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BA's Liner Notes - BA's Big Adventure with Voom.TV - Epilogue - Not Finished Yet [18 Jan 07]
Day One:   <13 Jan 07>   - Production Meeting

Day Two:  <14 Jan 07>  - New Yorkers and New York weather visit Blac*'s

Day Three:  <15 Jan 07>   - Producer Dan's and Producer Lauren's heads are gonna asplode after being with BA for more than 8 hours

Day Four:   <16 Jan 07>   - Joe Roper repairs the dings in Producer Dan's and Producer Lauren's brains
I'm STILL trying to figger out WHY I was included in the program -
It was a great experience for me!! - But - The experience for the production company...??

Seriously, I want to thank Voom TV's Dan, Lauren and the rest of their professional crew for putting up with me for as long as they did, and I want to especially thank Jen James and The San Diego Surf Ladies for including me in their adventure!

It was an honor and pleasure.

Thank you!

- 31 January 2007 -
La Jolla Sunset

- 30 January 2007 -
Sand In - Sand Out

- 29 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes:
Album 1    Album 2
La Jolla Sunset



Felipe Becerra

- 28 January 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
Double Top Secret La Jolla Reef PM :   Album 1    Album 2    Album 3

Top Secret La Jolla Reef AM

La Jolla Sunset

Team Seagraves



- 27 January 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
Top Secret La Jolla Surfing:   Album 1   Album 2

La Jolla Sunset

La Jolla Reefer

Mickey Miner

- 26 January 2007 -

La Jolla Sunset


- 25 January 2007 -

Albums: Album One   Album Two   Album Three   Album Four   of  Four

La Jolla Sunset


Bird Rocker

Eric Sommers


Mickey Miner

- 24 January 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:

Album One   Album Two   of Two
La Jolla Sunset



- 23 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes
Photo   Album One  Album Two   Album Three  Album Four  Album Five   Album Six   of Six
La Jolla Sunset


La Jolla Surfing

All the Booger in this photo had to do was to take it [the white water] ON the head -
Instead, he paddles right into Jimmy's path, where he [the Booger] almost takes a board IN the head
- No wonder tensions occasionally run a bit high between The Arena's Vertical Surfers and Visiting Belly Sliding Boogers -

Of course, this type of surfing ain't too safe either [for the rider or the other surfers in the water]
Hang On!

La Jolla, CA



- 22 January 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
No surprises today, almost a 6' high tide in the morning, good for The Shaws
Going to a -0.5 low tide in the afternoon, good for The Arena
New York Danny and World Traveler Ian Go Wild at The Shores
Groms Go Wild in the Arena
La Jolla Sunset

La Jolla CA



New York Danny in La Jolla CA

- 21 January 2007 -

Wayne and Jack

- 20 January 2007 -

Fogbank Sunset


LJ Shores

John Andrews


LJ Sunrise

- 19 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes - Lottsa Action Today - Photo Album
A cast of thousands, including:
Dr. Dale
Hang Ten Ronny



- 18 January 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes - Things are kindda back to normal:
The locals - as always - are hostile
The waves - as always - are terrible
The water - as always - is polluted
- AND -
BA's photos - as always - continue to lower the bar for out of focus / underexposed photos - Album One - Album Two

By the way - I took 400 photos today - of those almost 300 were underexposed and deleted - including about 125 photos of Grom Ian - sorry Ian.

