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- 28 February 2007 -
Bird Rock Sunset

La Jolla Shores Sunrise

- 27 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
Here's how the Wind**Sea Groms - just like juvenile Sea Lions [save the seals, nuke the stingrays] prepare to Ride The Wild Surf - way cool!
I feel pretty confident that the Wind**Sea Groms could make it in - safely - if their leashes broke -
Groms In Training
Bird Rock Sunset

La Jolla Shores

- 26 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes 2 - After taking a "Cleansing Breath"

It's no secret anywhere in the known / unknown universe, that San Diego is crying poverty for reasons known only to the brilliant politicians we've elected over the years.

- SO -

Today's circus at La Jolla Shores could be viewed, by some, as a "problem" or an "opportunity"

I see it [today's circus] as an opportunity to save San Diego from another financial disaster.

This is the financial impact that just FOUR TV series have had on San Diego's economy - according to - brought to you by:

"Cathy Anderson, a Stockton, California native, received her BA in Theater Arts and her MA in Telecommunications and Film from San Diego State Unversity. She has 15 years experience in the fields of theater production, directing and acting. Cathy started at the Film Commission as an intern in 1986.

By her second year at the Commission, Cathy increased production dollars spent in the local economy for the print advertising division from less than a half million dollars to $3 million.

She was next appointed to head the television division and was responsible for bringing in the producer Stu Segall and his production company. The overall economic impact increased from $14 million to $30 million in one year under Cathy's supervision of the division.

In 1997, there were four permanent television series working and living in the San Diego region. Under Cathy's leadership, San Diego has become the third largest television production center in the United States."
I'm thinking - why not have at least 20 permanent "television series working and living in the San Diego region."

If she [Cathy Anderson] were able to generate - if I'm reading the above quote correctly - $30 million from one producer [Stu Segall], why not have 25 producers and their production companies come to San Diego??

That way they [the production companies] could rotate their shooting schedules - easily.

The parking lots, and the entire beach between the lots and the water, at The Shores, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, etc. could be reserved for weeks at a time - lottsa $$ to the city coffers - who cares about the locals - just rake in the $$

- PLUS -

Every weekend there could be a surfing contest [the contest guys have to buy permits, too] at every beach in the city that has a parking lot, restrooms and decent surf - actually who cares about the surf - just take the parking lot - and, for good measure, throw in the TV production companies - lottsa good surfing at no charge.

BA's Liner Notes: Lots to say about the Circus at The Shores - but first - I gotta take a deep breath -
Groms at Sea PM
The AM Circus at The Shores 1
The AM Circus at The Shores 2
The PM Circus at The Shores 3

La Jolla Shores

La Jolla Shores

This is a halibut??

- 25 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes - AM - PM Starring:
Tyler [carrying his new Bessell Biscuit]
Jimmy Riha
LJ Sunset

Free Flipper!!

- 24 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes - PM in The Arena 2  Starring:
Joey's Death Defying Take-Off / Derrek Ho, err, Joey
Brian Boaz
Friend of Boaz
Bells and Whistles for Newlyweds Bill and Sandy
BA's Liner Notes - PM in The Arena 1  Starring:
Team Seagraves
Jenny Hill
Randy Hill, err, Lind
Paparazzi Joey
BA's Liner Notes - AM at LJ Shores Starring:
John and Linda
La Jolla Sunset



LJ Shores

- 23 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
Pouring Rain - Hail - This driver's gotta pass everybody in line - just to get stuck on the tracks - no law against stupidity!
Brazil Hottie sez: "Size does matter!"
Another White Wedding in The Arena
La Jolla Sunset

LJ Shores news Babe

- 22 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes PM:

Arena 1 Starring: Derek - Andrew - Joey - Hunter - Brady

Arena 2 Starring: Mutant Harbor Seal - Gumby, err, Joey -

Arena 3 Starring: Thomas -

Arena 4 Starring: Chip - Derek - Shawn - Jake

Derek Dunfee

GGW Reef

BA's Liner Notes AM: Just in - from a friend of mine, who used to be the top surfer in AZ until Rick Kane came to town:
"Bill, With all of your complaining about food service on Superbowl Sunday, perhaps you would rather eat curb side, self serve. Cheers!"
BA sez:
"Don Dude, I spent a lot of curb time at Maynard's - and it was usually AFTER I ate that 25 cent plate of whatever that stuff was, drank a pitcher or two of adult beverages, and got pushed around a bit by a few Iron Horsemen and / or Mongols!"

