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The 2006 Edition of The Bill Andrews Electronic Fish Wrapper - A Day With BA - Is Still Going?
- 29 May 2006 -

surfinside dot com rules!


- 28 May 2006 -


- 27 May 2006-

- 26 May 2006 -

Extremely Hostile Locals [but they ain't gonna stop me from surfing here (Lake Geneva)]


- 25 May 2006-


- 24 May 2006 -

24 May 2006 - AM Photos on Fire Island

24 May 2006 - Grom Skip, Team Groms Go** W*ld, and a cast of 1000's in the whomp at Lake Cuyamaca:

24 May 2006 - Grom Jimmy, Team Groms Go** W*ld, and a cast of 1000's in the whomp at Lake Huron:

24 May 2006 - Grom Eric, Team Groms Go** W*ld, and a cast of 1000's in the whomp at Lake Erie:

24 May 2006 - Water Photos by BA and Ben DeCamp in the whomp at Typhoon Lagoon:

24 May 2006 - Team Andrew at sunset in The Arena

24 May 2006 - Team Ron and Ben


- 21 May 2006 -

Just in from the great gang at

Click on BA

to see an action photo of BA shredding, tearing and lacerating the largest wave ever ridden at Randy Lind, errr, BA's Reef
[photo submitted to XXL contest]


- 20 May 2006 -


- 19 May 2006 -


- 18 May 2006 -


- 17 May 2006 -

CJ Sez: "I ain't no grom!"


- 16 May 2006 -


- 15 May 2006 -


- 14 May 2006 -


- 13 May 2006 -


- 12 May 2006 -

Well here goes - why is Susan  [I hope I remembered your name(s) correctly]  smiling so broadly?
No, it ain't because of my charm [or lack thereof]


Early morning results are in for:

1. Quality surfing at Father Daughter Reef

2. BA Surfing and Life Course, 101

The photos below illustrate how a photo [sometimes] is worth at least 10 words:

Photo One: Dad's up, and his, and others' daughters, are still paddling for the wave at Father Daughter Reef.

Photo Two: Dad's getting ready to pull into the barrel at Cabbage Patch Point - but in the photo - it looks as if he [daddy] did the dastardly daddy drop-in maneuver.

Just shows - sometimes things are just not QUITE the way they appear to be!




- 10 May 2006 -

There are about 200 photos, large format [1000 x 800] of Groms [and a couple of non-groms] Gone Wild [good luck if you're on a dial-up connection] in this album:

- Groms Gone Wild in The Arena -

By the way - I've got another brilliant idea - I'll take the photos, and send them, along with a photo album application - to Grom Central - The Groms can edit the photos and add captions - I'll then upload their work - long hours - low pay - but they'll learn how to use their computers for more than simply surfing the web.


- 09 May 2006 -

From AC's Reef To Archie's Lefts -
All before BA's gotta report to his big shot job

Some Late Entries for Last Sunday's [07 May 2006] Surf On and Off:


- 08 May 2006 -
AM Arena Action - Starring Jeff and Mark


- 07 May 2006 -


OK, Cecilia - I've pimped your shop twice - now please tell your husband and kid[s] to quit picking on me!!
Too bad you don't have an online store!


- 06 May 2006 -



- 05 May 2006 -

My favorite place to shop [I'm only saying this 'cause Cecilia's husband and kid[s] keep picking on me!]

- 04 May 2006 -



Just what we need in the line-up at Wind**Sea - another KOOK - this time Kooking-Out on a boat!

His boat musta been made of Kevlar, it [the boat] took a broadside on the rocks - too bad it didn't sink on the spot!

Lucas and I were fighting over who would have salvage rights.


- 03 May 2006 -


- 02 May 2006 -

Another [Potential] Andrews Hostile Local -

Ouch, The Host for my website keeps calling me - something like The Banker does on Deal or No Deal?

He [The Host] sez:
"BA we gotta start charging you more $$ in order for us to continue to host your stupid website!

What's up with your hit count?

Yesterday 21,500 hits, and you didn't say anything except how you were gonna NOT be a day with BA.

You and your illegal buddies were going on strike?

Who gives a darn about a bunch of Shores Kooks who wanna surf Uptown? Something's gotta give, and it ain't gonna be us!"
BA sez:

"Apparently I have successfully chased a couple of wanna be Wind**Sea-ers out of town - I'm sure they hit my site regularly to see if:
I'm in jail

In the hospital

I'm a footnote in the obituary section

I've banned from The Corner

Some ghosts from my past have hung me upside down from The Shack
So far - so good - at least for me - none of the above is applicable.

- BUT -

Since I'm always looking back over my shoulder to see what's chasing me - I have become even more perspicacious than I was when I was running from Butch, the Draft Board, John Law, or On Empty.

I'm sure they'll quit pinging my site, once they know I ain't going nowhere; and my hit count will drop back down into the less than 10 hits per day range."

Jay is one remarkable athlete - he still rips - longboard or shortboard -

- 01 May 2006 -

Orloff, err, Quiggs is the Leader of the Pack - Team Pink BZ

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