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A bit of history - from Mac Meda

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- 31 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -
As promised more Doug Moranville Photos

Brett Howard

BA - AM - 1

BA - AM - 2
JP photo by Doug Moranville


- 30 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -
Lottsa action today - from the Barrio at The Shores to the Ghetto at The Reefs - devastation is rampant because of El Nino -

Remember kids - El Nino NEVER existed before the internal combustion engine, airplanes, and the Ozone Hole.

We are doomed - save the seals - save the whales - save the polar bears adrift on the ice flows - save all the animals except humans -

It's ALL OUR FAULT - Repent now - Send $$ to BA's Church Of The Open Sky© - It will help your soul!
AM Photos 1 | AM Photos 2 | AM Photos 3 | AM Photos 4 | AM Photos 5

PM Photos 1

Spectacular photos by Doug Moranville

Remember my children:
"Who, exactly, coined that memorable image that claimed that a butterfly, flapping its wings in one part of the world, could affect the weather on the other side of the globe?

The idea has passed in and out of thousands of minds, but the actual geographic locations seem to vary wildly. In the interest of calming the public, I have not even attempted to record recent reports of butterfly-induced weather catastrophes. I remind you, though, that even though I am illustrating La Jolla's devastation, there is no guarantee that you are safe!

If a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world has an effect on the other side of the globe just imagine how the overpopulation of seals in La Jolla's Seal Crapola Pool and all the kooks clogging the lineup at La Jolla Shores is affecting the flow of sand in other parts of La Jolla -

Shocking new photos of the sand erosion in The Arena - gotta be caused by the Butterfly Effect!

La Jolla Sunset

The Arena

Seal Crapola Pool

The Shack

La Jolla Shores

Caster Dude



- 29 Jan 2010
BA's Notes
AM Photos by BA -
Stop sending your hard earned $$ to Haiti - Keep the $$ here is the USA - Global Warmed Waves are currently pounding the coastal fishing village of Barrio La Jolla Shores -

The poor villagers cannot venture out to fish in order to feed their families - you gotta help them -
Please send cash only to: BA
I'll make sure your $$ are used only to help the poorest of the poor
The photo below clearly illustrates the virtually hopeless conditions for the residents of Barrio La Jolla Shores
La Jolla Shores
While some watch the devastation in their back yards - others frolic in the waves - how can the revelers be so callous and free of all caring emotions. Are we merely wild animals?
Jack Cassidy

In the photo below - a lucky beachcomber plucked one of the fishing boats from the surf and found another use for the craft.
La Jolla Shores

- 28 Jan 2010
BA's Notes
AM Photos 1 | PM Photos 1

La Jolla Sunset

Grom C

La Jolla Shores

- 24 Jan 2010
BA's Notes
Stunning, photographic evidence of the effects of Global Warming caused by humans: When I was a kid, the snowmen we created would last for months on the seawall.
AM Photos
Eddie Moore

- 23 Jan 2010
BA's Notes
Photos 1 | Photos 2
Goldfish Point

La Jolla CA

La Jolla Cove

- 20 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -
BA Photos
My friend Doug Moranville has been sending me photos he's taken the last couple of days -

Naturally One, I can't find all the photos he sent me - I tried to import them from my Gmail account - There are some great Moranville Photos floating around in Google's CyberSpace somewhere??

Naturally Two, I've got the file names all screwed-up, but anyway, here are some of Doug's photos from the 19 and 20th.
"Hey BA - you said you NEVER dive off your board - Prosecutor's Hypocrite Evidence 1! What a jive-a** you are!"
"This wave was not as it appeared to be - I had a valid reason for bailing like a little baby - why am I arguing with you? You were sitting on the Bench of Despair©!"
"We thought you said Doug was your friend...we'd love to see some photos of you if he weren't your friend!"
Tom Matera

Photo by Doug Moranville



SurfShot Photo

Above photo by Alyson Doria

- 19 Jan 2010
BA's Notes
BA Photos

Tom Ortner

Bill Andrews


Photo by Doug Moranville

- 18 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -
Finally - some Reef Relief
AM Photos

Public Housing Sunset

Erik Somers

Civil Rights

Civil Rights

- 17 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -
You gotta be kidding me - I don't know if I should laugh, cry, throw an epp, or???