- 21 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
AM at The Shores - Starring:   Ryan - Dale - Ricky - Mario
PM 1 in The Arena- Starring:   Joey - Kayak Surfing 101 - Dicer Slicer John
PM 2 The Arena and a Shores Sunset - Starring:   Joey - Almost an Andy on the Rocks
La Jolla Sunset



- 20 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
I check-out Matt's surfinside dot com, just to ensure that I didn't miss anything at places where I'm afraid to go -
Today, both north and south ends got it.
Speaking of both north and south ends, this afternoon at Circus Beach, La Jolla, CA:
The Good
The Bad
The Ugly [with running water, anyway]
The "Yeah Baby"
AM Shores
PM 1 The Circus 1
PM 2 The Circus 2
PM 3 The Circus 3
La Jolla Sunset

Daring Grom Joey - Death Defying Take-Off on a Double Ledger:

Roger Beal - Shaper, Surfer Extraordinaire.
Roger Beal

From a top secret surf spot, just north of my top secret surf spot:

- 19 February 2007 -
La Jolla Sunset
From John Slavin Photos:

- 18 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes for Today
Bird Rock Sunset

Joe Roper

Tom Ortner



Mutant Harbor Seal


BA's Liner Notes - Lottsa action at The Shores - South Wind - Northwest Swell - Sunday - I wonder why it was so crowded??
Album 1 - Starring:
Album 2 - Starring:
Album 3 - Starring:
Album 4 - Starring:
Oh Harry
Album 5 - Starring:
Album 6 - Starring:
Green Rocks  /  Sand In - Sand Out
Models from Reef and Models from Utah

- 17 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes - Another Day of Good Surf and A Good Deed

La Jolla Sunset





Michael Nova

La Jolla Sunrise

BA's Liner Notes - 17 Feb 07 - Another Day of Good Surf and A Good Deed
Arena PM

Stirnkorb's / Downey's Reef / Patricia's A1 - Starring:
Stirnkorb's / Downey's Reef / Patricia's A2 - Starring
Drainer at The Shoe
High Drama at Downey's

Pete's Birthday Present

Team Clairmont - Starring Frontside Rail Grab Doug

Groms Gone Wild - Starring Matty and friends

AM La Jolla

- 16 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
The Arena 1

The Arena 2

The Arena 3

The Arena 4

The Shores AM
La Jolla Sunset

Kyle Miller


Roger Beal

- 15 February 2007 -
Scripps Pier

La Jolla Sunrise

- 14 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
Another successful Valentine's Day in La Jolla -
Including a Go Inside, a Whale Ho, a Ho-Ho, and a Cluster Fin Ho-Ho-Ho.
La Jolla Sunset

Ian Grom


Jeremy by

- 13 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes 1:
I've had enough of trying to explain Contest Angst -
I'm not doing anything but rambling on about a bunch of crapola - lottsa words - no passion -
I guess it's simply that there are thousands of surfers now in San Diego -
Some [surfers] want to compete
Most [surfers] just want to surf at their local spot and be left alone to do so
The number of surfing locations has not increased -
I've seen how stupid I must appear when I'm yelling at non-competitors in the lineup -
Over and out
BA's Liner Notes 2:
More big shot interviews - this time conducted by News 8 Reporter Jeff and Photographer Joe
Unfortunately, I had to share the spotlight with Local Groms and Surfer John
La Jolla Sunset

News Eight and John

La Jolla Sunrise

- 12 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
High Surf Drama yesterday and Saturday, in addition to last weekend!
Surf contests on both weekends at The Shores - I'm not sure of all the details - BUT - lottsa reported problemas.
I gotta preface this note with:
I plead guilty to the fact that I have been involved in attempts, both successful and failed, in trying to keep contest areas free of non-competitors.
I have been the one, with the bull horn on full volume, belittling non-competitors, calling them stupid names, begging and pleading with them [non-competitors] to please leave the contest zone.


I never threatened them - I hope - with any sort of violence, I never assaulted / battered anyone, nor was I ever party to confronting / surrounding a non-competitor.
I am guilty of, perhaps, being a bit over protective of the kids in the water, maybe that's because I'm the father of three and the grandfather of one - Paige at 15 months -
I guess I'm guilty of being stupid in some of my rants towards non-competitors, but at least I was reasonably [in my opinion] non-combative.
Anyway, let's think about where and when contests in So-Cal, specifically in San Diego County, are held. If I were hosting a contest, I'd look for:
An available weekend
Reasonably good / predictable surf
Areas for tents, judging stands, etc.
Adequate parking
Etc. blah blah
- BUT -

Good surfing spots in San Diego, for the most part, are combined with piers, parking lots, restrooms, and local surfers who may only have the opportunity to surf on the weekends.