There is no way I had the time to go thru all the photos - there are a couple of cool go-behinds - Go Brad - Go Jake - buried in one of the albums - maybe I'll look for them [the photos] some day??
La Jolla Sunset



- 17 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes - Some more BA denials / disclaimers:
1. Regarding the harvesting of the Tequila Trees:
I don't know who did it
I didn't publish photos of the perp[s]
2. Regarding the cold weather:
Producers Dan and Lauren DID NOT bring the weather with them from New York City [wherever that is]
3. Regarding the Bl*ck*s Adventure:
Yeah, we did bring a circus to Bl**k's but we were not the first to do so, nor will we be the last
4. Regarding La Jolla:
For me, there is The Good Coastal LJ [excluding Seal Crapola Pool] and the Bad Rest of LJ

Early morning and late afternoons are wonderful in La Jolla, if one appreciates the ocean, good surfing and relatively minimal crowds

If one is looking for crowds, zero parking, and "It Takes a Village" of idiots, go to "The Village" for a quick lunch - Good Luck -

I avoid two La Jolla areas [The Village, Seal Crapola Pool] as if they were the the epicenter of the plague.
I'm sure I'll be accused of additional crimes against Nature, Village Idiots, Harbor Seals, and Sacred Surf Spots - I'll try to apologize BEFORE the accusations pour in.


La Jolla Sunset

- 16 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes - The Search for Surf Stars -
I wanted Producer Dan and Producer to meet a few surf stars.
They [Dan and Lauren] interviewed me and Al at The Shores - we hardly qualify -
They met Jen and some members of The San Diego Surf Ladies - now we're finally talking surf stars
They almost met Josh Hall at The Shores - that would have been a significant star sighting -
Then they met Brian, the manager of Rusty's Board Shop at The Shores - bona fide surf star -

They went to Joe Roper's Ding Repair - The TV Crew met Joe Roper, JoJo Roper, and David Dupont - the Three Musketeers of Surf Stardom!
Joe Roper's Place

- 15 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes:
BA's Big Adventure with the crew from
"VOOM HD Networks brings extraordinary high definition experiences into your home everyday, with a lineup of 15 HD channels that offers something for everyone"
I was a bit nervous about the whole gig - it is very difficult for one as shy and verbally challenged as I am - to actually have ANYTHING of ANY interest to say in front of the camera.

Producer Dan, Producer Lauren,  Big Shot Video Guy Chris, and  Big Shot Audio Guy Darren were all very nice to me, and by the end of the 25th hour of interviews they were telling me, err, demanding that I wrap it up / shut up.

After my interview at The Shores, the only one left standing in the cold, to interview, was Al

I showed the TV guys my old house - My grandparents bought the house in 1953 or 54 and my mom sold it [the house] in 1982 to Bill Williams.

Now: 8321 El Paseo Grande

Then:   Looking East 1955 Photo      Looking Northwest 1955 Photo      Looking Southwest 1961 Photo

We went from The Shores to Rusty's Board Shop where I attempted to buy a new board, but Brian insisted that I pay for the board before I could leave the shop with it.

After The Shores, it was off to Wind**Sea.

I shredded Ratland for them and then CB and I were interviewed under The Shack regarding some Wind**Sea and Shack history -

They couldn't have picked a better pair - I know very little about The Shack - CB actually knows much more about it than I do - but he [CB] ain't gonna pass as an Arena Surfer.

Naturally, only after the interviews, did I go to a store and see what is meant by HD Television - OUCH - I should have put a paper bag over my head, and duct taped my gut in for the filming -

Now I know what is meant by a face and body ready for radio, not HD TV!

La Jolla Sunset

voom TV

- 14 January 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
14 Jan 07: 6:00 AM - Noon

The Ring of Fire La Jolla Shores - air temperature 27 degrees - today's adventure begins With:
Fire Ringer Mike Croteau
Fire Ringers John Slavin and Jen Smith
The Portal to Arctic Tundra Beach
Jen and Tony are ready to skin it when they surf
Producer Lauren and Producer Dan get the show on the road
The Mushroom House
Lottsa dangers here - probably best not to EVER surf here
JR re-creates a famous scene
The waves got better - BA got lucky
We survived and made it out alive
Then La Jolla Shores

Then to The Arena One and Arena Two

La Jolla Sunset



Patrick Riha

Jen and Tony

Professional photos by John Slavin - BA at Below Zero Beach 14 Jan 07:


- 13 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes:
Jack Cassidy Album - 1 wave 3,265.098 photos [From North of Dana Point to Scripps Pier]

More Photos of this morning -  

13 Jan 07 PM
BA and Jen meet Produce Dan and Producer Lauren in the big city's Emerald Plaza.
This evening starts another "BA's Big Adventure"

"Let us guess:
1. You're getting fitted with one of those GPS ankle bracelets - we heard that you violated one of your parole conditions -
2. Your photo's gonna be on one of those milk cartons you made famous a few years ago?"

