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-31 July 2010
BA's Notes -
Even I, a proud dues paying member of Team Melanoma, like to see the sun, occasionally.

This summer - finally - some sun in the afternoon and a Penalty Box sunset.

PM Photos 1 | PM 2 | PM 3 | PM 4 | PM 5 | PM 6 | PM 7 |

PM Photos Featuring: Welcome to Wind**Sea | Surf Dude sez: "©Chicks Dig Me ' Cause I Surf" | Roger sez: "©Chicks dig ME 'Cause I Surf!"

AM Photos - Featuring: Jeff | TO | JoJo | John Noris | Smiling Robert | Tire Repair - Island Style and a cast of thousands

La Jolla Sunset





-30 July 2010
BA's Notes -

PM Photos Featuring:

1 of Approximately 1,345,278,896,999.0005 Hostile Locals | An adoring crowd cheers for La Jolla's Finest


-29 July 2010
BA's Notes -

PM Photos

-21 July 2010
BA's Notes -

AM Photos Featuring:


BA's Notes -
This is the 10th year of Scot Cherry's dream of teaching Special Surfers how to Ride The Wild Surf.

The WindanSea Surf Club has been involved since the first event and today we had our largest turnout - EVER - of Special Surfers and volunteers.

It's pretty amazing to watch the Club Members, Volunteers, and the Special Surfers all enjoying a wonderful day of surfing and friendship.

One can see a tear or two [sometimes] on even the most "hard core" of our surfers when they see the joy on the faces of our Special Surfers!

I can only speak for myself - thank you - thank you - club members, volunteers, the Special Surfers and their families!

Since I took most of the 2000 photos, naturally, there's about a 50% dropout rate - Album 23 [oops forgot one - total of 24 now] is the last of the "Land Based" photos we took - Now I gotta go thru the "Water Based" photos, of which Shackleton took the majority - in fact, the only good photos are the ones Janet took!

Janet, you did take some VERY INTERESTING photos of a mutant harbor seal, mutant stingray, and a mutant sand crab! Speaking of stingrays--> Check out the action - 15 July 2010

Album Water 1 | Album Water 2


Album 1 | Album 2 | Album 3 | Album 4 | Album 5 | Album 6 | Album 7 | Album 8 | Album 9 | Album 10 | Album 11 | Album 12 | Album 13 | Album 14 | Album 15 |

Album 16 | Album 17 | Album 18 | Album 19 | Album 20 | Album 21 | Album 22 | Album 23 | Album 24 | WHEW!!

The Best Surfer In The Water Is The One With The Biggest Smile!

The Best Surfer In The Water Is The One With The Biggest Smile!
The Best Surfer In The Water Is The One With The Biggest Smile!

The Best Surfer In The Water Is The One With The Biggest Smile!

The Best Surfer In The Water Is [JoJo Roper] or The One With The Biggest Smile!

The Best Surfer In The Water Is The One With The Biggest Smile!

-16 July 2010
BA's Notes -

AM Photos

Featuring: Jeff | Bob Glick | Hostile Locals | Nurse Tommey and Tony

-15 July 2010


BA's Notes -
I have been warning surfers for years that the La Jolla Shores Stingrays are getting more and more bold - AND - the venom on their barbs has become lethal - yesterday's news - and I'm paraphrasing it a bit:

More Than 160 La Jolla Shores Surfers Stung By Stingrays - 25 Sting Victims Taken To Hospital and later died.

I, for one, will not be surfing The Shores until the stingray spawn is over, sometime in September. In the mean time, I'll stay at Tourmaline or Poche.

AM Photos at Death by Stingrays Beach Featuring: Worldwide Attention | This person was attacked by a Flying Stingray | Hostile Local Cody | Most Hostile Local

The smart ones took the experts' advice: "Leave The Shores - Go to Tourmaline!"

AM Photos Tourmaline 1 | AM Photos Tourmaline 2 | PM Photos Tourmaline

A virtual who's who of legendary La Jolla Shores Locals who now call Tourmaline home: Scot | Jeremy | JP



Stingrays brazenly attacked dozens of surfers along the La Jolla Shores area Wednesday, sending twenty-five of them to hospitals.

All 25 later died in various emergency rooms at hospitals owned by Dr. Kevorkian

All of the victims were surfers, and some of the victims reported that the rays were actually jumping out of the water and attempting to sting them as they sat on their boards waiting for waves, reported San Diego lifeguard General Wilbur Would Go, Jr.

"By sheer numbers, this was unusual, but not not unexpected," Go said.

Surfers were stung by stingrays similar to the Australian wobbegong ray, which can easily disguise themselves under the sand.

This new mutant ray is huge, about 62 inches in diameter, but as many found on Wednesday, not only do their barb packs a punch, but these rays also have a serious overbite condition and can, if necessary, bite fingers and toes off of the unwary.

[The overbite condition has evolved into serious canine teeth, good for a taking a toe or a finger, not good for sand crab eating]

To avoid getting killed by a ray, surfers are advised to find some other place to surf for the next 3 or 4 months.

