls looked for a port in this storm.
"Hey BA, from what part of your body are you pulling out all the weird names for your surf spots? We all know that you only surf between Bla**'s and maybe Sou** Bi*d - and these places are in La Jolla. Have you been slugging-down a few gallons of Adults Only Eggnog the past few days?"
BA sez:

"I ain't no *Bacchi Plenus - I'm getting ready to embark [again] on my Adult Education Career Path, so I've been studying the latest SAT vocabulary lists."
* Latin for "full of Bacchus," blazing drunk. Bacchus, also known as Dionysus, was the ancient Greek and Roman god of wine and orgiastic drunkeness.
La Jolla on a glassy day

La Jolla as good as it gets

Well boys and girls - you've helped to set a new Day With BA record -

I don't know whether to laugh or cry [actually, I was crying like a little girl, yesterday, when I got caught inside at Bl*ck's]

By the 20th, my Day With BA dot Com site had received more than 1.5 million hits for the month of December 2006 -
BA Disclaimer #1: I know that I've looked at my photos more than 1 million times this month

BA Disclaimer #2: My mom sez she's hit the site more than 450,000 times this month
- which means that there must be at least a couple of others out there, lurking in the cyber-state of Nullibicity.

I figger you've gotta be either looking at the out of focus photos I've uploaded -
You know who you are - and you must be getting terrible headaches from looking at the photos
[3-D Corrective Glasses soon to be available at]
or you're reading the dribble I've written [no one in their right or wrong mind would look at the photos AND read the crapola]
Your know who you are - and you're either totally bored, institutionalized, or you're in the process of testing your longanimity
[Dysphoria Medication soon to be available at]
Anyway, for next year - my photos ain't gonna get no better, even though the subjects certainly will be [getting better]

and the dribble is gonna trickle down - so - keep your expectations low, and I'll continue to meet or exceed them [your low expectations] next year!



- 26 December 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes - A - The Backs at Bl**k's looked pretty good today - so I decided to make walk from The Lot to The Road -
I've been making this walk since about 1959 or 60 or 61 or ??
You know what has changed with the waves - NOTHING -
The crowds - WHEW - but -
The local guys - most of whom weren't even BORN when we started surfing Bla**'s - seem to be a pretty darn good group of guys -
In my opinion - whatever that's worth - the waves and the "local vibes" are in good hands -
It's your turn now to keep Blac*'s as one of the premier surfing places between The Boat Launch and Indian Bath Rock.


BA's Liner Notes - B - Two Albums From Today - Lottsa Outta Focus Photos Featuring Lousy Waves and Hostile Locals:  

Album One   -   Album Two
How cool is it when DAD gets a new board for Christmas - and -
Mom [who surfs better than most of the La Jolla Males] takes the time to photo her kids:
Junior -
Not so Junior -
And the Little Dude who ain't pequeno no mas
Team Yellow Board featured Frontside Saxon  -  Backside Saxon  -   Frontside Frappy
La Jolla Sunset



La Jolla Reef

Taylor and Friend

La Jolla Reef

- 25 December 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes - Whew - Merry Christmas!
I've warned you kids about trying to catch the first wave of a set - especially when you're surfing by yourself -
If you lose, you just might find yourself just a bit inside - ready for an early morning bomb on one's head?
As always, my surfing Christmas consisted of:
Terrible Waves -
Confrontations with Hostile Locals  -
The only early morning redemption I could find were some packages I grabbed from the surfettes -
The fire ring sez it all about the Shores Surf Babes: Caution - HOT!!
Some guy at The Shores appeared to be walking on water - could it be the second coming of ... ??

After dealing with lousy waves at Fishpoker's and New Jersey Reef - I thought I'd head more south and see how George Bush's Global Cooling Conspiracy was affecting the unfortunate prisoners in The Arena's Penalty Box
It seemed to be getting a little more chilly - are these snowflakes -
Flat Rock Glacier was starting to grow -
Even Garfield, Iditarod's most famous sled dog, had to wear some headgear - garnering a few quizzical looks from his peers -
Not surprisingly, the local[s] welcomed me - as usual -

By the way - I'm JUST KIDDING about my Christmas - I got good waves - and I had a great time with my family -

Thank you Brian and Jen for inviting me -


La Jolla Sunset


Brian and Paige

Penalty Box / Wine People



- 24 December 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes - Christmas Eve Afternoon -
Grom Hunter and I surfed the Shallow End [almost] by ourselves for a while - he [Grom Hunter] shredded - I got drilled
The big kids - including Doctor Karl, Artist George, Brian Boaz and friends were dominating the Deep End of the pool.
La Jolla Sunset




Just thinking that the joy on the faces of Surf Instructor Deborah - and her student - say - at least to me - Thank God We Live in The World in Which We Do - Keep Surfing / Keep Smiling!