Not even close!

The big shot TV [Dish Network] guys are in town to spend a few days with me and a few other SPECIAL people -

Apparently the producers want to air a program about people who are passionate about LIFE - both real and imagined.

Anyway, the highlight of my adventure will be to jump out of a helicopter and go surfing - I've studied the videos of the pros doing it - It Taj can do, I can do it!

This just may be my last entry - who knows - maybe I'll come back around in 300,000,000 years like the comet I photo-ed last night:


Photos from this morning:

Including a Mike Croteau sighting

Jack Cassidy

La Jolla Shores


- 12 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes:
The Day of the Displaced [Due to Global Warming caused by George Bush, and Al Gore's Globe Trotting 747 Political Junkets] Shore Birds and THE Comet
The Birds [This is a species of shore bird which NEVER leaves the wet sand - unless, apparently, they have been displaced by Global Warming or Global Cooling - they have NEVER before been seen on the bluffs or in parking lots]
The Comet

La Jolla Sunset

- 10 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes -

Notes PM:
Tragedy in The Arena - another broken board - naw - that ain't the tragedy!
THE tragedy:
Joey does not have a license to harvest Arena Eel Grass [AEG]
Harbor Seals from the Seal Crapola Pool migrate monthly to graze on the AEG and ANY unlicensed harvesting - regardless of harvesting methods - can lead to incarceration, a $10,000,000.00 fine, or both!

Save the sharks - nuke the seals!

Notes AM:

Why the La Jolla Shores Town Council - in a private meeting - passed the Northern Baja / Southern California Yacht Harbor Initiative:
For years, politicians, north and south of the border, have been joining forces with the rich and famous - who also happen to be yacht owners.

The goal - establish a series of safe harbors between So Cal and Cabo - in order to eliminate situations as in the photo below.

The first in a series of new harbors was Dana Point - Next will be Ponto - Followed by La Jolla and then into Baja.

I'm not sure of the Ponto boundaries, but La Jolla's breakwater and protected area is shown on this map - the breakwater / jetty will run from La Jolla Cove up to the parking lot just south of Scripps Pier.
Boat Launch Tragedy

- 09 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes:
Lottsa Photos - almost all the same as yesterday - please don't strain your orbs - please don't look at today's photos
Cape St. La Jolla   -   The Arena One    -   The Arena Two
Sebe Becerra


- 08 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes:
The action today was hot and furious at South Roseman's, Jenny Hill's, Ratland, and Outside Fin Breaker
Notables in the line-up's morass - no, I didn't mean morons - included:
This Guy, and That Guy, and Him, and The Other Guy, and This Grom, and That Grom.

Anyway - I outdid myself today - close to 400 really bad photos - I suggest, in fact I'm begging you - don't look at the photos - and don't waste your time and my bandwidth telling me the photos suck -

Patrick was taking photos too - maybe he got some good ones of you!

I got a big shot TV gig coming up, I ain't gonna waste my time attempting to explain nothing to nobody!

Arena One       -       Arena Two

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - for you English Majors, and wannabe Spell Checkers - I've got this question:
How in the h*ll can I misspell the words that I coin?