Was the New Year's Resolution for every donkey in San Diego County to become a La Jolla surfer?

I was thinking that maybe, because I've put a billion photos up, that it was all my fault, but then, on second thought, as egocentric as I am, I ain't that much of a driving force.

I've watched surf spots between Black's and Ziggies go from when it was rare to see more than 3 or 4 surfers in the water at the key spots, to now, when it's rare to see, at 6:00 AM, fewer than 25 people out at second tier spots.

Oh well, the barn door's wide open, the donks, turkeys, and goats are free ranging it.
Finally gone thru today's Animal Follies Photos - What other sport can you mix a brew of expert participants, barney participants, and throw 'em into one lump?

AND then, of all things, have a swimmer and his personal photo eddie in a board surfing line-up?

By the way, we got kicked out of Boomer, North and South, in the early 60's - no boards allowed - ouch!
BarnYard Photos 1 | BarneyLand Photos 2 | MoonDonkey Photos 3
I have friends who quit surfing in the early 60's 'cause the Gidget and Moon Donkey became popular.

I have even more friends who quit surfing in the early 70's because every barney in the world became tethered to their board.

I'm getting a couple of new boards next week, it can't get better for me - we may have lost a few battles the past few weeks - but the war goes on.

It looks like we are gonna have a few days of rain - polluted water - stay home - be safe -

For you, all my little barnyard friends, I will become your Hep C magnet, I will sacrifice my health so you may surf another day.

Stay home - stay well - be safe - if you're over 18, get your tribal band tattoos updated, have a few kids, and if you're over 21, drink gallons of booze, often.
Hey BA - We survived the run for the border - don't tell Homeland Security - we'll go home after the game!
Bonner's Boys


Shane's Mellon

Ted Fred

- 16 Jan 2010
BA's Notes
"Hey BA, we heard you ditched your board 200 times this morning!"

"Didn't you get into a mini brawl in the Arena Parking Lot a few years ago, 'cause you told some guy to go in if he couldn't hold on to his board?"

"That musta been hilarious, an old man and a tourist playing patti cake in the lot"

"You're right, wrong and right-

Ditched board today yes...I aimed for The Catfish...missed...JUST KIDDING!!

Not 200 times, 3 times, and once was because I thought Shane's dad was gonna land on my head.

The mini brawl was just that, but, he was 40 years younger than I am, and, best of all, I have the photos, thanks to Petey Almon.

BUT - when I get my new board, I will be able to Aflac Dive with the best of them - and yeah - I NEVER have denied being one heck of a hypocrite - do as I say, not as I do."
AM Photos | PM Photos

Color Coded Leashes





- 15 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -

"Hey BA, where were you today, surf too big for you - you little girl?"
No - you're right when you say the surf was too big for me, but, I have an excuse, I was riding a modern version of The Silver Stallion.

About 300 BC, when I was performing the saber dance with melanoma, the docs ran a battery of tests to see if I might live more than 6 months.

I told one of my co-workers - a little old guy who looked like Santa Claus - about one of the more not so fun upcoming tests.

He laughed and said, "wait 'till the doc goes 'around the corner'!"

So, when it was test time, I bent over and rode The Silver Stallion.

No problem, so I laughed a bit.

Doc sez: "What are you laughing about?"

I say: "Well doc, I got this mental picture of my Santa look alike co-worker in the same position I'm in, this ain't so bad!"

Doc sez: "Wait 'till I go around the corner!"

Yowza - not a lot of fun.

So, stupidly, I've been avoiding the procedure since then.

" Modern fibre-optic proctoscopes allow more extensive observation with less discomfort."

Fast forward to 2010 -

One of my friends, John Brower, just died of colon cancer, plus the fact that my oncologist kept insisting I do The Test - so I went to the father of the most tubed surfer in the world - Dr. Roseman.

Did it today - passed with flying colons, err, flying colors.

I got a 10 year pass 'till the next one.

