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- 31 July 2008 -

BA's Notes
PM 1 Photos - Feature:
PM 2 Photos - Feature: Nick or maybe it's Andrew sez: "™®©Chicks dig me 'cause I surf!©®™" | Weezer and Andrew or maybe it's Nick say: "©®™Chicks dig us 'cause we surf.®©™" | BA sez: "Hey EMO you're a long way from home!"
When I was just starting to surf Wind**Sea [after all, I was then, and still am, a Shores gremmie] I knew I had to learn how to bottom turn. Eventually, thanks to Mike Hynson, I perfected the infamous "fade right, go left" as illustrated by Bruce - oh no not you again - Orloff.

Bruce Orloff

- 30 July 2008 -
BA' Notes
AM Photos - Feature: A 1/2 man blazes a cut-back | Forester Thom cuts back | John - my Bud's a Karl, err, my bud's a Q - Snead | 1/2 man - 1/2 barrel

- 28 July 2008 -
BA's Notes -
AM Photos 1 - Feature:
AM Photos 2 - Feature: Competition! | Jay - one guy I enjoy watching in the water |
Hey BA - "What's a one-percenter?"

- 26 July 2008 -

RARELY HAVE SO FEW [the special surfers] GIVEN SO MUCH HAPPINESS TO SO MANY [the volunteers]

Special Surfer

BA's Notes
Whew - Another great Day at the Beach - Thank you Adam / Scot / WindanSea Surf Club / Special Surfers / Volunteers!

Oh yeah, I ALMOST forgot - As usual, my usual disclaimer[s]:
There are hundreds of photos in the albums below - I am a firm believer that quantity trumps quality any time. If there are photos that you find offensive or otherwise would like removed from the albums - please email me: and away they will go.
Special Surfers Gave Us a Special Day - THANK YOU!!
DAB 14 - Dr. Karl sez: "How'd you catch that wave without MY help?"
DAB 19 - Even the "Bad Boys" are nice [sometimes]
DAB 34 - That's All Folks See you next year!


Larry and Phil

Day at the Beach

Phil works / Karl offers verbal support

Photo Finish

A Very Special Surfer

Day at the Beach

- 25 July 2008 -
BA's Notes -

How 'bout more BA bs -

1. I started this website chock full of dribble because:

A. I was literally unemployed at the time, and I thunk that I could charge big $$$$$ for the opportunity for touristas to hang around with me for a day or so [a day with ba]

I'd teach 'em [touristas] how to ride the wild surf at The Shores, spear stingrays at Black*s, taunt the harbor seals at Seal Crapola Pool, [just kidding - I finally got the IRS off my back, I certainly don't need another federal agency tracking me] talk to the locals in the Wind**Sea parking lot without getting punched, tour the famous Pump House, take the suckers, err, cool people to surf shops to engage in surf shopping sprees [sales commissions to BA], and all in all, learn lessons in Barrio La Jolla, which may help them in other 3rd world surf areas.
B. I wanted to leave at least 1,000,000 photos for my kids to dig thru ---- All photos out of focus, under / over exposed, untagged, and in general, worthless.

2. I started kneeboarding [1/2 man surfing] a couple of years before I turned 60 [I'll be 64 in less than a month] ...Why...
A. I was not blessed with a lot of co-ordination / balance. Vertical surfing was challenging for me in 1954, and it still is challenging.

Bill Andrews

B. For me, the most fun I had in vertical surfing was the take-off, the bottom turn, and usually, a vain attempt to get into the barrel.

C. Over the years, I broke a few bones, had a few surgeries, and in general, started losing whatever few surfing skills I did have - I found I was letting far too many waves go by 'cause I didn't think I could stand up in time to ride the kind of waves I prefer - so - I started kneeboarding.

C. I've got to apologize for all the hassling I gave the Point Loma kneeboarders in the late 60's - kneeboarding DOES allow one to take-off late, turn, and now, even I, occasionally, can get barreled, err, almost barreled!

November, 2005 - Photo of BA by John Slavin - La Jolla Shores

BA photo by John Slavin
Whoa - it's 5:30 AM gotta go surfing -


- 24 July 2008 -
BA's Notes

BA photo

Bill Andrews - photo

- 21 July 2008 -
BA's Notes
AM 1 Photos
AM 2 Photos
Paul (PCH)

Phil Swink

Outlaw Reef

- 20 July 2008 -
BA's Notes - Just in - Thank you Matt and Team -

Now I can prove I was telling the truth about where I was this morning!

Oh yeah, by the way - I LOVE the way you name your photos - BUT - where were you 50 years ago when I needed you [as if I don't need you now]?

Bill Andrews - Photo by

BA's Notes -
Nota Bene - The Goofy Foot who was ripping better than the kids 1/2 his age was none other than CHRIS PROWSE!

Chris Prowse

Most of us simply get old - Prowse gets better!

