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- 30 September 2007-
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BA's Notes:
I was turning right on Palomar to check out Moids when the blue car in the photo came flying into the picture -

It looks like the driver may have clipped the tail of the parked - FOR SALE - Porsche.

How did he end up hitting the parked car - who knows - I do know, however, that for any of us, just a slight distraction, just a moment of inattention, one's life may be forever changed.
PM -
Photos Include: Glen Chase | Patrick sez: "Chicks did me 'cause I surf!"

AM -
Photos Include: Plumb Bob rides the wild surf in the San Diego River | Shane | Dog Day Morning
Green Flash Precursor



- 29 September 2007-
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BA's Notes -
PM at The Wedding Stairs to... Heaven or H**l, La Jolla, CA

AM at The Shaws
Breathtaking photos include spectacular surfing and posing by: Frisco | DJ | Inside Wave Dave | New Daddy Ryan

- 27 September 2007-
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BA's Notes -
AM Fog Attack in The Arena -
Ghostly images include: John Noris riding Dino | Harold
John - My Bud's A Karl - Snead

- 26 September 2007-
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BA's Notes
AM - PM Photos
Include: MoonSet from The Lot | Flying DNA in The Lot | Shameless Doyle Pimpage | Scot | SunSet from BA's

Bird Rock Sunset

Shop South Coast WindanSea - Ask for John


The Lot

- 25 September 2007-
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BA's Notes 1:
PM Photos 1
Include: Lucas | Johnny Noris |

PM Photos 2
Include: Pierce | Junior BOZ | Go Pods Jeremy

PM Photos 3
Include: Pierce sez: "Hey BA, this water's too salty - we heard that when you were my age, the ocean was fresh water!" | Mr. Roger sez: "Welcome to my neighborhood!" | Richard and Marco | Marco and Richard |

PM Photos 4
Include: The Running Man, err Bub | The Floater Boy, err Lucas |

AM Photos
Include: Scot
Johnny Noris




BA's Notes 2:

Another day / another trip to Point Loma Dental Group - Dr. Phil Rumsey

7:30 AM
1:30 PM
6:00 AM:
Knocked the tooth out [again] luckily, tooth stuck in board -put tooth into key holder in wetsuit - kept surfing until 7:15 AM - Off to work after Photo Opp [Photos by Richard Andrews]

Took tooth [and jaw] back to Dr. Rumsey [Dental Photos by BA using LG Cell Phone - Qualcomm Chips and Technology Driven]

1:30 PM:
Tooth back in, stronger than ever - Back to work

- 24 September 2007-
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BA's Notes:
PM 1
Photos Include: Paulo Dismount | Skippy Bomb | Liftoff Dismount | Arma Hut comes to The Arena | Splayed Dismount

PM 2
Photos Include: Red Team Boz | Boz Dismount | Baby-M-OW |

PM 3
Photos Include:

PM 4
Photos Include: Skippy's about to learn the definition of SHACKED |

PM 5
Photos Include: Red Team Boz |

- 23 September 2007-
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BA's Notes:
AM Photos -
Include: Skippy Dismount 1 | Skippy Dismount 2 | Skippy Dismount 3 | New Daddy Matt | Shane displays Buzz's new/old Twin Fin | Greg's Death Defying Take-Off

PM Photos 1 -
Include: Colburn Dismount | Erik Dismount | Matty sez: "Hey Tim, notice my foot's NOT covering your logo!"

PM Photos 2 -
Include: Peter Wave Haus |

PM Photos 3 -
Include: Marco gives Max some "Tips From The Top" | Max sez: "What The H*l* Does This Mean Mean?" |

PM Photos 4 -
Include: Engineer Peter Enters | Engineer Peter Exits | Dicer Slicer John


- 22 September 2007-
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BA's Notes
AM Headhunter Reef Includes: A Bonner | A Headhunter |

AM LJ Shores Includes: PB Surf Shop Super Star Deborah |

PM 1 LimeyLand Includes: Skippy Dismount |

PM 2 Includes: Pittsburgh John | Josh is OK |

- 21 September 2007-
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BA's Notes:
Kob's AM

Molokai Channel Comes to The Shaws

Team Tiare
Includes: Tiare checks the wind direction | Daddy Foster Points The Way | Daddy Foster and Future Star | Tiare on a death defying take-off

Drama at Bessell's
It's only funny if YOU aren't the driver stuck on the sign - Bessell surveys the damage | Stecker to the rescue?

