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- 30 April 2008
BA's Notes -
Whew - The North Side of Scripps - Photos PM 1 | Photos PM 2

About 4 times / year - The North Side gets good - Proof: Skippy butt slide | Hunter's death defying take-off |

Matt's [surfinside dot com] photos of The South Side proves this side gets good too!


La Jolla Rat


Surf Inside dot Com

- 26 April 2008

I went to La Jolla Shores to help the set-up for Matt's Memorial - I had some other commitments, so I had to leave The Shores early -

I know there will be hundreds of photos on others' websites, and I'll link to those later today - BA's AM Photos


Here are some great photos of the memorial. All photos by George Barnes -

More professional photos by George
  [GB is a good guy - even though he's an OBsurfr]

Photo by George Barnes
Surfed late evening in The Arena- PM Photos

Matt Joyce
BA's Notes -
I met Matt at La Jolla Shores about the time I had been given a preliminary diagnosis that the melanoma that I had been battling for more than 20 years may have metastasized into my lungs -
<Not a pleasant diagnosis -
it later turned out that the spots that the x-rays had picked-up were only from sarcoidosis - not great - but certainly not metastasized melanoma
I was feeling pretty sorry for myself - cancer, plus a career crisis, plus assorted back and elbow injuries and bunch of other crapola - luckily for me, I had good friends, a supportive family, and I still found a bit of solace by continuing to actively surf.

Anyway, enough about me, when I met Matt he had just gotten out of the hospital - he mustta weighed about 100 pounds [fully wetsuited and soaking wet]

We compared our lung diseases, survival rates, and naturally, our surgical scars.

Even though I was twice Matt's size and close to forty years older than Matt, I was dwarfed by his positive attitude and humbled by the way he was dealing with his illness.

Matt and I talked about stuff for a few years - we shared waves and thoughts -

It seems that we've had more than our share of memorial paddle outs lately in La Jolla - but for me - this one is different from all the rest -
<It's just gotta be true - sometimes the good DO die young, in Matt's case, WAY too young!>
By the way Matt, I've heard the waves are always head high and glassy in your new home!
<Now I gotta wipe some mysterious drops of liquid off my keyboard, can't possibly be tears - can it?>
[for more about Matt and the disease he so valiantly fought]

- 21 April 2008
BA's Notes -
AM Photos
LJ Shores

- 20 April 2008
BA's Notes -
PM Photos 1
PM Photos 2
La Jolla CA


- 19 April 2008
BA's Notes -
AM Photos Include: Teddy | Matt | The other Matt

Outside Orloff's


- 18 April 2008
BA's Notes -
AM Photos 1 - Yeah it's true, Ryan CAN walk on water |
AM Photos 2 -
La Jolla CA

Joe Drake

- 15 April 2008
BA's Notes -
South Wind Shores Photos

- 14 April 2008
BA's Notes -
AM Photos of The Shores
La Jolla Shores

- 13 April 2008
BA's Notes -
Photos AM 1 Featuring:

Photos PM 1 Featuring:
Photos PM 2 Featuring:
La Jolla Sunset

Rand in The Arena

I drive a Rolls - I don't have to obey the speed laws!

- 12 April 2008
BA's Notes -

The La Jolla Shores Surfing Association's Menehune Contest went off without a hitch [well almost]

The biggest hitch of all was ME - I guess I'm still recovering from a torn achilles tendon from almost 3 months ago - OUCH - I only made it until 10:30 AM -

"Hey BA: We heard you bailed early today -

You are such a little baby - you scored a t-shirt, free donuts, and the new surf moms thought you were somebody important and were actually being nice to you!"
BA sez: "Louie / Stephanie please let me help out next year - I swear I'll make it 'till the bitter end!"
AM 1 Photos Include:
AM 2 Photos Include:
AM 3 Photos Include:
AM 4 Photos Include
AM 5 Photos Include:
La Jolla Shores Surfing Association Menehune Contest 2008

Lucas - La Jolla Shores


- 10 April 2008
BA's Notes -

Springtime - AM low tides - north wind swell - there's NEVER any surf - unless one goes to a top secret spot in La Jolla -

Fortunately, for those who were able to survive the hostile locals and polluted waters, the pros from Surfinside dot com were able to document the day:

Surfinside dot com photo

Naturally, no photos of ME, but here's an eyewitness account of one of the best rides of my life:
Subject: Re: Big Pink takes the drop

At 01:11 PM 4/10/2008, jack cassidy wrote to Augie Doggie:


You were not available for the viewing of BA getting a wedging peak at the chores dis am.

Ok, are you sitting down?

Here's how is all played out, the peak come in, BA with is extra ordinary vision sees this wave, proceeds to drop in, but wait there's more....if you order now will send to two additional sets for free...oops wrong thought,

ok getting back to BA's drop, he takes the drop and there is a guy just about ready to ruin he's wave by getting the way, but BA says to the guy and gestures to the guy, "stop and holds out his hand as if he's police officer stopping a car" then BA continues with out incidence, kicks out next to me...

I look at him and say "nice wave"...while bitting my finger nails in fear.


Yes , I have seen the BA stop hand gesture , very intimidating and effective.

I have not welded it myself I rode the ten-six about 10 AM today , waves were still fun , but wind was coming up ..


- 01 April 2008

BA's Notes -

My employer's latest and greatest - A WATERPROOF cell phone!!

From Qualcomm's press release:
"I am excited to tell you that today we are officially introducing
HandSolo(tm) to the public. Qualcomm is once again venturing into mobile
phone development as we bring to market the first ultra-portable
embedded device designed to streamline the way you use mobile

Qualcomm engineers leveraged the latest in weightless
technology to produce the first-ever phone that requires no battery,
features unlimited expandable memory, and is completely

The HandSolo will revolutionize traditional thought of what a phone
can be and is poised as the next technological milestone in human

I invite you to visit to learn more about this next exciting step for Qualcomm"
I'm getting one of the phones today - I'll call you from one of the top secret surf spots in La Jolla.


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