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- 24 March 2008
BA's Notes
Believe it or not, I actually like some of the kids with whom I have to scrap for waves -
Director Greg - Sector Nine - Bergen is one of my favorites.

PM_Photos Include: Greg sez: "©Chicks dig me 'cause I surf!©"
La Jolla Sunset

Greg Bergen

- 22 March 2008
BA's Notes -
My son Eric is working on a project for a college class he is taking - somehow this project involves the San Diego Surf Ladies [how cool is that] 

Anyway - I met Eric, Eric's co-project participants, and the San Diego Surf Ladies at a top secret surf spot in San Diego -

I have been trying for years to become a member of the SDSL, so far I'm a probationary member - I don't think I'll ever become a good enough surfer to achieve full membership.

Photos include: [Just in - A Future San Diego Surf Lady?]
SDSL 1 - Include:
©Chicks dig me 'cause I surf!© | Bethany sez: "I ain't afraid of nuttin!"

SDSL 2 - Include:
Jenn sez: "Hey BA, "I hope you got the next photo, when I jumped back up on my board!"

SDSL 3 - Include:
Steph sez: "Hey BA is that camera always in front of your mug?"

SDSL 4 - Include:
Steph's getting some ideas?

SDSL 5 - Include:
Great Surf - Great Ladies!

SDSL 6 - Include:
Eric and Birthday Girl | Eric and his Cal State San Marcos Business Team | "Hey Erin, I'm over here" | BA and Dr. Kathy | "Hey ladies, I'm over here"

- 19 March 2008
BA's Notes -
Naturally, new stick, lousy surf -
Roper's work: Extra glass on tail | Extra glass on nose | Ready for launch
Top Secret Mitsven Stringer Code

- 17 March 2008
BA's Notes - Today's Photos
Picked up my new board from Joe Roper - Rent A Cop

Shaped by Bob Mitsven, glassed by Team Roper -

It's too bad that the true craftsmen [the few that are still alive], spawned in a large part by the surfboard industry way back when I started surfing in the mid 50's, thru the 60's, 70's and 80's are rarely asked to showcase their skills.

I gotta ask, though, when's the last time you saw a board glassed with a resin tint, complete with resin pin stripes and a highly polished gloss coat - or better still - would you really care?
[I certainly care, and applaud those few - past and present - masters of foam, glass and resin]

La Jolla Sunset

La Jolla CA

- 16 March 2008
BA's Notes -
A bit windy today - tomorrow AM yeah baby!
La Jolla Sunset


- 11 March 2008
BA's Notes -

Great to be in the water again [after a two month layoff - then 3 days of surfing - then re injuring the leg, out for another week - now back in the water]

How many popular surfing places in San Diego County [or maybe anywhere else in So-Cal] can match today's report?
Good surf [at least in my opinion]
Wonderful photography by Matt of Surf Inside dot Com
Good conditions [especially for early spring]
5 people in the line-up - all graduates of the local high school [La Jolla]
No fights - no eye gouging - no dunkings - no hair pulling - no cries of:
"You can't tell me to get out of the water. Just because I've only been surfing for 3 days, I have as much right to surf here as you do! I'm calling my mommy, then I'm calling my attorney!"
Makes a pretty darn good case for localism [enforced by hostile locals [JUST KIDDING!!] ]

Photo of Bill Andrews by Surf Inside dot Com

- 10 March 2008
BA's Notes
AM-PM Photos
BirdRock Sunset

La Jolla CA

La Jolla CA

La Jolla CA

- 04 March 2008
North Kob's Photos [Sea Lion Reef]


- 03 March 2008
BA's Notes
PM Photos 1
PM Photos 2
PM Photos 3
PM Photos 4

- 02 March 2008
BA's Notes

Half-Men and Goofys Dominate The Arena
AM 1

AM 2

- 01 March 2008
BA's Notes -

Finally, got the go ahead from the docs yesterday - okay to surf -

First day in the water in almost 2 months - The Arena - mostly familiar faces - a few new ones - it's gonna be an interesting spring orientation in The Arena.

The day started great:
Surf was good -
My preferred parking space was available
I slid my fat butt into my wetsuit relatively easily [the suit had not shrunk too much]
No pain in the leg
Paddle out - no problemo
Caught two waves - didn't want to push it too much -
Came in - no problemo -
I confirmed that my mental health was [almost] back [for me] to normal because:
The Bird Rock | La Jolla Yuppie Stroller [right in the middle of the street] Pushing Babes didn't make me want to turn them [Yuppie BR - LJ Moms] in to Child Protective Services
The Fat Butted Bicycle Pack Tour Groups taking up both lanes of the streets didn't make my head asplode
The traffic circles in Bird Rock are a mere annoyance - not a reason to demand a refund on my taxes
AM 1
AM 2
AM 3
AM 4
AM 5
AM 6




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