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- 26 January 2008 -

It's been pretty cool reading all the emails [total of 2] guessing why it's been a couple of weeks since I last uploaded any recent dribble -

Please stop the cards and letters:

1. I have new job at the big Q - more responsibilities less time to devote to this hobby

- AND -

2. Last week I tore my Achilles tendon while I was attempting to climb Mt. Everest, errr, Mt. Helix, errr, Mt. Soledad, errr, Mt. Ant Hill.

Actually, I did it while skateboarding the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma City, Ohio


- 24 January 2008 -

La Jolla Rainbow

- 13 January 2008 -
BA's Notes:
Today's Photos Feature: Augie Doggie | Team Clairemont Big Shot | Engineer Donnie | Polluted Water / Hostile Locals Reef |
The Arena

- 12 January 2008 -
BA's Notes
AM Photos 1 - Featuring: Doug Jones | Schtony Dismount | Sane Jack | Mad Jack | Jeff | Tristan sez: "Rusty Rules!" | Very Hostile Local
AM Photos 2 - Featuring: Mushburgers at New Jersey Reef[s]
PM Photos 1 - Featuring: Groms and Bombs | Mutant Harbor Seal

Mutant Harbor Seal

SurfInside's Reef

Doug Jones

Lucky Slavin

- 09 January 2008 -
BA's Notes
AM at Kob's
PM Photos - If this guy knew what I call this rock, I doubt he'd be sitting on it
La Jolla Sunset


Bill Andrews at Kob's

- 07 January 2008 -
BA's Notes
Photos 1 Include: Lottsa Sand In - Sand Out
Photos 2 Include: Hostile Local Confrontation on The Bluff | Mac Meda Flashing | Tomas - The Lonely Surfer Boy

BA's view from home:Bird Rock Sunset

La Jolla Sunset

Outside Roseman's

Today, a Charge Fan - Tomorrow, a Hostile Local...

BA's Grandson Nicolas "Spike" Andrews:


- 06 January 2008 -
BA's Notes -
In addition to witnessing [and photo-ing] Deborah ride the largest wave EVER ridden at Mellow Cat's, Hollywood came to The Shores today -
A couple of local surfers, Big Mike and Ari Davis, are filming, producing, and directing what should be a pretty cool movie: The Outside Movie
I begged them to allow me to star in the flick, but I was told this was not quite the movie for the Team Depends / Ensure demographic.

Today's superstars include: E-Rock | E-Mo | Bright Boy | Jared | Team The Outside Movie | Deborah

Deborah sez: "PB Surf Shop Rules!!"

- 05 January 2008 -
BA's Notes - Today's Photos Include:
Today was one of those rare days, when, if one is as skilled in seeking out surf spots as I am, there were good waves to be ridden -

When the 3rd Reef at Mission Bay's Hostile Local, Polluted Water Point is breaking you gotta hit it [first ridden by PB Toads in 1958]

- BUT -

One probably should think twice about it before entering the water if the main sewer is spewing ooze:
The water was so polluted here today, that I witnessed:
The first stages of Mad Seal Disease [Sea Lions attempting to mate with Harbor Seals]

The reason...
My guess is that there is a new strain of pathogenic bacteria, which causes, in addition to Mad Seal Disease, cholera, syphilis, anthrax, leprosy, and bubonic plague .

The most common fatal bacterial diseases one could pick-up in this water is tuberculosis.

Another pathogenic species is Staphylococcus aureus , which can infect wounds.

Any S. aureus infection can cause the staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome, a cutaneous reaction to exotoxin absorbed into the bloodstream. It can also cause a type of septicaemia called pyaemia . Getting this infection can be very serious, frequently resulting in death. There were more than 22,000 deaths of both humans and Harbor Seals due to this infection in the year 2006.

Erik Somers

- 04 January 2008 -

BA's Notes
Today's Stars Include: ©The Deborah Dismount© | ©Grom Gone Wild Joey |

Erik Somers - Tom Ortner

Wayne "The Toad" Severson

- 03 January 2008 -
BA's Notes
Today's Photos Include: TO | John's New Shoes [get yours at South Coast WindanSea] | Waiting For A Tow-In Wave At Gums |
Tom Ortner

- 02 January 2008 -
BA's Notes
Today's Photos

No - No Sign

Tom Sawyer's Island

Nose Ride Reef

- 01 January 2008 -

BA's Notes


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