Lifeguard Lt. Moondoggie Jones suggested "The safest place to surf in the La Jolla area is Tourmaline Surfing Park. The rays there are heavily sedated because of the heavy metal and medical pot discharge at the north end of the parking lot."

According to the experts on the Obama Health Insurance Reform panels the stingray population will have to be regulated - the emergency rooms cannot take sting victims as well as swine flu victims.

Unfortunately, just as the harbor seals are protected at Seal Crapola Pool, the beach at The Shores, from The Marine Room to the steps at the south end of the parking lot at Scripps Pier is a marine life sanctuary - in other words - lookee but not killee.

The stinger, as an expert states: "It's a little bit like a serrated dagger, very fine, jagged cut [and] covered in nasty toxin, I actually like the critters," said Nurse Ratched of Oregon state's mental hospital at Salem.

Ratched believes there may be more stings along local beaches in the days to come.

She said the rays are coming in to feed on unsuspecting kids and small surfers.

Ninety percent of yesterdays victims were stung in the leg or foot, however, because of the new strain of mutant rays a jab to the chest is possible, just ask Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin.

More info here

-14 July 2010
BA's Notes -
This photo [if one has a vivid imagination] actually shows how uneven the bottom is at The Shores.

Pretty unusual for this time of year - PLUS - even with the surf this small, there is a very strong south to north current - way weird...

AND - 58 degree water!

Gotta be Bush's fault - I think he must be in the wetsuit business along with Cheney - gotta love petroleum based businesses!
AM Photos

Faces in the crowd:

Harold demonstrating his Tourmaline Based Paddle Power | Lacy | Michael and Gail | Pia | Josh [thanks for not ramming me]


-10 July 2010
BA's Notes -


-09 July 2010
BA's Notes-
Typical BA photos - Out of focus, grainy, eyeball killing: Macadamia Neal | Unix Doug | Jeff at the only speed he knows - High Speed | Rorschach Test
AM Photos


-08 July 2010
BA's Notes -
Escapee from Scripps [Pier, not Hospital]
AM Photos

-07 July 2010
BA's Notes
Today's main topic of conversation in the line-up:
Surf Etiquette
Guest Instructors should have been:
Mike Croteau
Jeff Junkins
Butch Van Artsdalen
Gary Keating
AM Photos


-06 July 2010
BA's Notes -
It's always a pleasure to witness a true La Jolla Shores local, shed, tear and lacerate the biggest The Shores can serve up.

Phil only surfs The Shores, and it's easy to see that the kid sure has it wired!
AM Photos

Phil Swink

-05 July 2010
BA's Notes

AM Photos

-04 July 2010
BA's Notes
Yesterday, I posted the photo below on my Facebook page -

John is one of my favorite surf buds and I was hoping that he just might see some humor in my tasteless comments.

I have to be careful what I say about The Snead - he's young, tough, and could squash me like a bug -

Here's a photo illustrating the true size of The Snead.

Anyway, the comments I received on Facebook have ignited the fire in me, again.

New calling: Applying for tax exempt status for my Church of The Open Sky and Surf Rabble Rousing - Doctrine to follow

I'm sure I'll be able to focus more clearly on The Doctrine after I surf with 6,000,098,123.5 of my best friends today -

Lottsa hostile locals today - two months of south wind and overcast conditions are making them more than a bit restless.

Hostile | Very Hostile | Most Hostile
AM Photos 1 | AM Photos 2 | PM Photos 1






-03 July 2010
BA's Notes -
Another history making day for me -

I've always wondered when THE man among men would step up and dare to go RIGHT at Crow-Dog's Lefts.

A visitor from Toad Land asked me if it were possible to survive if one went right at CDL's.

I'm always willing to share my local knowledge with visiting surfers, so I said of course.

The sting ray spawn is over, and the fire coral reef was recently destroyed by the latest oil leak in the gulf. I encouraged the visitor, Harold Reid, I believe is his name, to give it a shot - and - if he would sign my model release - I'd battle thru the locals - all of whom were chanting "NO PHOTOS - LOCALS ONLY" and attempt to photograph the effort.

As luck would have it, considering I barely had time to unsheathe my big lens - Harold took off, cross stepped to the sweet spot of his board, and conquered CDL's. Harold rode the wave all the way to the Rich Kids' Beach and Tennis Club.

I only had time for one photo before the locals chased me into the parking lot - but at least one is better than none!
AM Photos Faces in the lineup

Photos AM 2   Before and After Surf Stars include: John Pre Dunk - John Post Dunk | Pete Pre Dunk - Pete Post Dunk | Harold Pre Dunk - Harold Post Dunk


-02 July 2010
BA's Notes -

AM Photos


-01 July 2010
BA's Notes -


AM Photos

Crow's Lefts and South Coast John's Rights

BA' s Last Blast of BS

"For me, I'd rather be a 1/2 man still surfing the LJ Reefs and Black's, than a whole man surfing Tourmaline. [No offence to my friends at Tourmo]"

BA at The Shores by Alyson Doria /

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