- 14 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -
Today and tomorrow I'm out of pixel range.
Luckily for me, my good friend, and photo mentor, Doug Moranville is gonna cruise Barrio La Jolla and supply this site, finally, with some decent photos.
Thank you Doug!

Today's Photos by Doug Moranville | Doug's MacMeda Site
Doug Moranville Photo

- 13 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -
Today, the Surf Predictors were right!
40 - 80 foot monster waves pounded the beaches of So Cal
Photos of Media Driven 60' Waves
Doug Moranville and I risked our lives when we dared to take photos of surfers performing their death defying stunts on the huge waves roaring into La Jolla Cove.
My goodness, I've never seen such surf bravery in Hawaii, much less in La Jolla.
La Jolla Cove

Mutant Polar Bears

- 12 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -
AM Photos Featuring: Survivor Island Phil Bimer |

PM Photos 1 Featuring:

PM Photos 2 Featuring:

La Jolla Sunset

First Fish Reef

- 11 Jan 2010 and JUST IN - ANOTHER WAVE -
BA's Notes -

I don't know about you - but - as best I can remember - this has been one of the best runs of surf we've had in my surfing lifetime.

Not to date myself but - I do remember the Christmas break in 1962 very well - err - fairly well - err a little well.

I had spent a semester in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the University of New Mexico - came home on break - and as I remember - we had almost 14 straight days of Santa Ana conditions and great surf.

This period, this time is better.

Barry Mirandon and David Kay made a surf movie, I think which included the 1962 two week period...

Stop the presses - JUST IN!!

I googled Another Wave and found this on You Tube:

Another Wave - Check out the young guy looking at the surf thru the window at the house in which he grew up - It's ME!!
Bear: Where's my check? You promised me the big $$$$ if my part did not end up on the cutting room floor!
If the movie ever resurfaces, you can check my work and memory.

AM Photos 1 | PM Photos 1 | PM Photos 2
Omaha Nebraska

Raw Meat Matt

Tom Ortner

- 10 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -
AM Photos 1 Featuring:

AM Photos 2 Featuring: Scottie | Dingo and Lone Star |
AM Photos 3 Featuring:

PM Photos 1 Featuring:


Goldfish Point

- 09 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -

BA to doc - "How 'bout one of them Pig Flu Shots?"

Doc to BA: "You're not on the endangered list [yet]

You're over 65! You were exposed in the 1940's. You got The Immune!"

Oh yeah, good for me and The Immune - I missed a day of work yesterday, and today I didn't have the lung power to surf anywhere but The Shaws.

Tomorrow better be better for me and My Immune.

AM Photos 1 Featuring: Jen Smith

AM Photos 2 | AM Photos 3 | AM Photos 4

Pelican Point


Death Bombs

Damon's Gull Friend

- 06 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -
Another lousy day in America's worst city - full of hostile locals, polluted water, and cra**y waves!

I gotta find a better place to live...
AM Photos | PM Photos 1 | PM Photos 2 | PM Photos 3 | PM Photos 4
La Jolla Sunset


The Arena


Brady and Jake

John Noris



- 04 Jan 2010
BA's Notes
AM Photos

La Jolla Shores sunrise

- 03 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -
AM Photos 1 | AM Photos 2 | AM Photos 3

Kobs Bomb

Having Fun?

- 02 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -
Apparently, there is a bit of confusion out there in surf land.

A couple of notes concerning yesterday's action caught on tape:
1. It's me circa 2010 NOT 1910

2. AND for those of you who I lecture about NOT hacking others, I DID NOT hack Greg - he swore he was gonna go right on the death defying wave in the photo!
Today's AM Photos 1 | AM Photos 2 | PM Photos
Getting Indo La Jolla

Isaac Wood


- 01 Jan 2010
BA's Notes -
Just another day of no surf, hostile locals and polluted water - what a cra**y way to start the new year.

BA's Caught on Tape

I gotta find another place to live - maybe Huntington Beach?

Doesn't HB = Surf City?

AM Photos 1 | AM Photos 2 | AM Photos 3 | AM Photos 4 | You gotta have 55
Peter Wave Loch



Ted Fred

The Shores

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