South Wind Reef Bombs A1 Include:

South Wind Reef Bombs A2 Include:

Sunset Before THE Storm

White House Rights


- 20 September 2007-
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Just In:

BA is a granddaddy AGAIN!!

Introducing Baby Andrews, err, Nicolas Antonio Andrews, err "Spike" ...
"We're proud to announce the arrival of the newest Andrews!  Nicolas Antonio was born at 6:08 PM on Wednesday 9/19 weighing in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces, and at 19 ½ inches in length.  Nick loves to eat, is sleeping well, and has a mellow temperament so far.  Mom is feeling really good and getting rest with help from the grandmas.  Paige was happy to meet her little brother and is beginning to adjust to the new member of our family.  Nemo is pleased to have a second kid to slip him food when we aren't looking."
Brian - Jen Andrews

Bird Rock Sunset - LG Cell Phone - Qualcomm Chips Inside

- 19 September 2007-
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How cool is this - Dad surfing with his Son - of course the kid gets the "surf pic of the day" Joe and BA are only bit players in this Arena Docu-Drama
The Son [John] | The Dad [Joe] | BA sez: "Mark said he was gonna go right - I did NOT hack him - additionally, note: BA's Retro BeaverTail - "Ward, please don't spank the Beaver"

19 Sept 07 Photos Include: Mikey D | Scot | Dennis

Bird Rock Sunset


Dennis Frank

- 18 September 2007-
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BA's photo-journalistic contribution[s] to the centuries of great surfing history in the Salton Sea, Michigan

AM - PM Photos 1  Include: AM Lines |
PM Photos 2           Include: Do we have anything like this in Japan? |
PM Photos 3           Include: Marco [Team Mitsven] |
PM Photos 4           Include: Brady sez: "BA check-out this 10 point maneuver - and this one's even better!" | Owen |
PM Photos 5           Include: Patrick gets dog paddle lessons | Wave Claim Joey | Max |
PM Photos 6           Include: Booger Bombs |
PM Photos 7           Include:
PM Photos 8           Include:
PM Photos 9           Include:
PM Photos 10         Include: Brock | Wendi |Cannon Ball err Brady Ball |

John Noris and Ian


Scot and BA by

- 17 September 2007-
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BA's contribution to the glorious surfing heritage of El Centro, CA:
PM Photos Include: Keil - Where Did You Go To Medical School - Miller   [BA sez: "Go see a REAL doctor and get your knee examined!!!"] | More...

- 16 September 2007-
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Today's Notes:
First of all - not too many of my rants lately - too caught up with son Kris' wedding plans, etc., but how 'bout this??
Another one of the stupid [my opinion] round-abouts in Bird Rock - this one at the corner of Bird Rock and Bellevue - are you ??@!! kidding me...
An existing 3-way stop, low traffic volume - I guess one of my neighbors figgered the best way to make the intersection more ??attractive???? by his / her casa is to spend OUR $$ on an absolutely [my opinion only] unnecessary round-about!
Must be nice to have a lot of time and $$ on one's hands!

Speaking of no time on one's hands, and certainly no $$ - here's my contribution to La Jolla surf history:
PM Photos 1: Include Guy Hanson | Patrick Ahern | Lucas | More...
PM Photos 2: Include Skippy | Rowe Would Go surviving a death defying take-off | More...
PM Photos 3: Include Roger surviving a death defying take-off | More...

I have often wondered if this Bird Rock street [Bellevue] were named after:
"Bellevue has long been a pioneer in identifying and categorizing mental illness, in training psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses and in formulating effective treatment options combining science and psychosocial support that allow even seriously ill patients to return to more normal lives."
I guess my wondering was correct

My opinion: Can you believe the waste of our tax $$?? Corner of Bird Rock and Bellevue - what a joke - maybe my world has gone insane??
It's Only $$!!!!

