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Still to be uploaded:
A bunch of photos from the week of the fires - both AM and PM including Team La Jolla Shores Shredding Archie's Lefts and Civil Rights - 18 More Photo Albums, Fall Classic - A Grom Birthday - RSF Baseball - A New Pay Per View [G-Rated] Photo Section - Plus Even More Thought Provoking, Scintillating Crapola - Plus a ton of photos from the end of November!!

Whew - maybe I oughta get some big advertising $$$$ and then I could afford to pay my top tier staff even more money and they might get some web work done!

- 31 December 2007 -

- 30 December 2007 -

- 29 December 2007 -

- 28 December 2007 -
BA's Notes


- 25 December 2007 -
BA's Notes
Photos A1 Include
Photos A2 Include
Photos A3 Include

- 24 December 2007 -
BA's Notes

AM Photos Include: Another [of many] Hostile LJ Shores Local | Mitch | Katie | Plumber Billy
AM-PM Photos Include: Tristan | Ian Gibson sez: "Hey Staples, this is a hang five!"

Tony Staples

Back Lit at Back Waters

- 23 December 2007 -
BA's Notes:
Photos AM 1 Include: ©Lauren Dismount© |

Photos AM 2 Include: Spicoli, err, Comstock | Tony - Need Room or Board? - Staples | Grom Tristan |

Photos PM 1 Include: Hostile Local Hunter | Hostile Locals Hunter, Jacob, Skippy |

Photos PM 2 Include: East of Java | Way Hostile Locals | Team Bessell | Potential Hostile Menehune | Super Slash - Gotta be Kiel Miller

Tony Staples

Big Head Beach

- 22 December 2007 -
BA's Notes
AM Photos 1:  Very Hostile Local

AM Photos 2:  Very Hostile Local


- 21 December 2007 -
BA's Notes
AM Photos
Are The Rumors True - Does PB now own SC??
SC - John  | PB - Randy

- 20 December 2007 -
BA's Notes
Photos Include: Classic Surfer Tom Ortner [A few years younger than I am] | Classic Surfer Erik Somers [A few years younger than my kids] -
I'm stoked that I'm still around to witness their surfing!

La Jolla Sunset

E Rock

- 19 December 2007 -

- 18 December 2007 -
BA's Notes - Surfer Of The Day: SHADE!
PM Photos 1
PM Photos 2
PM Photos 3
PM Photos 4
Adam Warren

Shade in The Arena

- 17 December 2007 -
BA's Notes
AM Photos
White House Rights

- 16 December 2007 -

BA's Notes -

There are a few pockets of surf spots in El Centro [The stretch between Nuke The Seals Reef and Kob's is one of them] that still have relatively uncrowded waves -
"Why BA?"
- because the water is always polluted, the waves are always terrible, and the locals are incredibly hostile!

As bad as the waves are, they [the waves] get ridden by a few brave and most excellent surfers who are well on their way to becoming [they are young guys - their stories will only get better] classic characters.
AM 1 Includes: Reader Caption Contest Winner: "This must be the elusive layback head dip developed at the La Jolla Shores surfing academy!"

AM 2 Includes: ©Del Muro Dismount© |

AM 3 Includes: ©Foam Ball Snead© | Separated At Birth? Matt - Sasha

Bird Rock Sunset


- 15 December 2007 -

BA's Notes - Today's photos include a dramatic Rescue 911 in THE Lot [no, Monty was not the rescuee]
AM Photos
PM 1 Photos
PM 2 Photos

John Snead

Matt Murphy

- 14 December 2007 -
BA's Notes
PM Photos

Once in a while, err, great while - I take a photo that captures, what I perceive as the stoke of surfing - unrehearsed - here's one:
Groms Gone Wild in The Arena

Sunset in The Arena

- 12 December 2007 -
BA's Notes -
AM Photos - Include: Jack - No-Jack  - Lo-Jack - Mitch - Katie - Mitch and Katie

- 11 December 2007 -
BA's Notes -
Photos include: Heidi - David - Garrett - Peter - Heidi [Sweeper and Flippers outside]

La Jolla Sunset

- 06 December 2007 -

AM Photos 1


- 05 December 2007 -
AM Photos 1

AM Photos 2

AM Photos 3


Just in:
Just In - Another Big Deal Wednesday Photo:

White House Rights

Just In - A way long time ago [in Surf Time] The Shores had a crew of locals who were - gasp - great surfers as well as good citizens - a few are still surfing - Reed Mayne at The White House [Stick displayed by Spawn of Reed (Pierce)]:

Reed Mayne photo by Trent Stevens <>

Above photo of Reed by Trent Stevens <>

Just In - While I was battling it out at The Shores - My friends were getting some bombs at Black's - Photo below by Skip Wright:

Photo by Skip Wright

Reed Mayne Photo by Trent Stevens <>

My knees are knocking -

According to every media outlet in the known world - the entire west coast of California is supposed to herald the arrival of the largest and most dangerous surf of all time

Guess I'll load-up my SUV and cruise the coast route with 50 million other surf idiots and act like I WANT to surf -


My wetsuit's ripped, the tide's too high, my board's at Roper's -

I got plenty more excuses why I won't go out.

Excuses aside - I did go out

- 04 December 2007 -

- 02 December 2007 -

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