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- 30 March 2006 -

Archie's Lefts - Photo by

- 29 March 2006 -

Not a bad view this morning on my way to Campus Point:

Oops, missed by about 12 hours - Not a bad view this morning on my way to Campus Point:

Oops, missed by about 12 hours - Not a bad view this morning on my way to Campus Point:

This happened to be a very significant sunset and evening for me - and it [the special evening] had nothing to do with my surf student's looks!

Surf Content:

Attention Groms:
TOAD 101 is a college level course - you gotta get parental consent before you do the TOAD


- 28 March 2006 -

My social life hit rock bottom a couple of months ago, so I paid the big $$$ to a couple of internet dating services.

Naturally, 60 days pass, no responses -

Finally, I got this photo from Bu** Cr**k B*y -

Whew - [she's????] not exactly my type, but at least I got some sort of reply to my Lonely Hearts' Club plea:

- 27 March 2006 -

Sunrise from my office

Duck Diver Hunting in Arizona


- 26 March 2006 -

It just might be a bit more quiet in The Arena for the next week or so -

I'm on Dog Sitting Detail while one set of my kids is in New York City, and the other set is in Hawaii -

I'm stuck in the North County Ghetto of Del Mar.

Holly and a ghostly Nemo greet each other

There's gonna be some doggie sitting payback when I go to Central America this Christmas!

Oops, I forgot I don't own a dog.


- 25 March 2006 -
"Hey BA, we heard you got chased out of La Jolla on Wednesday, so why are you hanging around OB - we heard you got run outta there in 1924, errr, 1964!!"
Wednesday was no big deal, just a slight misunderstanding in the line-up - If the guy's board hadn't been so thin, and if he hadn't flipped me off, and if he hadn't dropped in on me twice, I would not have broken his board in 1/2.


Now, about my trip to OB:

In 1964 or so, The Bear and I made an ill-fated surf safari to N*w Br**k at T*e Cli**s.

The surf wasn't very good, and by the time we climbed up the stupid rope, and got back to the car, it was almost dark.

We were greeted by a car with FOUR flat tires, a dump on the hood of the car, and an admonition scribbled [with the matter that had been "dumped" on the hood] on all of the windows:
"Go Back To The Shores!!"

Anyway, the San Diego Surf Ladies were gonna practice for an upcoming surfing contest.

They were going to surf next to the OB Pier, and they asked me to come down to OB, watch them surf, and perhaps offer a few tips about contest surfing.

If the offer had been from any other group, I would have flatly rejected the offer, but jeeze, how can one say NO to these surfing ladies?

This photo illustrates, perfectly, why I ventured into the People's Republic of Ocean Beach for the first time since 1964!

"BA, we didn't know your granddaughters surfed, you surely didn't help out because you wanted to perve on those kids!"

I was NOT perving on the Surf Ladies - but....


Mike - Hodad's

Anyway, I for one, had a great time visiting the OB Zone, and I just might return some day!


- 24 March 2006 -

- 23 March 2006 -


- 22 March 2006 -

- 21 March 2006 -

Another <censored> day in La Jolla, CA!!

There is absolutely no reason to live here [La Jolla, CA] -

The place is overun with wild dogs, hostile locals!!

The sky's NEVER blue, the adults have nothing better to do than panhandle on The Corner, and the kids are forced to play on the asphalt and dirt!

LJ Shores photo by:

Don't try this without adult supervision - BA's an adult???
Groms enjoying the sunset from The Penalty Box

Hostile Locals, errr, Team Matty

Actually, kids, I took this photo 5 years ago in Omaha, Nebraska - You'll NEVER see a sunset like this, EVER, in La Jolla, CA!!

- 20 March 2006 -

Oh no!! South wind up here - The surf ain't gonna be NO good!

South wind, north wind swell, low tide - Too bad the surf's always crumby under those conditions!

And, THIS is a good day in La Jolla, CA
Another terrible day of rain, wind, no surf, hostile locals, and polluted water!

- 19 March 2006 -

E-Rock at La Jolla Shores, CA

"Hey BA - what did you do today besides surf and yell at the South End Kooks?
We know you didn't pick on E-Rock!!"

BA sez: "I told Sammy"

"but he ain't saying nuttin!"

- 18 March 2006 -

The day started pretty well - at least I like it this way:

Empty lot south
Empty beach south
Empty grass north
Empty beach north
Team Damon exhibited
Team Hostile Locals were here
Team AZ was schmokin' hot
Then it [My Day] got a lot better!!


