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Menehune Contest 2006

Big Set-Up   Pizza Party    Sat Surfing 1    Sat Surfing 2    Sat Lunch   Sat - Football   Sat Super Menehunes
Sunday Surfing 1     Sunday Surfing 2     Sunday Lunch     Sunday Super Menehunes     Sunday Awards     

It's and honor and a privilege that the WindanSea Surf Club allows me to participate as a volunteer for The Club's Menehune Contest year after year -

Each year just gets bigger,

[Here's the program for the 1967 Menehune Contest]

better and more fun!

Thank You

There are about 465 million photos in the Menehune Contest Albums below -

If you don't have a lot of time and a high-speed internet connection - good luck -

But First - The Normal BA Apologies:

This is NOT the official WindanSea Surf Club Page - these are photos that I've taken, so please don't complain to the WSC Directors about them [the photos]

But, please feel free to complain to the directors about:
The tide being too high
The tide being too low
Too much side-shore current
The SCUBA divers in the line-up
The Beach Marshall was too mean
The Beach Marshall wasn't mean enough
Grom abuse
The surfboards were too long
The surfboards were too short
The judging, 'cause your kid didn't advance
My photo editing skills are worse than my photo taking skills - comparable to talking to venture capital type people - they've got more $$ than time, I've got more cyber-storage space than time -

I take photos as if I were on a duck hunt with Dick Cheney - I just blast away - who knows where the buckshot, err the pixels may land

If you find any photos that violate your personal standards of quality or decency, let me know and I'll delete it / them


The Big Set-Up   [Approx 70 photos]

The Pizza Party  [Approx 240 Photos]

Saturday Surfing 1 [Approx 2,604,234 Photos]

Saturday Surfing 2

Saturday Lunch

Saturday - and they call this - football - Menehune Style

Saturday Super Menehunes


Sunday Surfing 1

Sunday Surfing 2

Sunday Lunch

Sunday Super Menehunes

Sunday Awards      -     An article about  Bonga Perkins

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