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- 31 December 2008 -

BA's Notes -
New Year's Resolution: More editorializing - More rants - More ads!
La Jolla, CA

- 25 December 2008 -

- 23 December 2008 -
BA's Notes

Spencertown NY

Bathrooms Vs Budgets

Global Warming?

- 22 December 2008 -
BA's Notes -


Albany, NY

Albany NY

- 20 December 2008 -
BA's Notes -

BA's grandson, Nico

The Shack

Archie's Lefts

- 17 December 2008 -
BA's Notes -

Jack Cassidy

- 13 December 2008 -

BA's Notes -

                                                            R dots rule!                    My mom, Shannon, rocks [my dad, Shayne, is pretty cool, too]!
Rusty Grom   Coral McIntyre

Jack Cassidy

Jack Cassidy

Jack Cassidy

Doug Jones

Jack Cassidy

Doug Jones

- 11 December 2008 -
BA's Notes -


Bird Rock Sunset

La Jolla Sunset

La Jolla Shores Sunset

New Crop, Barrio La Jolla Shores

Mike Stewart


- 10 December 2008 -
BA Notes

Victory Garden La Jolla Shores

- 09 December 2008 -

BA's Notes -
Well, they [whoever they is] tore up paradise [at least for us, paradise is a good ear of corn] and put up a parking lot

La Jolla Shores


Mutant Harbor Seal


Bill Andrews / Pendoflex

- 08 December 2008 -
BA's Notes -

AM Photos - Corn is almost ready for harvest
Approximate time-line
11:15 am - Left a work meeting with broken glasses - going to Golden Triangle Optometric for some emergency eye glass repair [it's h*ll getting old]
11:30 am - Diamond Glassing was along the way to University City - picked up my new Pendoflex board - bs' d with Boche and his crew - no Diamond website?

Diamond Glassing, Inc.

Physical Address 8625 Commerce Ave., San Diego, CA 92121 (Map/Directions)
Mailing Address 8625 Commerce Ave, San Diego, CA 92121

Noon or so - junction of Miramar Road and 805 - headed for Golden Triangle Optometric - Never made it there -

- 07 December 2008 -
BA's Notes
AM - La Jolla Shores - Featuring Mad Jack and the chicks who dig him 'cause he surfs
PM - On The Record Sports [My indoor photos are even worse than my outdoor photos - sorry Buzz]
On The Record Sports

Field of Dreams?


Mad Jack

- 06 December 2008 -
BA's Notes
AM Twang - Featuring: LJ Shores - don't need no wetsuit - Matt | Forester Thom | John Snead | The ONLY decent hi-rise in La Jolla! |
AM LJ's Only Corn Field - Featuring: Contemplative Comstock | Team Goldsmith |

RIP - Dale

Grom 1

Salad Bowl


La Jolla shores Corn Field

- 05 December 2008 -
BA's Notes -
AM Shores - PM Twang Featuring - Booger Destroyer | TO doing what he does best
La Jolla Sunset


- 04 December 2008 -
BA's Notes -
AM - Kob's - Featuring: Teddy and a cast of thousands
Bird Rock Sunset


- 02 December 2008 -
Ba's Notes -
Photos - Twang - PM - Featuring: Mr. Jenny Hill [Blatant Mitsven Pimpage]

Danny G

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