BA's Liner Notes - Early Morning Christmas Eve:
Now that I have finally achieved "Local" status in La Jolla [I've been hanging out in the parking lots at The Shores and Wind**Sea for almost 3 months] I agree unequivocally with the local party line that:
The Surf's ALWAYS terrible around Christmas - [Evidenced by the photos below]
The Water's ALWAYS Polluted -
The Locals are ALWAYS Hostile -
Speaking for myself - how's that for redundancy - I ain't gonna spend another lousy late December in Barrio La Jolla - I'm moving to Buffalo Breath, New York - I know I'll love the mild Mediterranean Climate there.
John Snead

Chris Bonner

La Jolla Reefer

- 23 December 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes PM - PM Photos of The Shores - The Arena - Kayak Misadventures -

BA's Liner Notes AM -
One of the "things" I try to accomplish on my web pages, is to practice INCLUSION -
[Maybe I'm still feeling sorry for myself 'cause I could never get tan and look like a real surfer - the only team I got to be a part of was Team Melanoma]
More than one or two or three people [the pioneers] contributed to the rich La Jolla history of WindanSea, Mac Meda, The Pumphouse, The Red Mountain Inn, etc.

Likewise, more than one or two or three people have tales to tell about those days.

I guess it kind of bothers me that the one or two or three "Go To" La Jolla Historians, seem to consistently talk about the same people as if they [the pioneers] were the only ones who participated in all of the antics.

The Warden - 22 December 2006 - sent me a list of names to include in THE History Book - I guess I should make sure it is okay with her [The Warden] to submit the names to the public -

Speaking for myself - I can hardly wait to start naming names and taking notes!

By the way - there were MORE waves today - and - GASP - I did not hurt anybody or anything - so far [today]
Shane McIntyre

- 22 December 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
Late Afternoon Notes:

I heard about the fantastic waves at a secret spot in Minnesota - so I made a speed trip to:
Lake Superior's famous North Shore
It must not be much of a secret, 'cause Kyle Miller was already out in the line-up
I couldn't even get down to the water's edge 'cause of all the ice and snow -

I let Aussie Melinda take two photos with my big shot camera -
In the first photo she tried to highlight my beer belly - but if one looks closely, it's obvious that I have hyper-extended my back, accentuating serious spinal curvature and naturally, gut grossness - BUT - since I am the director and editor of this dribble, I insisted she take one more photo - this time accentuating my Gun[s] of Navarone!
The Corner People were in wonderful form [as always] - taking advantage of the Solstice Sunset and Fine Wine Tasting Party.

AM Notes Hey Mark -

I've been thinking about my collision with you this morning -
It was all Jeff's fault - or maybe it was Snead's fault!
Snead fessed up and said that he encouraged Jeff to take off on the wave -
Maybe if I had looked before taking off I could have avoided ramming you, or if Snead had kept quite, or... ??
Anyway - in the big picture - better your NEW board than your head!
By the way: My new 50 foot Tow-In Professional Model Kook Kord from Wilbur's Kook Shop worked great today - [but not so great for Mark]

Additional AM Notes:

DJ - President of Team Devo Blue Hats as well as being a Big Shot Engineer -
haired out of a baby wave
, then stepped up to play Follow Me.
Team Helium played which way is the wind blowing?

La Jolla Sunset

Kyle Miller

White House Rights

Richard Kenvin

Shallow End


- 21 December 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes - Pre-Solstice Festivities:
Album One  [Arena Surfing]
Seven Groms - Seven Little Dudes - all paddle-battling - their total ages add up to less than my age - OUCH -
Sterling practices his walking on water technique for the solstice party tomorrow

Album Two  [Arena Surfing]

Bird Rockers Brotherly Love?
Not Brotherly Love!

