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September 2006    |    2006 WHSA Luau Page

- 30 September 2006 -

Not much surf activity today, as usual, but at least it's uncrowded in the morning as well as in the evening - unless you count tonight's Hooray For No Surf Again Party!


- 29 September 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
The big Wind**Sea Surf Club's Menehune Contest is next weekend - and the local groms will be hitting the heavy practice regime for the next few days -

Of course, not all groms are created equally - John "My Bud's a Karl" Snead and Jon "Tube-Time Champion" Roseman were born a bit too early for this year's competition - close, but no trophies for them this year.

This is the genre of grom [this photo is not appropriate for wimmin or chillin to view] that sends shock waves up and down the coast due to their lack of surfing ability, as well as total disregard for all living things, regardless of age, gender or race.
For some strange reason, the Big Shots in the Wind**Sea Surf Club picked some grumpy old guy to be The Beach Marshall for the Menehune Contest.

If you like to bet on future Menehune Contest winners - here's a sure thing: Paige - Menehune Contest Champion, 2009
Ian Grom

groms gone wild

- 28 September 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
Sunset enhanced by ash from LA fire.

BA's Liner Notes:
Shameless Pimpage - BOZ Wetsuits ad -
Just in: Tomorrow's news, TODAY!
Cost to BOZ for ad: Zero $$
Results of ad: Priceless

- 27 September 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
Finally, the moon-shot sized crater on my toe has closed, the staph has gone by-by, thanks to better living thru chemistry.
This morning was gonna be my first time to surf in about 10 days, but it was a bit windy.

- SO -

I tried to get to The Arena before the hostile locals and post school gang arrived-
No such luck - so I shot a few photos

A friend of mine attracted a crowd, he did this to his board with his own thigh, and the last I saw, he was on his way to the Emergency Room.

I think the circus was in town, showcasing the talents of the Flying Burrito Brothers - just a few of their trademark poses:
Barishnikov Pose
Face Plant Pose  
One-Armed Hand Stand Pose  
Fetal Position Pose
The Ratlanders were getting covered in Ratland - Josh and Mike went out at a place that has been called, thru the years, as The Pumphouse, Kolmar St., Billy Decker's Reef, Reed's Reef, and Tommy Wolfe is a dork Reef - however - it is probably best known - since the early 60's - as Dips and Squats.



- 26 September 2006 - Disturb The Seal - or Drown?

BA's Liner Notes:
I did not have much time this afternoon for anything but finishing-up some homework -

- SO -

I thought I oughta go by the Seal Pool and check-out the action.
There was one seal on the beach, and it seemed to be getting along pretty well with a couple of other predators, and some touristas.
The south swell was picking-up again, so I thought I'd look at the adjacent south facing beaches.
No takers at North Wipe-Out - or whatever it's called - but this is what I noticed at South Wipe-Out:
Scuba Guy attempts to come ashore at Wipe-Out Beach.seal pool follies

Note how shallow the water is - these skimmers are in less than 12" of water.
Anyway, it looked to me like Scuba Guy was in trouble, it even looked like he was asking the skimmers for some help?
The beach is really sloped here, and the guy, despite his efforts to get in, got sucked back out by the rip / backwash.
[The lifeguards did see him, and were ready for their 911 efforts]
I have no idea if this is true - but - someone at the Seal Pool told me that Scuba Guy was told by a Seal Worshipper that he [Scuba Guy] could not enter the water at the Seal Pool.
Intimidated by the Seal - save the seals, nuke the humans - Worshipper, [and the threat of a big $$ ticket] Scuba Guy went out in a very dangerous location.
He almost paid the ultimate price - if he had drowned, would the Seal Person provide for Scuba Guy's family?
Scuba Guy may not have been an experienced La Jolla diver, but he certainly did not have to almost drown to learn his lesson.
Will the Seal People ever admit that human life is more precious than that of a seal?


- 25 September 2006 -



- 24 September 2006 -


- 23 September 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
Today was Eric's Birthday - I thought the kid was about 22 or 23 years old - SURPRISE - he's 29!

Eric's wife, Steph, planned, and executed, a wonderful birthday for Eric, family, and friends.

I got to the party a bit early and played some over-the-line, naturally, I can still [35 years ago] bomb the ball when there ain't any outfielders!

My sons' progress thru life, have never stopped amazing me!

If I were to paraphrase the definition of quality [offspring], it would be something like this:

Quality children can simply be defined as meeting or exceeding the expectations of their parents -
My three sons have far surpassed any expectations / dreams that I could have ever imagined!


