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Vietnam Era Stories
Just In:
My friend Ty Ponder and his Pure Frustrations Productions team has created another masterpiece: Between The Lines I gotta go see this one - the Vietnam War era had a tremendous affect on my life.
My college roommate, Brian Webber, and I both received NROTC Scholarships in 1962 - Brian was from Bonita, CA, and was killed in Vietnam in 1968 - my kids saw his name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC.

From Ty:
Jerry Anderson has posted a place on the website for those who would like to tell their story or the story of a fallen friend or family member. Also why they think the event is important and why they are coming. The link is The response has been excellent and thanks to many who are coming, many from far away!
Best, Ty

From BA:
I plan on attending the PaddleOut - Bring lots of [Biodegradable] Kleenex - this is gonna be a tear jerker as well as a message of Lessons Learned! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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