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- Entries for Oct 2006 -

WWW A Day With BA

BA's Misc. Liner Notes: 17 October 2005: Turn about is fair play

- 31 October 2006 -
BA's Liner Notes:

The month ended on a high note - at least for me -

I verified that Mitch still rules - even though he almost qualifies as an "Old Guy"

I saw Josh fall-off his board

Err, I guess he didn't really fall-off

I finally identified the Leader of the Wind**Sea Rats Pack [this Pack's been terrorizing all those who dare to enter Groms Gone Wild Reef]
I'm sure that Will's parents were also pleased that their son came home in one piece, even though he said:
"Come on BA, join me in the whomp, the water's at least 2" deep here

Watch this one, I'll break my fall with my wrist"
The month didn't end on a very high note for:
One of the first swimmers to attempt to share the Seal Crap Pool with the Harbor Seals [he or she just couldn't get medical aid quickly enough]

- AND -

His friends who ended-up as hood ornaments and tail-light accessories

La Jolla Sunset



- 30 October 2006 -
BA's Liner Notes:

BA defines Grom:  I guess the most empirical method, based upon my observations, would be a surfer who has a childlike joie de vivre [maybe I'm still a grom?]

A more quantitative definition would be a surfer under the age of 18. [Close enough for government work]

The groms were out in full force today, practicing:

Pairs Synchronized Surfing

Pairs Synchronized Fall-Offs

Right Cover-Ups

Left Cover-Ups

Reverse Butt Slides

Skim Flying
Of a more cosmic note - CB's UFOs returned, and instead of Crop Circles, they created Seaweed Circles, complete with a topical motif.

Groms Gone Wild La Jolla

Groms Gone Wild La Jolla

Booger Barrel

- 29 October 2006 -
BA's Liner Notes:

The Groms are setting new standards at Groms Gone Wild Reef!
I offered the use of my Wave Runner to the Groms so they could practice tow-ins, but they declined.
Who needs a stinkin' tow-in if one can paddle into 50' waves like Hunter did?

- BUT -

Enough of the nice stuff!
Summer is gone - there are still plenty of visitors to The Arena, and other La Jolla beaches.
I think most of us / them appreciate the beauty of our beaches and recognize what special places they are.
What astounds me, I guess, is the fact that a large amount of the litter on the beach, especially at The Arena, is left by just a few of the locals.
Today I asked the Lot Guys if they knew who left this stuff -
Naw, they did not know, maybe Stecker knows?
BA to Stecker: "Stecker dude, you literally live here - who left this mess?   It's right next door to your campsite."

Stecker to BA: "BA dude, lots of people come down here, how would I know?"

BA to Stecker: "Stecker, you and your friends made the loft in The Shack [loft was removed on Saturday by the Lot Guys], you have your own indoor and outdoor sleeping areas, you've got your personal fireplace - and you're telling me that you don't know who's making additional fireplaces?"

"You gotta be kidding me!"
My parting words to Stecker were: "I think all of us at one time or another slept in The Lot, or under The Shack, but nobody in my memory, anyway, has managed to live here [right on the beach] for the YEARS that you have!"

"I'm gonna tell you something that I never thought I would say about this beach, and the people who use it:"

"You've done NOTHING to police your campsite - everyone has gone light-years out of their way to protect you, and to accommodate you and the lifestyle you've chosen."

"As for me, every morning when I come down here, and someone is sleeping on the beach, I'm calling the cops - additionally, every time I see you or someone else lighting a fire on the sand, I'm calling either the lifeguards or the cops."

"You're not contributing ANYTHING to making this place better, or even keeping it half way clean - The mythical THEY are not the problem, you are!"

Joey? Eric?

