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WHSA 2006
When I was a LJ Shores grem, in the mid 1950's -

"Were??, You still are!"

- my life's goal was to be able to go to WindanSea and NOT get punched, kicked, hung naked from The Shack, get stuffed into a trash can, duct-taped to my surfboard, etc.

Whew - that torture ended just a few years ago - and now - I think I've convinced the locals that I might break into a million pieces if I get treated the same now as I was 50 years ago.

I have to say again, now, as I'm sure I did last year, what an honor and privilege it was for me to be allowed to participate in the WHSA Luau!

I'm still terrified of most of you guys, and I'm still perving on your babes - the same ones [the babes] that we watched from a respectable distance back then - whenever then was.

If the future is as good to the WindanSea groms as the past and present have been to me, I think WindanSea is in good hands - in fact I remember more than just a few days when I had two good hands wrapped around the keg.

For my site, Kathleen Kennedy and I took photos of the Luau - hers [the photos] are far better than mine - the best in my album are the two photos of Pal Al that Tom Keck took using my camera - just goes to show you it's the singer and not the song.


         Friday Night Pre Luau at Su Casa [BA Photo]                     Who's Your Daddy, err, your friend? [Kathleen Kennedy Photo]

                 A surprised Sandy Brabon [Kathleen Kennedy Photo]          Salli is the big winner - The Artist wins a Piece of Art [KK Photo]

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