- I don't even know what I mean when I use them -
Jeeze, the Altzimeyer's is really starting to affect me - I almost forgot to mention this:

CB is holding one of the rare, and, thankfully, very dead, pelagic versions of the Candirú Fish -

A discovery like this is an indication of two things:
1. Global Warming - created by George Bush and aided by Al Gore's continuous political flights in his private 747 - is causing these fish to leave their homes in the Amazon

2. Once one learns about the Candirú, one can see how Candirú Fish extraction could be very painful - better leave the wetsuits on at all times, even if the water becomes 80 degrees or more!
La Jolla Sunset

John Noris - Brad Colgate


- 07 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes:
I'll work on more written dribble for today - later - someday -

La Jolla Sunset


JoJo Roper

RK's Fish

La Jolla Shores

- 06 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes: Big - Huge Drama at Robertson's:
A pitching like this -
May cause this -

But - a kid with Johnny Noris' pedigree, surfs on anyway
The Bracker / Miller Tag Team dominated as always
Ryan displaying death-defying bravery on a backside bomb at Robertson's
Kyle ripped Robertson's then gave a Turtles Demo
Rand Hogan was looking for the nose-piece for his pickle fork stick

Aaron Rotgans and Junior Boz Man dueled in the sun

Some Amazon Parrots were looking for Jimmy Buffett

La Jolla's air space was violated by one of the balloons that escaped the Macy's Parade in New York
- Just kidding -
The actual reason for the balloon's visit was to refill BA with more hot air

Doctor Karl proved once again that one does not have to be a Grom Gone Wild to backdoor Ratland
The Shores - as always had a warm fire - and lottsa willing participants to spin yarns on why they won't surf today - except for a few of the very brave:
Blue Man Gary just returned from a Central American casino tour

John Paul caught the longest ride ever captured by pixels
La Jolla Sunset



- 05 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes:
I'm starting to recover from my Shock and Awe Attack caused by the Agave de-forestation efforts - my recovery was accelerated by:
The new Human Slingshot, err, Hammock Annex added to The Shack - I wonder if the La Jolla Historical Society approves?
A few nubile models running around
The opportunity to snap a few photos of the models for FREE - much to the chagrin of the big shot photo eddies who were paying the models big $$
Oh yeah, I got so distracted I almost forgot to go surfing at Tommy Wolfe is a dork Reef

Oh yeah, dos, CB please call off your thugs!

I told you I'd pay you for the 1962 San Marino High School Annual I bought on E-Bay - as soon as I sell my 1962 La Jolla High School Annual.
La Jolla Sunset

Tommy Wolfe's

Photo Op Babes

- 04 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes:

PM The Arena
I have been waiting for almost a year to tap into the adult beverage that is stored in the stalk of the Agave Plant

The photos I took last summer of the Agave in full bloom gave an indication of the amount of beverage the plants held -

- BUT -

When I arrived at the Penalty Box tonight, and looked south, to my shock and awe - the stalks were down - apparently harvested by a rogue band of do-gooders who belong to The Anti-Saloon League and in cahoots with those who still support the Eighteenth Amendment.

What was once that is now this - my world - once again - has been turned on its head.
AM La Jolla Shores
The huge waves arrived - as predicted - and the local chargers were there - as expected - to meet the challenge[s ]
New York Danny
Big Shot Engineer Donny
New Style Guy Blue Board
Old Style Guy Larry


- 03 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes:
My dental fun, apparently, is far from complete - so - on the way to Point Loma's Painless Phil the Tattoo Artist, err, Oral Surgeon, I stopped by The Arena, took some grainy and out of focus photos showing:
Grom Ian and a couple of his grom [Jake] [Warren??] and not grom [Emery] [Zac] friends getting some good waves -

The danger and the drama caused by leaving backpacks on the rocks:
You gotta chase the flying rats, err the birds
But if you turn your back - they return - and may fly away with something valuable?
- And -

Why I'm gonna become a rockclimber:  

 "Chicks dig me 'cause I surf, err"
Grom Slash

- 02 January 2007 -

BA's Liner Notes:
I got interviewed this evening by some hot shot writer from a big shot Adults Only Publication - I can't remember the name[s]

