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- 30 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -
The Shores Crew laughs at Global Cooling
AM Photos Include: 33 degrees at the water's edge calls for a global warming fire | A Gale from Hilo | Mitch

- 29 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -

The aftermath of yesterday's tsunami may mean White House Rights today?

I found a video made in 2006 taken by ?? which featured Larry Crow on the lefts, and some Shores Guys on the rights.

I'm displaying my lack of movie making skills by making a snippet illustrating White House Rights

I did not know there was a soundtrack to the video until I saw the uploaded file on YouTube - wonder how long it will last on line before the copyright cops come to get me?

- 28 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes
It's amazing that after almost 60 years of surfing La Jolla Shores, the Wind**Sea guys STILL do not listen to me!

I warned them that I had a feeling that a tsunami was gonna hit last night, but did ANYONE listen - of course not!

While the WSC members and their band of Coalition Members were partying it up at a local bar, a tsunami hit The Shores, and almost destroyed the contest area.

With the help of Damon, Tim and a couple of hardcore La Jolla Shores locals, we kept the damage to a minimum, but there ain't no denying Mother Ocean.

The best I could do was to make a call to FEMA and beg for some Obama Bucks - naturally, I was placed on endless hold - oh well - we tried!
AM Photos 1  Include: O-Star - The show must go on! | Another million $ house - destroyed | Kindling?  |

AM Photos 2  Include:

Pier, stoked to have survived! | Joe Roper displays his award winning form | William sez: It ain't cold!" | The judges - no sitting this time! | Pier - on one of the bigger waves of the morning | Tad leads a fearless band of competitors - north of the White House

- 27 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -
Coalition Contest 2010 La Jolla Shores

The waves at Wind**Sea were far too dangerous today for even the most fearless of Wind**Sea locals to attempt to ride, much less stage a contest - the fallback location, as always, when the conditions are death defying - is The Shores.

Since The Shores, believe it or not, is part of La Jolla, and the WSC was determined to win its own contest, The Club pulled out all stops and brought out the heavy artillery.

The Wind**Sea big wave all stars included:

Jon "The Most Tubed Surfer In The World" Roseman | Le Animal Mike Meyers | Hanky Warner | Super Lifeguard Mark -->More about Mark  |
AM Photos 1 Include: The Real McCoy suits up | Tim - When's The Next Contest - Senneff | Mad Jack | Uncle Harold |

AM Photos 2 Include: Kevin's UFO |

AM Photos 3 Include: Checking the leaderboard |

AM Photos 4 Include: Wall of Fame

AM Photos 5 Include: Manny's always in position for the best shots! |

AM Photos 6 Include: "Hey Manny - How's this for a Shores Bomb?"

AM Photos 7 Include: Bulky Boy William |

AM Photos 8 Include: Tiare gives sage fireside advice |

AM Photos 9 Include: Eat More Chikin | Dolphin Tanks |

- 26 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes

AM Photos 1 Include: "Hey dad - follow me!" | Style Master, Mitch [Hey Mitch I need a new wetsuit!] | Lacy |

AM Photos 2 Include: Frank sez: "Hey Manny, I'm over here!" | Cameron, on wave number 2198 for the day |

AM Photos 3 Include: Cameron's dad demonstrates a Fly-Away | Monica demonstrates the essential "Protect Your Mug" pose |

- 25 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes
If one were to make a bet on which days would be best for La Jolla surfing, a few pretty sure days would be: August 18 [my birthday], Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Super Bowl Sunday.

This Thanksgiving was pretty darn good - complete with air temperature in the parking lot of about 40 degrees, and water temp in the low sixties - ouch!

I remember Thanksgiving in 1962 - I had returned home from my first semester at The University of New Mexico - not much surf there, but The Shores was good - STOKED!

As I looked around the lineup this morning, lottsa new faces, but lottsa smiles too.

We do have a lot to be thankful about!