How often in my 41 plus years of adulthood [my definition: over 21 years of age] have I EVER been given the opportunity to cruise around in a double decker bus, or any bus for that matter, with a group of - perhaps, slightly intoxicated - hotties [female] ?????

Obiously, the above was a rhetorical question - 'cause the answer is simply a big fat ZERO!!

Today I had the chance, but I turned down this RIDE:

I pulled into the parking lot at The Shores, just in time to be a bit late - this is one Tour Bus that I wish I had been able to catch!

For me, in my I wish I were living a dog's life, there was just not enough time to prepare -
I had to:
Change my Depends [and grab a spare or two]

Chug my Ensure

- AND -

Make sure my AARP Officially Issued: What To Do In Case Of A Heart Attack" card was on the chain around my neck [along with my reading glasses]

Re-park my car out of the Shores Parking Lot [lot closes at 10:00 pm]
The hotties on the top level were encouraging me, the Tour Guide Babe was waiting for me, even the Tour Guide Guy was saying: "Come on BA, you got one more minute, WE don't want to grow old waiting for you!!"

Oh well, missed that opportunity, but, because of the miss, I had a hit, since I did get to see my favorite Hostile Local, and witness a pretty darn good sunset!


- 17 March 2006 -
Welcome to Spring Break in La Jolla!!

And a special Wind**Sea Welcome to those of you who have picked The Arena as the perfect place to learn how to surf:

You've made a poor choice - BUT - Luckily, for you, your daddy's a big shot attorney!
Go Home! Stay Home!


Brian Boaz offers a little better interpretation of the Wind**Sea Dance:


Not Joel, not BA does a pretty darn good job, too!

I managed to dork my back again in The Arena - BUT - thanks to 47 gallons of Mexico's Finest at Su Casa's Happy Hour, I ain't feeling NO PAIN [yet]


- 16 March 2006 -
Just In!!

I've warned you kids about playing in the Voodoo Water:

It's too late for Murph The Surf - Save yourselves - Stay out of The Arena water for at least another month!!

Kids - Don't even try to surf here!
Forester Thom risks his life for a stupid photo op - South side of The Lounge, largest waves EVER ridden there!

Hey old guys - move over - it's our turn now!
The Groms Dominate Robertson's - Largest waves EVER ridden there!

Two good reasons to STAY AWAY from Wind**Sea!

ANOTHER crappy Arena sunset - don't even waste your time watching in person - let me waste MY time - Go Home Stay Home!

- 15 March 2006 -


- 14 March 2006 -

I'm pretty darn sure that the following simile is not one of my own ideas - my noggin' is not exactly fertility central for unique thoughts.
"Oh nooooooooooo, BA, please assure us - you're not THINKING again, the last time you did that, all we saw were photos of Paige and Dogs Gone Wild! We're begging you, stick to your stupid surfing photos!"
I must have heard it from someone else, but what the heck - I post photos of others and say that the surfer in the photo is me, or could be me.

Here goes:

I try to keep the inside of my head / brain kindda like what an air traffic controller must like to see - lottsa blue sky without much of anything else ruining the scenery.

Pretty simple - blue sky and very few, if any, complex thoughts flying around - now that's what I like!

Since only my family, and a couple of others read the crapola that I write, I don't have to explain that I was supposed to have croaked, about 25 years ago, from a nasty case of Melanoma - As diagnosed on the path report, it was a Level IV / Stage 2 Melanoma or something like that.

Anyway, I don't think too much about it - Melanoma, that is - but, I was invited to the SK Institute to attend a Cancer Spa Night.

We were greeted at the door by Ingrid Olson / Front Reception, and Roxann Rich / Spa Director - they were the first we met going in, and they were still there to say adios at the end of the evening!
The literature I received listed a few of the highlights for the Spa Night:
Complimentary Spa Services
Interesting and inspirational guest speakers
Healthy snacks
What the info did not mention was how supportive of cancer survivors the entire staff was, and how welcome they made us feel.

I volunteered to speak at a cancer survivors' gathering in a couple of months, therefore, I guess I gotta start thinking again about what I'm gonna say -

Oh no, the blue sky is gonna have to share some of its space with a few survivor notes, I think the notes will be a welcome addition to the blue sky.


- 13 March 2006 -


- 12 March 2006 -

The surf did get pretty good this evening - I was able to surf alone for about an hour - I guess the Clark Foam scared everybody else away!

