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- 25 November 2007 -

BA's Notes - 8:30 AM, 7 foot plus high tide - good thing the 10,000,000,000.123456789 web surfers in San Diego County believed the reports [we didn't]
AM Photos - Include: Teddy F  
PM Photos - Tyler C | Jon R | Debbie B |
Jon Roseman

- 24 November 2007 -
BA's Notes:
AM-PM Photos - Include: Team MoonShot | Team John [Pic-O-Day] Snead | Team Roseman

- 23 November 2007 -
BA's Notes
AM 1 Includes: Terry Goldsmith | Daddy Ryan | David |
AM 2 Includes: Would you buy a surfboard from this guy? | Team Nose Tweak |

PM 1:
Terry Goldsmith

- 18 November 2007 -
BA's Notes
AM 1
PM 1

Randy Lind sez: "Buy a Mitsven Surfboard!!"

Peter Wave Loch



- 17 November 2007 -
BA's Notes
A1 Includes: Doug Finds Mr. Stingray [2x in one week] OUCH!! | Patrick |
A2 Includes: Pittsburgh John and his new chopper

- 16 November 2007 -

BA's Notes
A1 Includes: Despos Groms

A2 Includes:

- 15 November 2007 -
A1 Includes:

A2 Includes:

Bird Rock Sunset


- 14 November 2007 -
PM Photos

La Jolla Sunset at Seaweed Gulch

Lakeside Reef

- 13 November 2007 -

PM Photos of Seaweed Gulch - The local gunslingers were shredding, tearing, and lacerating -

Thanks to the George Bush created Global Warming, the previously buried reefs have been exposed by the retreating ice flows - the surf has never been better at The Gulch -

Unfortunately, because of the Al Gore created World Wide Web, thousands of non-local species became aware of SG. They [non-local invading species] then competed for turf with the native species. Many tried, very few succeed.

Felipe Junior

- 12 November 2007 -

Sunset in The Arena

This may be a bit harsh - equating him with a someone who is deaf and blind - but the guy dropping in is lucky that Junior is able to maneuver his board skillfully enough to avoid a nasty collision. Oh well, the guy had a Swedish Exchange Student waiting on the beach for him - He's the latest poster boy for "Chicks Dig Me 'Cause I Surf©!"


Seaweed Gulch: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9


Photos By John Slavin:





- 11 November 2007 -

- 10 November 2007 -
"Jeeze BA, what have you been doing for the past month?? We wanna see our photos!! That's the only reason we visit your stupid website - we sure don't come here to see photos of you that were taken 300 years ago, or even your precious little kids and grand kids!"
BA's New Photo Upload Principles LIFO - Last In /  First Out: Matty and Lucas' Birthday - Photo 1


- 03 November 2007 -
BA's Notes -
About 31 Oct 07:
Word goes out - Randy sez: "The Fall Classic may be on!"

About 6:30 AM today:
Randy sez: "The Fall Classic is on!"

About 8:00 AM:
The tents are up, the PA system is on, the judges are in place, the prizes are on display, the first heat hits the water - WHEW - these young men and women, led by the Amazing Randy, and his beautiful and talented assistant, err, partner, err, wife Miss Jenny, put on a clinic for surf contest set-up and surf contest administration.

The bonus feature, for all of the spectators, is that EVERY contestant is a world class surfer!

Where else in most surf worlds could one find this high level of contest running and contest surfing, all on literally, a moment's notice?

[maybe La Jolla Shores?]

You men of all ages; and women, always ageless, ROCK!!
Oops, almost forgot 1:
The best photos in the albums were taken by the groms

Oops, almost forgot 2:
You gotta be sick of reading this - BUT - I ain't a professional photo-eddy, so if you deem a photo inappropriate, etc., please let me know and I'll remove it. I just take a few thousand photos, delete the worst of the worst, and throw the rest into the wild world of webbing.

Oops, almost forgot 3:
A special Mea Culpa to Foster and Greg: "Foster, I missed your barrel, your fellow Arenians were chanting your name when you were blown out of the nasty tube, and Greg, apparently your backside, frontside, reverse rodeo clown, tail slide in the tube was the first of stunt of this kind ever attempted here, much less completed - well, I saw it, but the memory is in my head, not the camera's!"
Fall Classic A1 | Fall Classic A2 | Fall Classic A3 | Fall Classic A4 | Fall Classic A5 | Fall Classic A6 | Fall Classic A7 | Fall Classic A8 | Fall Classic A9 | Fall Classic A10

Fall Classic A11 | Fall Classic A12 | Fall Classic A13 | Fall Classic A14 | Fall Classic A15 |  Fall Classic A16 |  Fall Classic A17 | Fall Classic A18 | Fall Classic A19 | A20 | A21 | A22 | A23 | A24 | A25 | A26 | A27 |   

Caught in the act?? - BA sez: "Erica, don't dive head first on to the reef!"

Erica sez: "I never dive head first on to the reef!"

You be the judge


Randy Lind

- 02 November 2007 -

BA's Notes -

Today started a little weird - I came to the corner of Nautilus and La Jolla Blvd - 7:00 AM - Do I stop or do I go??

Naturally, it could only get more weird - weirder - more worse - worser

The 3 Groms Gone Wild - Green Grom - Blue Grom - Booger Grom, were all trying to outdo each other at ©Groms Gone Wild Reef© -
[Of course the more mature groms in The Arena, were likewise, all trying to outdo each other]
Naturally, I screwed-up 95% of the photos, almost all were ...
<my highly paid and overworked staff did their best, using the magic of digital manipulation, to salvage the best of the worst>
... way underexposed this time - but at least the photos are better than the ones my mom took of me with her Brownie Model by Kodak.
Groms Gone Wild Reef Photos - Album 1 | Album 2 | Album 3 |

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