Grom Hunter

- 28 October 2006 -

La Jolla Sunset


- 27 October 2006 -
La Jolla Sunset


Kyle Miller

John Noris

- 26 October 2006 -

- 25 October 2006 -

Brad's Place

- 24 October 2006 -

La Jolla Sunset

Johnny Noris

Groms' Rock

- 24 October 2006 -

La Jolla Sunset

Johnny Noris

Groms' Rock

- 23 October 2006 -

La Jolla Fog Bank


One Year Ago
The Shack

One Year Ago
La Jolla Sunset

- 22 October 2006 -
BA's Liner Notes:

My usual disclaimers are still in affect:

This is NOT the official WindanSea Surf Club's web site, it is mine, and I am responsible for most of the content -

- for some of the content I am completely irresponsible!

I gotta lot more cyber-storage than real-time
I upload the photos without any noticeable editing [obviously] other than deleting the terribly out of focus or otherwise poor photos [even by my standards]
Any photo[s] that you find offensive, just let me know and I'll delete it [them]

There are hundreds of photos in the "Awards Ceremony Album" as well as in the "Before BA's Nap Time Album" aka "Fall Classic 2006 AM Surfing"
The "After BA's Nap Time Album" aka "Fall Classic 2006 PM Activities" is a bit less photo intensive [I volunteered to judge one heat, which turned into 500 heats, or so it seemed]
The Fall Classic 2006 AM Surfing Album has TWO index pages 1 and 2
The Fall Classic 2006 PM Activities Album has ONE index page - Please hide your eyes on this page
Good luck going thru them!

- AND -

I want to congratulate all of the event's volunteers and organizers for a job well done, and a great big thank-you for allowing me to participate, again, in the Fall Classic's Madness!

Fall Classic 2006

Roger Raffee

Ian Grom

- 21 October 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
High tide in the morning - so I did a little engineering early -
Checked the Snores on the way to The Arena
Team David Nava was ripping
Team Bumsted dominated the lefts
Team Ortner got hoots from the groms
A Grom got a bomb
My board spent some time in the Penalty Box
As usual, the tourist parents [and I thought summer was over] let the kids play with lobster traps and in the whomp [while they (the parents) guarded their snacks very closely]

Not Tommy Wolfe's

La Jolla Snores

- 20 October 2006 -

La Jolla Sunset

Perfect Trim

La Jolla Sunrise

- 19 October 2006 -
La Jolla Sunset

Mike Myers

La Jolla Sunrise

- 18 October 2006 -
BA's Liner Notes 18 Oct 06:
Last night it appeared as if Sebe's were gonna be good this morning -
No such luck, but The Shaws was good in the AM
So, I thought the Shaws would be good this PM, no such luck -
But - Salsa's was good
Cobra Head was starting to surface -
Rand took time from his Welcome to Wind**Sea job and pointed to the place where the unwary could get attacked -
Last year at this time Cobra Head was in full bloom -
Too many decisions, not enough time - good thing that the coast route takes me home.

La Jolla Sunset

Patrick Ahern

- One Year Ago 18 October 2005 -

- 17 October 2006 -

BA's Misc. Liner Notes:
17 October 2005: Turn about is fair play

La Jolla Sunset


One Year Ago - 17 October 2005 -
La Jolla Surfing

One Year Ago - 17 October 2005 -

The Shack


La Jolla Sunrise

- 16 October 2006 -

Grom Hunter

One year ago: 16 October 2005
La Jolla Shores


The Shack

One year ago: 16 October 2005
16 Oct 2005

- 15 October 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
Hey CB: What's this?? Which head is the real head? Pay up time! Please use my PayI'mNotYourPal Account [just kidding] I'll take a check!
Skimmer Gone Wild [nice guy by the way] sez: "Hey BA, I made this stunt last week, but nobody believes me - why didn't you show the next photo?"

La Jolla Sunset

Max Diaz

Kyle Weisenhan

Skimmer Gone Wild

La Jolla Sunrise

- 14 October 2006 -

Penalty Box Pooch

La Jolla Shores

- 13 October 2006 -

La Jolla Sunset

Sea Bass

La Jolla

- 12 October 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
The La Jolla Chapter of Groms Gone Wild dominated the line-up today.