- SO -

I said that I:
Was the first one to surf Bl*ck's
Was the first one to surf La Jolla Shores
Was the first one to surf Bi* Ro*k, Wind**Sea, Sim*ons, and The Pip*line
Made Greg Noll's Striped Surf Trunks
Copyrighted the Hang Ten logo
Discovered every surf spot in Baja and El Salvador
Formulated Epoxy Resin, and made the first looms to weave fiberglass
Invented the Twin Fin, Thruster, and Quad Fin Surfboards
Invented the Strauch Cheater Five
Gave Ron Stoner surf photography lessons
Grew the first Balsa Wood Trees and made the first Balsa Wood Surfboard
Was the first tow-in surfer at Todos and Mavericks
Invented the Booger Board
Invented the surf leash
Designed the first Tribal Band Tattoo for 25 year old beginning surfers
Discovered the Neoprene Tree and made the first wetsuit
Patented the formula for surf wax
Printed the first surf mag
Created - along with Geoge Bush - Global Warming
Made the first Pre, and After Surfing, Seal Skin Boots from La Jolla's Harbor Seals

- AND -
Most importantly -
I invented the World Wide Web so surf kooks could sit around and dream about places they'll never visit.

La Jolla Sunset

- 01 January 2007 -
BA's Liner Notes:
AM Photos - PM Photos

La Jolla Sunset



La Jolla Sunrise

How's this for a New Year's Resolution for all you little girls [no offense to bona-fide little girls, after all, I have a granddaughter] who sit on the Benches of Despair / Benches of 10,000 Reasons Why I Didn't Surf Today:

If you want to do more than just talk about surfing - or how good you USED to be, get off your butts and just get into the water!

I surfed Blac*'s yesterday, and to my surprise I saw John Slavin on the beach - complete with his rocket launcher telephoto and his 3 story tall ladder - 

John Slavin

Slavin lugged his camera equipment AND the ladder from The Shores all the way to the South Peak - including the death defying trek around the rocks between The Pier and The Mushroom House!

- AND -

He's only got ONE good leg - one of his legs is fake -

[I think the word for a fake leg is proselytize or something like that?]

I know John well enough [I hope] to say how much admiration I have for his physical and mental strength - I made the same walk he did, and I barely made it.
By the way - as I was walking thru the rocks, a couple of my friends were returning from Bla**'s - the report was that the waves were - as always - not very good.

I said: "If you see Slavin headed this way, tell him the waves are as always - terrible - and not to waste his time and energy."

Later, when I saw John on the beach, he said my warning about the wave quality and that he oughta turn back, only made him more determined to complete his task!
I borrowed one of John's cameras to take the above photo of him, his ladder, and his bazooka, err, telephoto.

[I'm such a little girl, I wouldn't think of adding any additional weight (even a one pound camera) to my pant load]

My board is 5'10" and the only load I'm lugging is ME!

Dudes - on second thought - stay sitting down and keep crying about:
The surf being too big, too small - too mushy, too hollow -
The tide's too high, too low, too full -
You got the wrong board -
You've got the wrong wax, no wax, dirty wax -
You've brought the wrong wetsuit, a wet wetsuit -
You got no lease, wrong leash -
The water's too cold, too warm, too polluted -
The wind's wrong - or you're waiting for the wind to shift
There are too many kooks in the water -
There are too many WindanSea guys in the water -
You're waiting for your friends to show up -
Waaaaaaaaaaaaa - ad nauseam
As long are there are guys like Slavin running around - I'll NEVER allow myself to fall into the Depths of Depravity, err, Poor Me like some of you have!

Happy New Year

- AND -

A couple more resolutions for you out there in: "I Wanna Be A Surfer" Land:
1. If you don't surf - don't start -

2. If you do surf, I'm begging you, please don't surf around me!

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