- SO -

Who gains from the contests if the contest has a commercial sponsor:
Who loses from the contest:
Everyone, except the contestants, who wants to surf in the contest area
The police and lifeguards whose time is spent separating squabbling adults / kids

- 11 February 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes -
Note to E-Rock: Sorry I ruined your parking experience in The Lot! JEFF is the one who screwed-up the parking queue.
Occasionally, I AM capable of parking between the lines.
AM 1 Starring: Jo   Phil & Scot   Mark   Scot    Mikey   Karl, err, John   Derek  E-Rock
AM 2 Starring: Scot   North Roseman's   Sebi   Frappy   Death Drop Dale   Derek  Phil               
PM 1 Starring: Matt [note that Matt don't need no stinkin' wetsuit - why - 'cause he's tuff - he's a Shores Guy]
La Jolla Sunset

John Snead

Mark Del Muro

- 10 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
LJ Shores AM
The $200,000.00, err,  $20.00 Wave
LJ Shores AM
Drama - Starring ??

Surf Stars - Starring: Bob, Jenn, Jackie

The Arena PM
  Sebi and Ryan - No Drama - Just Good Surfing [lousy photos]
Non Competitors Only


John King

- 09 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
Tomorrow:  More Big Shot TV Filming of BA Surfing - Look for our circus at a secret surf spot in a neighborhood near you -

La Jolla Sunset

The Arena

La Jolla Sunrise

- 08 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
Album 1  Arena PM
* Little Angels?
Album 2  Arena PM
* Eric Made This Cut-Back?
Album 1  Arena AM

Album 2  Arena AM
La Jolla Sunset

Brady and Warren

Brian Boaz


- 07 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
Album AM [AM in The Arena]

Album 1 [PM in The Arena 1]
Album 2 [PM in The Arena 2]
Album 3 [PM in The Arena 3]
Album 4 [PM in The Arena 4]
Album 5 [PM in The Arena 5]
Album 6 [PM in The Arena 6]
Album 7 [PM in The Arena 7]
La Jolla Sunset

Jumping Joey

La Jolla Reef



Call Roper


- 06 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes - I got the dreaded 2 AM phone call this morning - turned out to be not so dreaded, but it does require me to assume the BA Stand-By Position for a few hours - this position also requires an early trip to The Arena because:

It's almost that time of year again - for me at least -
Just like my Gray Whale and Harbor Seal brothers - The annual migration from The Shores to The Arena
Forester Thom NEVER migrates from The Arena to The Shores - luckily for me, 'cause he catches way too many waves
First tracks of 2007 - for me at least -
Tracking Duncan
Santa Gull
Forester Thom

- 05 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes - PM
Album 1 [Sunrise at The Shores]
Album 2 [The Arena] 
Album 3 [The Arena]
Album 4 [The Arena]    
Album 5 [The Arena]
Album 6 [The Arena]
Album 7 [Sunset at The Arena]

More Highlights:
Surf mom / Bird Rock business owner [Bird Rock Bikini] and ever vigilant Cecilia Filter, keeps a watchful eye on son Joey.

One of the most remarkable athletes, and all around good guy, [Surfer, Veledrome Bicycle Racer, Moto-Cross, and now a World, err, for his age group, California State Champ BMX Racer] I've ever known, Reed Mayne, is a proud surf dad now!

La Jolla Sunset





La Jolla Sunrise
BA's Liner Notes - Regarding La Jolla Life - AM Notes

"Hey BA - you seemed a little angry when we saw you Sunday evening - were you POd 'cause they finally paved the roads that bring hundreds, err, thousands to your stupid, so called, 'Secret Spots'?"

Those roads were paved before even I was born - I've found my inner self - I'm at peace with the world - the surfing world that is.

What I'm not at peace with, is: The ??new?? way of doing the restaurant business [I know it's not ALL the restaurants,] kindda like:

Treat your customers as if they [the customers] should be happy that they [the customers] are even allowed to enter the dive, much less spend $$ in the restaurant.

Just a couple of notes:
1. I have been a card carrying member in the workplace since 1958 - paperboy for the San Diego Union was my first big shot job [213 houses on my morning route, La Jolla Shores]

2. I have spent about one half those years in high tech -
Customer service was not the apparent driving force to the employees behind the scenes - important - but not as important to most of the employees as speed to market with products.
The other half of my career I've spent in consumer oriented jobs.
Customer service and customer satisfaction were the ONLY issues.
Profits and long term business survival were driven by customer satisfaction and customer retention.
Getting back on point - I've lived in Bird Rock for the past two years -
Sidenote One -
I managed TWO surfshops in Bird Rock.
One in the sixties "Dave McIntyre's Surf Scene," and one in the seventies "Gordon and Smith's Surf Scene."
I'm not a stranger to Bird Rock, nor am I unaware of how difficult it is to succeed in business in Bird Rock.
- but rarely do I dine at the local places - I rarely dine anywhere except at home.

I've gone to Bully's a couple of times

- BUT -

I thought I would give one of the places that competes with Bully's a try.

- SO -

Friday evening I went to another "B" place - across the street and south of Bully's.