Album Three [Sand In - Sand Out / Rock Climbing Adventures]

The Megalithics dance around THE Alter - tomorrow's their big day!
The Arenians have their own alters -
It pays to be a Joe College Rock Climber if you wanna surf here in the winter

La Jolla Sunset

- 20 December 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes - Quite a surfing exhibition this afternoon at Robertson's and Outside Roseman's!
My favorite Rock Stars - Peter and Paul [no Mary] were ripping - John was there too
My favorite Goofy-Foots - Micah and Drew were backsiding as if they were at Backdoor!
My favorite Team Insaners - CJ and Junior - were in and out, up and down!
Big Daddy George was way out there -
North Shore veteran and yet still only a Middle Schooler - Brad had his way with the bombs away
The Mother and Child Reunion was way cool - Debbie and Alex
Tommy Wolfe is a dork Reef was the host to Archie's Lefts Come to The Arena
My favorite student / surfer Carsten was playing hide and seek all afternoon
Sea Bass and Minnow were part of the late afternoon action
Lottsa Photos - most are out of focus - but - thanks to Global Warming caused by George Bush and the Republican Party
the Fire Coral Reefs are thriving in the La Jolla area.
Healthy Fire Coral Reefs mean good waves [and sea snakes, too] for The Arena
Unfortunately, they're [the waves] breaking way too far out for my tiny telephoto to do justice to the quality of surfing today!
- Wave size and Lens size - among other things - prove that size DOES Matter -
And - as a last blast - at least the industrial pollutants on the horizon obscured the off-shore oil rigs for our sunset viewing pleasure

La Jolla Sunset

Drew Littlemore

Carsten Booth

Drew Littlemore

- 19 December 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:

Don't feed the flying rats - anywhere - you may become a Rod Taylor and / or Tippi Hedren -
If you've never visited The Arena in the winter, you've never climbed on these rocks -
If you see this line-up in the line-up head for shore!
Shoe fetching at the foot of the stairs - that's gotta be almost a 20 foot drop in - compared 1 foot drop in on the 16th of August

La Jolla Sunset

Joel Tudor Egg

Sand In - Sand Out The Arena

La Jolla Shores

- 18 December 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes - New Today: Letters to the Editor and some new Latest Revsions
"Now what, BA, the fishwrapper known as the LA JOLLA LIGHT won't publish your letters to Ed - who is Ed by the way - there ain't no Ed shown on their masthead?"
Team Nashville is back in town - where is Nashville anyway?
PCH got the wave of his life - well not quite - this wave wasn't too bad from a few days ago at Robertson's - Sorry Paul - Bird Butt Blockage - Save the Sharks - Nuke the Birds - Cut the Kook Cords -
La Jolla Sunset


Bird Blockage

17 December 2006

BA's Liner Notes:
1. More out of focus early morning photos - I'm actually attempting to use more than just the AUTO mode on my camera
2. These guys paddled-out at the storm drain - dudes say: "We ain't afraid of no stinkin' runoff, this is La Jolla, where no one's **** stinks!"
La Jolla Sunset


La Jolla Shores

16 December 2006

BA's Liner Notes - La Jolla Shores
I took one on the head today when I got stuck inside at the Boat Launch, Jackson, Wyoming
I got pinned - on top of my board - right on the Fire Coral Reef -
It's a good thing I can hold my breath - under stress - for more than 3 minutes
I took a hint from "Jaws" [Hooper sez: "We are going to need a bigger boat"]
I think I need a longer leash
I went to Wilbur's Board House and got a new leash - The Lake Shasta Tow-In Model from Kook Kords International -
The leash has a 48" velcro belt that goes around [barely] my waist - the cord itself is 1.5" in diameter and is 35 feet long!
I ain't never, ever, gonna get held down at the Boat Launch again!

Sand In - Sand Out


- 15 December 2006 -
BA's Liner Notes: PM Adventures, err High Drama at Testosterone's
Maybe if you'd wear your 3-D glasses...
"BA are you still living in some sort of parallel universe? 3-D glasses haven't been popular since the 3-D Decade of 1950 - 1960!"
...the photos I took this afternoon might look a bit more in focus - err - better still - don't waste your time! They [the photos, not the surfers] are underexposed and way out of focus!