Arena PM  1
Arena PM  2
Arena PM  3
Arena PM  4
Arena PM  5
Arena PM  6 Featuring: Lucas and Wing Sting |
Arena PM  7
Arena PM  8
Arena PM  9
Arena PM 10
Arena PM 11
Arena PM 12
Arena PM 13
Arena PM 14

PM Photos
Mac Meda Sunset

Grom Lucas





Another south swell - I'm glad south swells don't hit La Jolla very well!
AM Photos
Arena 1 - Featuring:
Arena 2 - Featuring:
Arena 3 - Featuring:
Arena 4 - Featuring:
Arena 5 - Featuring:
Arena 6 - Featuring:
Arena 7 - Featuring:
Arena 8 - Featuring:

John Noris

Harold Reid


- 19 July 2008 -
BA's Notes -
Arena PM 1 Photos -
Arena PM 2 Photos -

Cobra Head

BA's Notes - OVER THE LINE -
It's been a while since I visited the Over The Line Tournament -
I started playing in the tournament about 40 years ago -
I was about as good in OTL as I am in the water - JAK [Just Another Kook]
I made an attempt to keep these photos PG 13 rated - If I missed a few - whoa baby!
Eric's Team is in the first photos [1 game and out] - his buddies, in the last photos, are still playing!
OTL 1 | OTL 2 | OTL 3 | OTL 4 | OTL 5 | OTL 6
Eric Andrews

- 18 July 2008 -
BA's Notes
AM Photos - Featuring: When's the parade? |


- 14 July 2008 -

BA's Notes
PM Photos - Feature: 'Los sez: "Chicks dig me 'cause I surf [and I'm a rock star]!" | Scot sez: "Chicks dig us 'cause we surf®©!" |
Pittsburgh, err Surfer John sez: "I just wanna become one with nature - I'll never wear a waterproof I-Pod. I just wanna hear the sound of the waves - and the sounds of those adorable Harbor Seals!"
La Jolla sunset

- 13 July 2008 -

BA's Notes
PM Photos featuring: CB sez: "Hey BA, check out my new babe magnets!" | Rescue 911 | This ain't Lake Michigan!

AM Photos featuring: Jeff - Dale - Harold - Phil


La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club

- 12 July 2008 -
BA's Notes -

When I met Roper he mustta been about 10 years old - The PB Surf Shop Rat went from annoying me, to helping me with all sorts of surfboard repairs, incredible glass jobs, and more.

The kid's all right - and even better - combined with his fabulous wife Kim, their kids are all right, too.

What an honor to be invited to his 50th!
The Rock's B-Day 1
The Rock's B-Day 2
The Rock's B-Day 3
The Rock's B-Day 4
The Rock's B-Day 5

Roper's 50th

Twang Photos
Twang 6 - Features Olympic Gymnasts: Andrew - Lucas

Johnny, Bub, Erik

John Roseman

David Nava

End of the road

Patrick and John


AM Photos - Groms Gone Wild Reef: GGWR 1© - GGWR 2© - GGWR 3©

Groms Gone Wild Reef

Groms Gone Wild Reef

- 09 July 2008 -
BA's Notes
09 July 08 Photos Include: Mad Jack displaying the latest in Progressive Designed Surfboards [no, not that Progressive Design] |

Brady and Chip


- 08 July 2008 -
BA's Notes
AM Photos - Twang and The Shores | Hide the wimmin and chillin - It's Team Nava | Groms Gone Wild at The Shores©®
John Snead

- 05 July 2008 -
BA's Notes
Photos from The Edge: AM at Twang and The Shores | The $11 Million View

La Jolla Shores

- 04 July 2008 -
BA's Notes - As usual my usual disclaimer[s]:
There are hundreds of photos in the albums below - I am a firm believer that quantity trumps quality any time. If there are photos that you find offensive or otherwise would like removed from the albums - please email me: and away they will go.

This is my 55th Fourth of July at La Jolla's beaches - ouch -

Every year the waves get better, the surfers get better, the quality of the WindanSea Surf Club's members gets better, my life gets better - so - to whomever is in charge in the cosmos or on earth: THANK YOU!

AM Photos: LJ Shores

AM Photos: The Arena AM1 - The Arena AM2

PM Photos The Arena:

PM 14 Featuring: Multi-Tasking Junior - Hanging 5 and booger ramming
PM 16 Featuring: "Welcome to Wind**Sea" sez Mikey
PM 5 Featuring: Guy Hansen - Surf Mentor Supreme
PM 17 Featuring: "Hey BA, did you get Tiare's photo?" sez Foster
PM 8 Featuring: REAL ARTISTS Taylor and Reed
PM 9 Featuring: El Presidente
PM 21 Featuring: Andrew and Rock and Roll is here to stay©
PM 10 Featuring: Max - did he make this maneuver?
PM 11 Featuring: Taylor's Death Defying Butt Slide
PM 23 Featuring: There's your daddy!
PM 12 Featuring: Rescue 911
PM 24 Featuring: Shade's Posse


Mike Myers

JoJo Roper

Tiare Thompson

Taylor Dunfee

Head Butt Reef

Grom skippy

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