Service - marginal - and food - acceptable.


The bar was showing a great surfing video by Jamie O'Brien - [jeeze can that guy (JOB) can surf - and it seems he's a pretty bright guy, too].

Now that I think about it, maybe the video was what made my visit okay.

- SO -

After surfing on Sunday morning, and not having a lot of time between my early morning surfing adventure at Hospit*ls, and a trip to my son's house later in the morning, I thought I'd go back to the other "B" [not Bully's] place.


It looked like the bar area was having a party for a bunch of young adults about my own kids' age - so Yuppie Noise, Cellphone Chatter and Babies Crying were not going to bother me.

I sat at the bar for a few minutes, until some guy who looked like the manager - maybe the owner - alerted me about the party - a party I'm sure they've known about for at least a few days.

- BUT -

It looked like they [the restaurant people] were totally unprepared for it [the party]

I said: "The noise, etc., ain't gonna bother me, I just want to wolf down an omelet, slug down an adult beverage and be on my way."

He shrugged his shoulders and walked away - I guess he told the rest of the workers that I was some sort of Old Guy Who Doesn't Rule, 'cause I sat at the bar for at least 10 more minutes - and - not one employee, including the big shot looking guy - said one word to me.

- SO -

I walked out - I'll never go back there again -
Sidenote Two:
My advice to any managers of any service business - It's YOUR job - even if you're shorthanded - to make the customer feel welcome - at least that's my opinion - and I'll bet that my opinion is shared by more than just a few other managers.

Sidenote Three:
My brother has been in the restaurant business since the 1960's
- additionally - all three of my sons cut their teeth in the restaurant business [The Chart House and Islands]

- AND -

[I probably should NOT speak for my brother or my sons]

- BUT -

I can pretty much guarantee you that they would not have given these guys [the restaurant guys] 5 minutes, much less the 15 or so that I lost.
All I can say is that it must be nice to have a service business and not have to offer service - with the "new rules" regarding service, even I might be able to:    "...Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."

- 04 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes - Just In: PM 1 -    Drama on Neptune!!
Timmy should know better than to park his car anywhere around here - after all - it's a Locals Only Zone!
BA's Liner Notes:  AM 1    AM 2   AM 3
I didn't want to take the risk of getting trapped into being photo boy at the Shores contest today - so - early arrival at Kob's and, luckily for me, I wasn't another speed bump trapped on the inside!
There was a Baby Mow Sighting - a Baby Bonner Sighting - and of course - NO Baby Boomer Sightings
There was the obligatory battle of sizes - the clear winner: here's Johnny
Another clear winner - a mutant Harbor Seal -

The Arena

Kites and Surf


Fish Poker's



- 03 February 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
First stop on Saturday morning - La Jolla Shores:  Album 1  Album 2    Album 2.5   Album 3   Album 4   Album 4.5   Album 5   

I wanted to get out of there and escape to the tranquility of Sternkorb's [I know I misspelled Kob's] but I hung around for a couple of heats -
These kids are only 16 - 18 years old and they surf better than I did, even in my wildest dreams when I was their age -
Plus - they are a lot nicer - or so it appears - than I ever was at their age [in fact nicer than I ever was / will be, at any age]

- AND - the next generation ain't too bad, either!

Second Stop: New Jersey Reef

Whoa Baby - a bit of a crowd - and lottsa high anxiety in the lineup - I figgered I wasn't man enough to join the Battle Royale, so I went down to Tommy Wolfe's and did just fine by myself and a couple of Pumphouse Gang members.

Then, a brief late afternoon Arena and Shores stop -WHOA - "Hey Matt, this ain't The Shores, and it certainly ain't warm enough [at least in my world] for your 0.5 mm skin toned wetsuit - comfortable, yes - warm...??

La Jolla Sunset

New Jersey Reef

NJ Reef

La Jolla Shores


La Jolla Shores

- 02 February 2007 -

La Jolla Sunset

John Noris

Civil Rights

White House Rights

- 01 February 2007 -
La Jolla Sunset

BA's Liner Notes:
The month starts out with huge waves at The Shores -
Phil, Dan, and Mario check out the first wave, of the first set, on the first day of the month!
The Shores - How Big?
- AND -

Looking back -

BA's Liner Notes - Not a bad 40 days, or so, for:
White Weddings
Wet Weddings [December] Wet Visitors [December]
Tequila Tree Harvesting
A potential Hostile Local was taking her first steps into Hostile Localism [December]
Tommy Wolfe is a dork Reef finally broke
A Croteau and friends
Hostile Locals - Models [wish they were Locals]
The Shores on New Year's Day
Broken Boards: John - Joey
Cape St. La Jolla
Big Shot TV Stuff
Welcome to The Lot [December]
Fish on The Rocks
Mutant Gulls
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