By the way:

1. Eric, if there is any redemption with a broken board, maybe it's because you were way deep when you took off - Butch and Brud would have been envious of your take off [I've NEVER been that deep]
"Hey BA, the photo that Moranville took can't be of you! That guy looks like he actually knows, err, knew, how to surf!"
2. The Little Dudes are getting better every day - pretty soon [if not already] they'll be moving up one tier - from annoying [in the lineup] to competitive [with me, for waves]

Album 1
Album 2
Album 3
South End


BA's Liner Notes: AM Adventures
  • LJ Shores today
  • A perfect - I know "perfect" is relative, but I don't ask for much - left comes to me -
  • On no, a longboard kook on the shoulder
  • I say to myself: "Naw the guy won't go!"
  • Eddie Would Go!!   Kook Will Go??
  • He goes
  • He gets pitched
  • I go below him on the wave
  • Thankfully, his leash was more than 50 feet long
  • His board goes over my head - whew - missed me!
  • I'm stuck inside, maybe I oughta go back out and say a few words of encouragement to shoulder hopping kook

  • - BUT -

  • It's time to go in anyway, and it's Christmas time, Peace on Earth, Good Will to All, even kooks -
  • I'm ready to go to work - guy comes in - and apologizes - with the best excuse yet:

  • "I'm left handed, and I only look to my left when I take off.
    I don't look to my right to see if anyone is there." [on his right]
  • That excuse beats the "Dude, I didn't see you" excuse from here to Tavarua and back!
  • Top Secret Photo


    - 14 December 2006 -
    BA's Liner Notes:
    South End Album
    North End - Middle Grounds - Sunset Album
    There were a few Groms Gone Wild at Testosterone's - the perfect place for adolescent males!
    Grom Taylor got a jolt of juice at Outside Roseman's
    Paul [PCH] got a cliff hanger at Cliff Robertson's
    Minnesota Mark sez: "Dude BA, I've ridden gnarlier waves that these in Lake Ontario!"

    La Jolla Sunset

    South End

    South End

    North End

    North End


    - 13 December 2006 -
    La Jolla Sunset

    Sand In - Sand Out La Jolla Shores

    BA's Liner Notes: - just starting:

    This morning, in the line-up at The Shores, a La Jolla Grom asks BA a few questions about when he [BA] was a grom, err, a gremmie

    BA sez: "Let's start here:"
      BA La Jolla Shores Gremmie @ age 14 Almost any La Jolla Grom @ age 14
    Item Date: Dec 1958 Date: Dec 2006
    Surfboard Length ~ 9'6" Less than 6'
    Surfboard Weight ~ 50 pounds ~ 6 pounds
    Surfboard Core Balsa Wood Foam or maybe even just air
    Wetsuit None 4/3 SuperStretch Full Suit, Booties
    Parents' Surf Car 1953 Austin   [42 MPG, gas = ~ 25 cents / gallon 2007 SUV [15 MPG, gas = ~ $2.50 / gallon]
    Surf Leash None Comp Model
    Surf Wax Parowax - suitable for canning and for male surfers nip*le abrasions Sticky Bumps / Sex Wax / etc ... suitable for ??
    Surf Photographers on the beach None Always at least 5
    Surf videos to watch and learn What's a video? Endless
    Cable TV Channels What's cable TV? Endless
    Surf Forecasts via the WWW You gotta be kidding - Do you mean World War Won? Endless
    Surf shops in La Jolla None 4 at La Jolla Shores alone

    Jeremy Bashes a Grand Slam [in his dreams]

    - 12 December 2006 -

    BA's Liner Notes:
    Couldn't do the double session today - daylight hours are a bit too short to surf [1.5 hours] / work [8 hours] / surf [1.5 hours]
    - SO -
    I went to the West End after the sunset today - my first time there -
    I wanted to see some of the Mac Meda memorabilia - including the garage sale bomb hanging from the ceiling

    I heard that the remainder of Macpherson's ashes were gonna find their final resting place inside the bomb -
    I don't know if that's true or not, but from what I know of Macpherson and the rest of the surviving Mac Meda Gang, it sure sounds appropriate.
    La Jolla Sunset

    Green Wall

    - 11 December 2006 -
    BA's Liner Notes:

    In order to get to these waves, the easy way, you gotta start here [top secret access]


    You just might get chased by a mutant Harbor Seal
    And - you may help build Castles in the Sand
    All for the fun?? of getting caught inside
    La Jolla Sunset

    South Peak

    llLa Jolla Sunrise

    - 10 December 2006 -
    BA's Liner Notes - More to Follow Here -

    Mac Banner

    There is a story to tell - and if we don't tell it, no one else will - or if they do:

    If someone like Tom Wolfe is a dork tells it, it will be written by a tourist, someone on the outside, merely looking in, trying to figger-out why we did what we did??

    Maybe it's best not to ask why - just to admit that some things just ARE.

