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"Yesterday is history - Tomorrow is a mystery - And today is a gift..."
No - Eleanor Roosevelt did not coin the above - she quoted an unknown author -
- I just think it's a pretty darn good way to look at each new day -
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Someday, I'm gonna start tagging my photos. Until then, I'm working on broken links and the thousands of photos I accidentally deleted from my server. If you're looking for something, or someone, specifically, check the "A Day With BA" button and search - maybe you'll get lucky [by the way, one of my photos proved a friend of mine was surfing in The Arena, rather than engaged in a "Locals Only" beef at Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando, Florida]
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- 22 October 2006 - Fall Classic -
[Held at a Top Secret Surf Location where the waves are always terrible, the water's always polluted, and the locals are always hostile!]

BA's Liner Notes:
My usual disclaimers are still in affect:

This is NOT the official WindanSea Surf Club's web site, it is mine, and I am responsible for most of the content -

- for some of the content I am completely irresponsible!

I gotta lot more cyber-storage than real-time
I upload the photos without any noticeable editing [obviously] other than deleting the terribly out of focus or otherwise poor photos [even by my standards]
Any photo[s] that you find offensive, just let me know and I'll delete it [them]

There are hundreds of photos in the "Awards Ceremony Album" as well as in the "Before BA's Nap Time Album" aka "Fall Classic 2006 AM Surfing"
The "After BA's Nap Time Album" aka "Fall Classic 2006 PM Activities" is a bit less photo intensive [I volunteered to judge one heat, which turned into 500 heats, or so it seemed]
The Fall Classic 2006 AM Surfing Album has TWO index pages 1 and 2
The Fall Classic 2006 PM Activities Album has ONE index page - Please hide your eyes on this page
Good luck going thru them!

- AND -

I want to congratulate all of the event's volunteers and organizers for a job well done, and a great big thank-you for allowing me to participate, again, in the Fall Classic's Madness!

Fall Classic 2006

Roger Raffee

Ian Grom

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