Oh yeah - the sunset sucked - as always.


- 11 March 2006 -

There was a bit of rain today - but that did not deter the beach walks [for some]

Naturally, I found a place to surf - well protected from the wind -

The sand was moving back out - and lottsa Clark Foam was available if one knew where to look

- AND -

One of the Hostile Locals was modeling the latest look from The Pump House Gang Apparel Catalogue.

Oh yeah - the sunset sucked - as always!

Sunset and Rain - Little Makaha - Photo by BA, Photo-d from Casa BA

- 10 March 2006 -

I always look forward to film crews setting-up in the parking lot at The Shores -

Maybe they need a bona fide old surf guy to play a screen writer's idea of an old surf guy - or maybe I could get a peek of Veronica Mars during a wardrobe change - Just Kidding - well it has never happened like I'd hoped.

Today, however was a bit different.

The film crew was making a television ad - and the ad was being funded by some tourism pimping bureaucratic department in the City of San Diego - or so I was told.

Wouldn't it be great if these were the only views of La Jolla -
Team:  Glassy Conditions

Team:  Sobriety

Team:  Wind**Sea Welcome Wagon     LJ Shores Welcome Wagon

Team:  Don't Cross The Line

Team:  Hand Crafted Blankets For Sale

Team:  Roads [always] Under Construction
- that anyone, besides those already here, could see?

However, that ain't NEVER gonna happen, so what the h*ll, even on a rainy, windy day, La Jolla ain't too bad!


- 09 March 2006 -

I woke up with the wind [south east] blowing thru my palatial 200 sq. foot house - However, I do have the great white water view.

Let me think about this, south wind, north swell, polluted water, hostile locals - naw, why waste my time - surfing ain't any fun under those conditions.

Made the quick trip "over the hill," and snapped a photo of the always jammed freeways:

Of course, the waves, as always, were crappy, the water, as expected was polluted, and the locals were hostile!


- 07 March 2006 -

Yeah baby - lottsa Arena excitement today!

Okay - all that's left of the 400 foot, Catalina based, luxury yacht, was a crappy old oar, looted by the Pirates of Santee.

Luckily for us Arenians, they [The Pirates] didn't steal our wimmen, like they usually do!

- BUT -

Why was PK on the beach, with his big shot equipment?

I looked out and saw some guy boosting about a 40' high -

Frontside Backside Rodeo Clown 360 Ollie NoRailGrab McTwist BackFlip :

Pretty impressive!!

All in all, a pretty darn good afternoon!

I got to watch the lifeguards in action, take photos of the Santee Pirates, PK and his brother, Team Curren, Team Boston, Team Rio, Team David Ish, Team Tiger, Team Duncan, Team Warning, and another crappy, fog shrouded, sunset.


- 06 March 2006 -

La Jolla, CA the smog and fog capital of the universe!

- 05 March 2006 -

Yeah yeah, I know - just a 1/2 man - but how many of you whole men could-da gotten a ride as good, on this small of a wave??
John Slavin Photo

-OR -

I could-da stood up - like a whole man - and posed like an idiot!

BA La Jolla Shores 14 Jan 2006 - photo by Little Jimmy and the Kauai Outlaws

- 04 March 2006 -

- 03 March 2006 -

Why is BA, and his stupid camera,  always around when something goes wrong??

- 02.5 March 2006 -


- 02 March 2006 -
Jeeze, I begging you!!

Stop the emails and phone calls - you wanna know where Deadman's is??

Here's a photo - now stop pestering me - you ain't good enough to even get near the take-off at Deadman's Lefts - Go Home - Stay Home!

Better yet - if you don't surf, don't start - if you do surf - stay away from me!

Okay, so some of you sharp-eyed locals caught me in a big fat lie - you're right, the photo below is not the Boat Launch at The Shores - even though the BL actually does get like this about 4x per month.

This is NOT the Best Day - EVER - Boat Launch - La Jolla Shores, CA - BA Photo -
I'm guilty of obfuscating the truth from the kooks who wished they surfed well enough to ride real waves, like I do, almost every day!

It's actually the BEST day ever, The Left at Deadman's - The Slides - La Jolla, CA


Surfing Photos of BA Since Turning 60

Photos by John Slavin

Photo by Spicoli, errrr, Comstock

Photo by Darcy M

07 Nov 2005 Photo of BA taken by John Slavin

No it ain't Greenough at Sand Spit! It's BA!!
04 November 2005 Photo of BA taken by John Slavin

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