The photo above is a balsa board from Barry "The Bear" Mirandon's collection - It's not my board but is actually very similar to my first one - ~10' of solid balsa, weighing in at a svelte 50 pounds [not me, the board]

AM Photos   Include:   The most hostile of all the Hostile Locals | Gino | Cameron | Cameron's dad walking on water | MeerKitten Gail | Tony offering unsolicited surf tips

- 23 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -
Good news about the Southers:
1. Some are becoming pretty darn good surfers -they've advanced from a lineup irritant to competitors for waves - actually that's a very good thing, the better the surfers in the lineup, the safer it is.

2. We have a common enemy: Kook SUPers clogging the lineup [again, not an indictment of all SUPers, just the kooks who have NEVER surfed a wave in their lives without the help of a paddle and 15' boat]
All AM Photos were taken with a waterproof camera with global warming pollution on the lens [excuse for lousy photos]


 Steph | Scotty | Mad Jack and best friend | Bird | Bird's Spud | Bird's color coordinated wax and wetsuit logo | Kevin's new rack

- 21 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -

AM Photos Include:

Dr. Schachtschneider, err, Bodo | Dr. Staples | Dr. Glick | Dr. Mad Jack | Dr. Peter | Ms Lacy - fully accessorized with a color coded board and leash

SUP Danger Alert - 15 Foot Radius of Death

The Amazing Mitch of Mitch's Surf Shop, La Jolla, CA and of Meerkat Manor [Hey Mitch, I need a new wetsuit!]

This scene was probably duplicated up and down the California coast today

- 20 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -

AM Photos  Include: Augie Doggie  |  Ron Jones | A little hottie? Yes - But good looks ain't gonna help much when competing for bombs at Hostile Locals Reef

- 17 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -

PM Photos 1

PM Photos 2

- 16 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -

PM Photos 1

- 15 NOVEMBER 2010

BA's Notes: My very low regard, in general, about the SUPs at The Shores is pretty well known - BUT - the 3 in the lineup today could be / should be models for all the SUPers everywhere

"Why BA?? We thought you hated all of them!!"

Katie, Sheldon and Mitch were very good surfers BEFORE they started SUPing!

They know, on their SUP Boards and paddles, they could catch literally every good wave if they wanted.

However, they have respect for those of us whose paddle power is not enhanced with a blade and a board so large that even I could stand on it in flat water.

There is no such thing as one's "rights" in the water - I feel that surfing, especially in La Jolla, is a privilege and we are lucky to have so many good places to surf.

My advice to the majority of SUPers at The Shores is learn how to surf on a surfboard - get proficient at the least - then paddle your boat into the lineup if you have to.

Demonstrate some skills, show some respect, and maybe, just maybe we can Rodney King [no, not the beating, his personal quotes] it for a few more years.

AM Photos - Include:   DJ | Larry "Caught 25 Waves Today - Hair Still Dry" Crow | Sheldon | Mitch | Katie | Ron Jones | Anitra and Phil


Sunrise - La Jolla Shores

- 14 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -

AM Photos 1  Include   AI's tribute begins at Wind**Sea | Mick and Mark - 2 of my all time La Jolla favorites!

AM Photos 2   Include:   Grom prepares for the leap of faith

AM Photos 3   Include:   Mark off the lip | Lucky gets lucky! | Never before seen at Wind**Sea, Global Warming took the sand away - it will NEVER return!

AM Photos 4   Include: Curtain Call  |

AM Photos 5   Include: Lucas as a Sky Pilot | Grom looking for a handout

AM Photos 6   Include:  Speed Stripes

AM Photos 7   Include:   One photo, 2 great surfers! | Ms Debbie, getting better every year!  | Eric makes surfing look way too easy!

Isaac Wood

Andy Irons

Anyone familiar with surfing in The Arena will recognize the potential danger in this photo


- 13 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -
Looking for a free meal:  Seagull Society or American Society?
AM Photos 1   

Include: Daddy Jeff says: "Emma, don't ever hack me again!" | Larry Crow - The most stylish surfer in the water - always with DRY hair! | The only known photo of Emma falling off

AM Photos 2  

Include: Tony Staples | Tony proves MIGHT makes RIGHT, err a left |



Larry Crow

- 11 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes

AM Photos

- 07 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -
I'm sure I have written this before, but...
Whenever I feel that my personal life sucks, I watch Jerry Springer...instant, I ain't so bad after all!