The were practicing:
Pig Dog Duets
The new "Hang Your Head" pose
Sponsor Pimping Fly-Aways
"My wave" take-offs
Hair wash pull-outs
"Look Dad - No Hands!"
The Derek Ho "Hey, I made it!"
The Gumby Twisteroo
The classic Wind**Sea "Nose Tweak"
"Hey BA, watch this 360!"
Of course, none of the groms EVER rode a wave as big as I did, when I was their age!

La Jolla Sunset

Groms Gone Wild

- 11 October 2006 -

La Jolla Sunset



The Shack

- 10 October 2006 -

- 09 October 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
When the conditions are just right - very low tide and a northwest swell, the North Side gets good -

John Noris discovered Baby Box Reef and E-Rock demonstrated the classic La Jolla Nose Tweak after riding a giant Baby Boxer -

I just discovered that the City of San Diego has been taking sand from Fiesta Island, and dumping the sand here -

After the sand has been scoured by the waves, it will be taken to The Seal Pool and put there, just in time for the Line Drawers Convention -

Just compare the amount of today's sand with the lack of sand from approx. two years ago

[if we get much more George Bush created global warming / global cooling, the sand will soon reach the Penalty Box]

John Norris

- 08 October 2006 -

- 07 October 2006 -

- 06 October 2006 -

- 06 Oct 2006 Thru 08 Oct 2006 - WindanSea Surf Club's Menehune Contest at La Jolla Shores -

- 05 Oct 2006 -

BA Liner Notes -
I tried to buy a new wetsuit today [I didn't write this story - but it certainly could have been about me] - I had just about the same experience as Bonzer did!

I left without a new wetsuit, I'll try again after the Menehune Contest this weekend -

The Arena groms were ripping as always - and they're getting pretty tough - Matty calls-off one guy, then another

Naturally, there were just enough kooks in the water to ensure a collision or two, and the horseshoe game goes on -

Dr. Julie drove by just in time for a cursory 911 - no wonder her ambulance service gets a lot of calls -

The heightened security measures were in place - the gunboats were right offshore and we'll drink to that!



- 04 October 2005 -

BA Liner Notes:
I shouldda figgered there was something going on in The Arena when I saw the traffic blockers:
It's a Babe THING -
A Cantina open for business next to The Shack -
A Beach Front Cantina Babe -
Cheney Beans checking out Dr. Julie -
The Lot Babes scoffing at BA's top secret notes about women -
A monochrome sunset -
Naw, nothing different today than any other day - hostile locals, kook hacking kook, Skim Groms Gone Wild, Surf Groms Gone Wild, just another boring afternoon in The Arena!


- 03 October 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
There was an interesting reflection on the thatching of The Shack - CB thinks there's gonna be some sort of Kryptonian invasion -

[I'm prepared for invasions of any type]

The crowd conditions are tolerable at best, however, the waves are the perfect size for my practice sessions -

- 02 October 2006 -
BA's Liner Notes:
Not only was Grom Nick ripping LJ's Backwater Backwash, he found a way to stand-up [and survive] while going over the falls.
Nick credits his diet, freshly caught sand crabs, provided by Skip, for his [Nick's] newly found courage.
Sammy Cherry had to fight-off an off-road turf invader, and Sea Bass went cave hunting [with Sammy's help]
The Sand-In Sand-Out dynamic is evident on a daily basis, as the swell direction changes - Today below The Shack /  Yesterday below The Shack


- 01 October 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
The hostile locals at The Shores gave me the typical welcome to La Jolla smiles - nothing new -
I tried Wanker's board - a Neal Norris Especial - the board's so good even I could ride it -
I made it up to The Arena - my brother's graduating class [La Jolla High School, 1966] was having a beach party, so I thought I'd attempt [at a very respectful distance] to check-out some the hotties who ignored me when I was a senior and they were freshbabes, err, freshmen.

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