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- 09 June 2007 - Emery RIP
BA's Liner Notes - Just starting to put this together:
I don't know how many paddle-outs I've attended over the years. San Diego, Orange County, Ventura County, Hawaii, even Central America.

Most of the time, the remembered one was about my age, maybe a bit older, rarely much younger than I am, as Emery was.

I think I have read and heard about enough of why, how, etc.

I've read and heard so many references to The Pump House Gang, localism, Hell's Angels, MacMeda, alcohol, drugs, good kids, bad kids, good parenting, poor parenting, too much money, too much free time, video games, etc., that my head is about to asplode.
I met Emery many years ago at La Jolla Shores. He was on his way back from surfing Scripps and I was on my way to Black's.

Emery sez: "Hey mister, do you think I need to see a doctor?"

Emery had a hole completely thru his cheek -

I said: "Little dude, that's pretty cool, but you gotta get a few stitches."

Emery sez: "Will I still be able to surf?"

I said: "If you get stitches, you'll be surfing a lot sooner than you would, if you don't get stitches."

I walked Emery back to his mom - Cindy later told me that Emery took about 70 stitches in his cheek, inside and outside.

If I coulda stuck my finger clean thru my cheek, I woulda been cryin' like a little baby.

All Emery could think about, it seemed, was when he could surf again - pretty clear to me that he [Emery] had a bit of toughness in him, and that surfing was going to be how he would demonstrate it [his strengths]

RIP Emery
RIP - 2

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