BA's Notes - Fallen behind with notes and photos - again - ouch -
AM Photos Include:
BA - Tony "Team Clairemont" Staples | Al | Alex? | Alex? | Limo Peter | Conserve Water - Shower with a friend | Dr. Dale | Peter - Josh | DJ and THE Board - what a long, strange trip it's been [on] | Wayne | Neil Young or Kirk Ward? | Easy Street Goldsmith | Weed Whacker Comstock | More...

PM Photos Include: Pittsburgh John | Kevin's Kid | The Artist known as Glen Chase | More...

Anyway, an up to date photo of granddaughter Paige:

PM Photos
Pittsburgh John | SD Zoo Endorsed Bike Helmet | Hunter | CB's Published AGAIN! | Rand's Golden Pond | More...

Team Kizmo Updates

AM Photos Include:
Pablo, err Matt | Whale Watch Sunrise | 2 Desperados
PM 1 Photos Include:
Sebe | Patrick | More...
PM 2 Photos Include:
Patrick | Sebe | Ian | More...
PM 3 Photos Include:
Patrick | Sebe | More...

BA's Notes - As usual the locals - from groms to pros - were ripping.
PM 1 Includes: Bub gets busted trying to sneak into BA's secret spot
PM 2 Includes:
PM 3 Includes: Who has the right of way here?



BA's Notes - PM Photos
Strange visitors to La Jolla [no, not the old guys] - maybe it's the Mercurians...Photographic Evidence: Permanently stamped into Grom Patrick's window, a foot print, hand print, paw print?

Nayland's visit continues with:
Nayland | Jimmy Tejada and George Coles | Jimmy Tejada and Denny Moore | Mike [how did this kid get into the photo] and Carl Ekstrom | George Coles and Billy Short | Mike, Carl, Marvin Free, Billy Short, Denny | Emily and George | Denny's pet - the rare East Cape Surf Bat | George Taylor and Bob Wineteer | Director Nayland barks out orders while Mary Short chuckles at the old guys' attempts to look cool | Ron McCloud | More...

Today's Notes: [Someone cut 2" off of my wooden leg, now my world is really slanted]
Photos Include:  A real photographer, Nayland Wilkins | Nayland's Website | By the way, Nayland, tell your buddy Short that I ain't a Dairy Marter no mas!

Years ago, I left The Shores, on a one day pass, and I actually caught a wave at Wind**Sea [and did not get hung from the shack, or duct taped to my board]

La Jolla Sunset

Today's Album  

BA's Notes:
Ricky sez
: "CB's my BEST friend!" |

- 08 September 2007- WHSA Luau 2007 This year's honoree: Ricky Naish - PLUS:
Tribute To: Fat Wally Robinson   All Updates for this date will be here: Fat Wally Robinson

Today's Notes:
   My day couldda been complete, early, because:
I caught good waves [even though I haired-out of a great FoamBall] in The Arena - THEN - Bill Thrailkill allowed me to photograph this laminate from the late 50's early 60's [I'm obviously easily satiated]
Laminate courtesy of Bill Thrailkill

Surfboard in the linked photo was one of the auction boards in Hawaii - Board was circa 1961-62? Photo by?

Now the real fun begins - more than 900 photos to edit and upload - WHEW - Good thing I believe in quantity not in quality
Luau 1 Includes:
Bill Thrailkill | Petey | Lucy | Scot | Lobster Doug | George and Bill |
Luau 2 Includes:
Sandy [without her hard work and dedication, this Luau wouldda been PAU before it began] | More...
Luau 3

Luau 4

Luau 5

Luau 6

Luau 7 Includes:
Lifeguard Liz Rescue 911 - Arkansas Wave Claim - BUT - you ain't in Arkansas no mas

Luau 8 -
A Santa Barbara breeze DARES to interrupt our Luau!
Luau 9

Luau 10

Luau 11

Luau 12 ---> BA Photos

Luau 12 ---> John Slavin Photos

Luau 13

Luau 14

Luau 15

BA's Notes
PM Photos include:
Thayer sez: "This is exactly what we did to Shores Guys' boards - break 'em!" | BA surveys the damage and sez: "No wonder we hid from the WindanSea Guys!" | Whew - The Merchants | More...