La Jolla Shores

John Snead

Hot Curl

- 22 September 2006 -
BA's Liner Notes:
Another day of crappy surf in Barrio La Jolla - Comstock as always, was guarding the Bench of Despair
The freshman class of La Jolla Shores Surfing 101 was getting front row status
The Uptown beaches were packed because of Tourist Invasion - Sept 06
The impoverished local urchins were fighting over who could learn to surf on the broken board
All in all, just another day, same as it ever was!


Aaron Rotgans


- 21 September 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:
I started playing in the water at LJ Shores in about 1954. My Shores friends and I rode skim boards and surf mats, and we would try to stand-up surf on anything that floated, including paddle boards and even ironing boards.

The goal was always to acquire a real surfboard and become a SURFER!

As our in the water skills improved, we took a bit more notice of the abilities that the surfers who drove to The Shores, displayed.

Of course, most of the visitors were at least 16 years old, just a few years older than were were, but man could they surf!

Up until about 9th grade, I was pretty content to stay at The Shores and hone my water skills.

I really never gave it much thought, but, it seemed that the surfers who could drive, or could get rides, to The Shores, were absent most of the summer -

Today, I still wonder why the Wind**Sea guys are conspicuously absent in the summer - maybe the photos hold the answer??
Sunrise In North Dakota


LJ Shores



- 20 September 2006 -

Aaron Rotgans

- 19 September 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:

I tore a chunk out of my toe a couple weeks ago when I was surfing at Fish Poker's Reef - Luckily, there was a doctor on call, and she ordered-up some Death to Bacteria pills -

Naturally, I figgered if the staph infection went away, I could keep surfing - self diagnosis failure - now I got a much smaller toe and a much larger crater -

So, I'm staying outta the water for a couple of more days - and no - George Bush and global warming / global cooling did not cause the infection - I picked-up the bad stuff in Hawaii forty years ago, and it's always lying dormant, just waiting for an ocean related cut for the great escape - but it [the Staph] always leaves a bit of its spawn behind for future use.



- 18 September 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:

One reason the Wind**Sea Locals, like Max, are such good surfers is that they not only gotta ride Barrio La Jolla's terrifying waves, but they also have to avoid the speed bumps

Grom Gone Wild Matty caught the Wave O Day, and here's the Double Top Secret, Secret, to Matty's big wave riding success: The highly unusual, but very effective [2 Footed Leash Wrap]


Whompers Gone Wild


- 17 September 2006 -

Skimmers Gone Wild

Tom Ortner


- 16 September 2006 -

Forester Thom Shreds!


- 15 September 2006 -

The Cliffs Rules - The Arena Sucks!

Grom Nick


- 14 September 2006 -

BA's Liner Notes:

Yeah, I know, I dorked the uploads - don't send me any messages via the web, the phone, bricks, etc.

There are 3 albums for today: Groms Gone Wild      14 Sept 06 PM      14 Sept 06_2

All of the photos illustrate the skill levels of the local surfers, here at Lake Obewongone -



- 13 September 2006 -


- 12 September 2006 -

Taj and Brittany


- 10 September 2006 -

Sunset from Casa BA

- 09 September 2006 -

photo by surfinside dot com
Photo by:


- 08 September 2006 -

Every year, I wonder if Su Casa will allow the celebrants to return - so far - so good!


- 07 September 2006 -

The Golden Ship apparently did not carry humanoids, it carried Tippi Hedren's "Birds"

- 06 September 2006 -


Finally, the crush of summer visitors to Barrio La Jolla is almost over!

At last, the beautiful people can come out to enjoy the uncrowded beaches.

As expected, however, the surf is crappy, as always, the locals are still hostile, Pink BZs [no offense to Quiggs] dominate the inside, and shoulder hopping, especially, is encouraged!

For today 06 Sept 06:     Album 1       Album 2

BA's Science Fair Project on Global Warming, or Global Cooling, or it's all George Bush's fault, or maybe Al Gore's?

Photo of erosion - Cobra Head Rock 04 Sept Mid Day - caused by Bush and Global Warming

Photo of reverse erosion, two days later - Cobra Head Rock 06 Sept AM - caused by Bush and Global Cooling

Photo of reverse erosion, two days later - Cobra Head Rock is buried 06 Sept Mid Day - caused by Bush and Global Cooling.


- 05 September 2006 -


- 04 September 2006 -

Matty and Joey Race for the big $$$ [Album Grom Pond 2]

Grom Jake shreds the Grom Pond [Album Grom Pond 1]

- 03 September 2006 -

George and Bev

Coney Island


- 02 September 2006 -


- 01 September 2006 -


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