    The story, if untold by those who care about it [the story] will just erode away like the WindanSea sand and so many of the WindanSea lives - forgotten??

    - BUT -

    The sand at WindanSea keeps coming back - so it's up to us to keep the stories alive, bring the stories and legends back, at least in spirit -

    There are very few legends worth sustaining - Mac's is worth it - we can't let the legends die.

    - AND -

    They won't die [the legends] if the stories keep getting told!
    Way back, then, the mid fifties to the early sixties, the gulf between the WindanSea "Tribe"

    [I know, it's (Tribe) is way overused, but there is a wonderful simplicity there]
    and the Shores Tribe seemed as wide as The Grand Canyon [or so it appeared to me]

    My goals as a Shores gremmie were:
    1. Long Term - become a good enough surfer to surf WindanSea without getting beat-up, stuffed into trash cans, etc.

    2. Short Term - avoid the WindanSea guys [this was pretty difficult, 'cause La Jolla High School was 7 - 12 grade] at all costs, and most importantly, stay away, way away, from Butch, Tiny Brains, Macpherson, and Rakestraw.
    There was no way I was gonna EVER be one of them - they were way too cool, too tough, too rough - PLUS - my mother would never have allowed it!

    I know that if things today, were as they were about 50 years ago, I would still be uncomfortable around the MacMeda Destruction Company crew -

    BUT - I'll bet you that if Macpherson and Rakestraw could have gone back in time to Dodge City in the 1800's they would have fit right in.

    I guess in the big picture, Macpherson and the rest of the early WindanSea / MacMeda crew were pioneers -

    I, as a Shores gremmie was more like a settler.

    Those guys [the pioneers] carved the trails and set the bar [and the bar tabs] very high -

    I was lucky enough to be able to go down some of the trails they made - for that, I thank Mac and his band of merry pioneers.
    Here are some photos from today - Liner Notes, more photos, etc.,  will be here as I think about 'em.

    By the way - I censored this photo / letter  because of an arrangement I have with the service who hosts my dribble - anyone who has been around me for more than a nano-second knows that I am very uncensored - but that's a different story, best told when I get a new host.

    Album 1     Album 2       Album 3       Album 4     Album 5

    - 09 December 2006 -
    BA's Liner Notes:

    Just In: Photos from 08 December 2006 AM -  PM  Including rare photos of:
    The Seal Crapola Pool Gift Shoppe - BA sez: "I wanna sell t-shirts there too!"
    The tidal wave that almost swallowed a fishing boat - AND - gasp, Mitch
    Photos for 09 December 2006: The Shaws One     The Shaws Two     Uptown PM
     1. We were ready - we got the tow-in stuff
     2. We felt the Thrill Of Victory!
     3. We felt the Agony Of The Feet!
     4. We got a few big ones
     5. We got a few little ones - even though we had a broken mug -
     6. The little ones got some big ones
     7. We were offered the traditional "Welcome to La Jolla"
     8. We saw waves breaking on reefs that had never - EVER - seen a breaking wave, much less surfed by the brave Lake Erie daredevils!
     9. The Surf Wives were praying that their husbands would return from the sea - ALIVE - their solemn faces echoed the fear they felt in their hearts
    10. Luckily, the line-up was uncrowded
    11. Jake wore his camouflage wetsuit for stealth surfing - Jake sez: "No one will DARE hack me, if I'm wearing my Hurley Stealthsuit!"

    White House Rights La Jolla, CA

    - 08 December 2006 -

    BA's Liner Notes:

    Just In: Photos from 08 December 2006 AM -  PM  Including rare photos of:
    The Seal Crapola Pool Gift Shoppe - BA sez: "I wanna sell t-shirts there too!"
    The tidal wave that almost swallowed a fishing boat - AND - gasp, Mitch

    BA Submission to Guinness Book of World Records: World's Record Attempt for the highest number of inane surf related photos stuffed into one photo album
    Guinness Update: Application DENIED - All photos do not open!

    BA sez: "Okay - size apparently does matter [in the CyberSpace world] - the photos in these albums are NOT in any special order - just a whole bunch of out of focus photos!

    Album One
      Album Two   Album Three   Album Four   Album Five     Album Six

    - 07 December 2006 -

    I've been getting a lot of emails from angry surfers who think I am pulling their longboard about how good the surf is in Idaho.

    [By the way, why would anyone in his or her right mind take me seriously about this stuff, with all of the real surfing websites available]

    - BUT -
    Just in: Photographic proof that the surf in Idaho is real and is world class - plus you can drink the water without mutating!