Whenever I feel I've made some bad business / contractual decisions, I watch Judge Judy...instant, my decisions haven't been all that bad!

Whenever I think I've seen it all in the water, I go to the stretch between the Old People's Home North and the Old People's Home South...instant I couldn't make this sheeea up!

By the way, Team Sasha, you guys owe me a new keyboard - it's full of coffee spew after looking at the photos I took today of the group paddle out and thinking about your responses to it!
Photos: AM La Jolla Shores

Include: Michael sez: "Chicks dig me 'cause I surf!" | The Best Surfer in BA's World [Hey John, I need a new wetsuit]


Photos AM A  You Gotta Hold Hands Reef Include: Chris Bonner | And GO HOME begins |

Photos AM B   You Gotta Hold Hands Reef 2 Include: Matthew | Sasha |

Photos AM C   You Gotta Hold Hands Reef 3 Include:

Photos AM D  You Gotta Hold Hands Reef 4 Include:

Photos AM E   You Gotta Hold Hands Reef 5 Include:

Photos AM F   You Gotta Hold Hands Reef 6 Include: Greg | JP Launch

Quote of the day - Catfish says: "If you and your gang are going to surf at any surf spot with a cluster of more than 2, you gotta hold hands paddling out!"
You Gotta Hold Hands Reef

"Hey BA - why was everyone yelling at us - they told us to go home!"


- 06 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -
"BA - BA, why do you give all these stupid names to surf spots in La Jolla?

There hasn't been a "Secret Spot" in La Jolla since you discovered La Jolla Shores in 1776!"
AM Photos 1 Include:

AM Photos 2 Include:

AM Photos 3 Include:


TP Reef



La Jolla Sunrise

- 05 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -
This SUPer could hardly carry his boat - much less paddle it with his shovel

Naturally he chose to paddle out right thru the lineup - by the way - because I'm an old guy, it is perfectly politically correct for me to give other old guys crapola.
AM Photos 1
Way cool faces in the crowd include:

Manny, Moe and Jack | Scotty | A few Meerkats are acceptable - two in a very select group | 1/2 Twin Tower Crow Dog + 1/2 Twin Tower Dale = 15 feet of throbbing testosterone

Ron Jones | Mad Jack, obscured by CIA face recognition software | Crow Dog | Peter | Michael sez: "Chicks dig me 'cause I surf!"

La Jolla Sunrise

- 04 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -

AM Photos   Include: What a Shores take-off looks like at sunrise | Augie Doggie |

PM Photos 1 Include: I never tire of this sight [more than a bit tired of all the line-up cloggers]

PM Photos 2 Include: I'm not the one who wanted to go surfing! | Not When The Surf's Up Developer |

PM Photos 3 Include:

These crowded conditions make me want to crawl out of here! |

"Hey Daddy Foster, BA sezs that I can see Gilligan's Island!" | Mark sez: "I laugh at the Rock Of Death! I ain't afraid of nuttin!"

- 03 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes

AM Photos   Include:

Uncle Harold | Tom Ortner | Tye-Dye 1 | The Glick | Augie Doggie

- 02 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes
As predicted by Dr. Julie - we got surf today
PM Photos 1 | PM Photos 2 | PM Photos 3 | PM Photos 4 | PM Photos 5 | PM Photos 6

- 01 NOVEMBER 2010
BA's Notes -
Just received a highly classified call from the North Shore of the Wave Pool in Phoenix -
Doctor Julie says it's huge and getting bigger -
Teddy Cassidy is stoked, and has given surf lesson responsibilities to Rick Kane
PM Photos

BA' s Last Blast of BS is:

"For me, I'd rather be an old 1/2 man still surfing South Wind Shores [this was a great day], the LJ Reefs and Black's, than an old whole man surfing Tourmaline. [No offence to old men and my friends at Tourmo]"

BA at The Shores by Alyson Doria /

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