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- 08 October 2007 -

BA's Notes: Just in - Menehunes on YouTube
Well, Menehunes of all ages, it's that time of year - AGAIN - for more, ad nauseam, BA Disclaimers:
I am not a professional photographer - AND - I am certainly not the "Official WindanSea Surf Club Photographer"

My attempts at multi-tasking [Bullhorn-ing and Photo-ing] usually result in mediocre photos and an occasional ill timed heat launch or early heat end -

The Photo Groms and I try to take as many photos of the competitors and spectators as possible, but sometimes even we have to turn our backs on the action and belly-up to DJ's and Jeff's Bar and Grill, or the Brick House.

Oh well, I've had years practice as the Beach Monster, all I gotta do is spend the same 50 plus years as a Photo Monster.

I am honored that The Club occasionally uses my photos on the official club site:, and it is a privilege for me that The Club allows me to be one of the "Beast, err, Beach Marshals" for the Menehune Contest.
The photo below was taken by a real pro - Joe Ewing - Thanks, Joe!

BA - Adam -Photo by Joe Ewing
If you think that any of the photos that I put on this website are inappropriate, or if you find the photo unflattering or ... please let me know and I will delete the photo[s]

Once in a while, a "Welcome to Wind**Sea" hand signal eludes my team of sharp eyed censors - I apologize - but I'm pretty sure that your kids see, or have seen, worse things at home.

[I know my kids did, but somehow, some way, they survived and are now making very positive contributions to society, to the IRS, and, most importantly, to MY Social Security fund]

The groms and I took more than 3,000 photos over the 3 days - of the photos I took, many were out of focus, most were either over exposed, or under exposed - I deleted the worst of the worst.

It will take me a couple of days to upload all of the albums.

- 07 October 2007 -

The photos below and the photos in this album are by Joe Ewing

Joe Ewing Photo

More Joe Ewing Photos

Joe Ewing Photo

BA's Notes: Lottsa Photos - The good ones were taken by The Groms of The Groms!
Menehune A1    Menehune A2    Menehune A3    Menehune A4      Menehune A5     Menehune A6    Menehune A7     Menehune A8  

Menehune A9    Menehune A10   Meneune A11    Menehune A12    Menehune A13   Menehune A14   Menehune A15   Menehune A16

Menehune A17  Menehune A18   Menehune A19   Menehune A20    Menehune A21   Menehune A22   Menehune A23   Menehune A24

Menehune A25  Menehune A26   Menehune A27   Menehune A28    Menehune A29   Menehune A30  

- 06 October 2007 -

BA's Notes: Lottsa Photos - The good ones were taken by The Groms of The Groms!
Menehune A1     Menehune A2     Menehune A3     Menehune A4      Menehune A5      Menehune A6     Menehune A7   Menehune A8

Menehune A9  [The good photos in this album are by Maddi Felix]   

Menehune A10 - This Album has SUPER Menhunes   [Photos by Maddi Felix]

Menehune A11 - This Album has more SUPER Menehunes  [Photos by Maddi Felix]

Menehune A12 - This Album has even more SUPER Menehunes  [Photos by Maddi Felix]   

Menehune A13     Menehune A14   Menehune A15   Menehune A16

- 05 October 2007 -

Tim and Adam      
Menehune Set-Up 1

Menehune Set-Up 2

Menehune Pizza 1

Menehune Pizza 2

Menehune Pizza 3 [Grom Abuse and Team Pomade] All Photos by Assorted Groms

Menehune Pizza 4

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