- 06 September 2007-

BA's Notes
AM Pelican Reef Includes: Matt | Matt and Chicago Mike

PM 1 Doodles

PM 2 Dandies

Long Tall Mark  Water Spout

Shop PB Surf Shop

- 05 September 2007-
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BA Notes
If it weren't for The Shores, where would we surf in Arizona when the wind's from the south?
AM Photos Include: Richard [Team Josh Hall] | Team Sector 9 | Deem |

PM 1 Includes: Groms at Break Neck Beach, Tulsa, OK
PM 2 Includes: Groms at Break Neck Beach, Albuquerque, NM  
PM 3 Includes: Groms at Break Neck Beach, Chicago, IL

- 04 September 2007-

Today's Notes | Photos


- 03 September 2007-

Today's Stuff - Took about 1200 photos Good Luck - By The way - Ms. BioTech USA took the best photos in the albums below:
A1 Includes: The lull before the storm | Finally, lines |  | Teddy the Plumber | Forester Thom | Padre in the line-up | Mexico Timmy | Karl Snead, err, John Strauss | More...

A2 Includes: Scot | Minnesota Mark and La Jolla Mark | Christian | 1/2 Man, err, 1/2 Grom John | More...

A3 Includes: Scot and George perform a NEVER before attempted, death defying, high speed Arena go-behind | More...

A4 Includes:
Jimmy Filter | Richard | More...
A5 Includes:
Bird survives a death defying take-off, then mocks those of us not blessed with his incredible skill set | More...
A6 Includes:
Jay introduces himself to The Groms [BA sez: "Groms, it's a good thing Jay has mellowed a bit!"] | Grom Ian | Shiloh | Johnny B. | Grom Jacob | More...
A7 Includes: Shiloh | Lobster Doug |Ms. BioTech Meets Mr. BioReef | Johnny B. | Grom Jacob | More...

A8 Includes: Johnny B. <again> | Foster | Jay | A DuPont | TTP | Shiloh | More...

"Hey BA, when are all the rest of A-Listers, you think you are part of, gonna arrive?
So far, only Foster has shown-up.
We've heard that the only reason you get to hang around The Arena, is 'cause you've been playing the 'Take Pity on the Old Guy Card' for the past 25 years!"
A9 Includes: Shiloh | George | More...
A10 Includes: Foster | More...
A11 Includes: Robbie | Brandon | Jay | Kadu | Aaron R. | More...
A12 Includes: Boat Invaders from Mars | Bub | Longboard Larry | More...
A13 Includes:
A14 Includes:
A15 Includes:
A16 Includes:
A17 Includes: Hunter |
A18 Includes:
A19 Includes:
A20 Includes:
A21 Includes: Nick | More Bub | More Jay
A22 Includes: Pittsburgh John |
Whew - Complete...





- 02 September 2007-

Just in - Dennis sez: "Chicks dig me 'cause I surf!"

AM - PM Photos Include: Eddie and Deborah | Wheelman Ian

Not a bad start - or end - of the season -
AM 1 Photos include: George | Forester Thom sez: "Arena Surfing 101" | Robin | Gordy, El Pres
AM 2 Photos include: El Pres - Jeeze Gordy, how many waves did you catch this morning? | Zac
AM 3 Photos include: Oh no - El Pres Otra Vez | Kevin | More Zac | Scot |
AM 4 Photos include: Patrick | More MAX | More Christian
AM 5 Photos include: More Brad | MAX SwitchFoot
AM 6 Photos include: Robin's Amazing, Death Defying, Cannon, err, FoamBall Run [Start    Middle    Finish] | More MAX | More Christian | Danny SwitchFoot

PM 1 Photos include: Ian | More IAN |

The Classic Arena Nose Tweak, Demonstrated By: Dennis | Danny G. |
La Jolla Sunset

Dennis Frank

Danny Grunow

Tim Bessell


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