    - 06 December 2006 -

    It's late in the afternoon - the following photos are even lower quality than I normally post - but what a thrill:

    BA's Liner Notes regarding the potential professional surfing career ending danger at Seaweed Gulch:
    The Gulch only breaks one or two times per year - one can never prepare for this type of extreme surfing
    The Gulch is located between The Lounge and Sandy's - very difficult to even paddle-out there
    Nick feels the pain when The Gulch squashed him like a bug
    JoJo sez: "Chicks dig me 'cause I surf!"
    Patrick back doors the front door - Nick is bent over in pain -
    Ian's out to show Laird that Ian doesn't even need a board to hydro-plane on the open ocean patent pending: Ian's HandroPlaning
    Eric and Lucas skate across the sea snake breeding grounds
    Eric encourages a co-risk taker to try to ride a Gulch close-out
    La Jolla Sunset

    JoJo Roper


    Photo by: Doug Moranville

    - 05 December 2006 -

    BA's Liner Notes -
    The Groms - of all sizes - are preparing for the 30.2' waves that are expected to hit Lake Cascade, Idaho on Saturday at 1:05 PM
    But first - all groms must go thru a rigorous screening and training program:
    1. They gotta be this tall
    2. They gotta wait in line at the shallow end
    3. The gotta learn about sharing waves with women
    4. They can't drink the water - if they do so, they lose their legs, or develop feet so large they can walk on water
    5. They gotta learn how to perform the one handed butt slide dismount
    6. The gotta learn how to smile for the camera
    7. They ARE NOT supposed to make fun of old photos of ME!
    This is why I never throw a party - nobody EVER attends 'em - I spent the big $$ on furniture rentals
    The Green Flash is as mythical as a Unicorn or a Snipe Hunt
    Grom Pond II

    Mutant Harbor Seal II

    Alpha Male


    - 04 December 2006 -

    BA's Liner Notes - Groms [of all ages] were everywhere today:
    Battery Powered
    Hanging-on to avoid the Fire Coral encrusted reef at Tommy Wolfe's
    Escaping from the Penalty Box
    Banned from the Penalty Box
    Dressed for success in the Penalty Box
    Saluting another day of good surf in Boise - and hoping that someday the view of the sunset will be clear of smokestacks and oil rigs.

    Team Bird Rock


    - 03 December 2006 -

    BA's Liner Notes:
    Team Hurley introduced the newest Hurley Boy Model / look for Spring '07 - much to the appreciation of The Lot People
    Lucas discovered a new surfing spot as he navigated thru the tide pools in Alaska
    Lucas was joined by a Tide Pool-ette, braving the mid winter big chill
    Tyler has become one of THEM
    Timmy Bessell styled his way to the beach at sunset
    BA lost another one to the new Arena Alpha Male
    Another flat day, as always, at New Jersey Reef.
    La Jolla Sunset


    Billy The Plumber

    - 02 December 2006 -

    BA's Liner Notes:
    My day started with a visual comparison of Wind**Sea versus The Shor*s [applicable today only]
    A lost board at Wind**Sea may end-up here - at The S*ores, it goes here
    Forester Thom defies death on this take-off, Jenn scoffs at danger of this nasty wipe-out
    Forester Thom challenges the surf gods with a back door barrel ride, and in a foam storm tube - A Shore* girl strikes the perfect noseriding pose
    Sho*es Boy BA feels very safe on the beach - dressed for success or lack thereof [Photo by Speed of Light Comstock]

    I ended my day by attending another great Wind**Sea Surf Club event - our 2006 Christmas Party.

    If someone had told me - back in 1962 - that Club members [and Club officers] would include families, responsible adult - and not so adult - males, and beautiful / responsible women I probably would have put that idea into my "yeah, sure list"

    Things have changed for The Club - for the better - I think - over the past 44 years or so.

    - AND -

    I just gotta say - for approximately the 6,789,061.059387612344556 time - how proud I am to still be a [dues paid up] member, to be a living ex-president, and to still be surfing at Wind**Sea without getting picked-on [too often]!

    My lack of photo taking / editing skills is legendary, so any photos that you don't like, please let me know, I'll take it / them out of the album before I put the album on the Club's site.

    These photos were the pick of the litter - you shoulda seen the 456.0821 others that didn't make the cut.

    Team Adam

    La Jolla Sunset

    Tom Ortner

    Forester Thom

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