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- 29 OCT 2010    
BA's Notes -

Michael sez: "Chicks dig me 'cause I surf" | Bob sez: "Chicks dig me 'cause I surf" | Phil sez: "Chicks dig me 'cause I surf"

Dennis Sez: "So Far - So Good!" | Dennis sez: "So Far - Not So Good" | Erik sez: "I made this death defying take-off, now what?"

Photos 1 | Photos 2 | Photos 3 | Photos 4 | Photos 5 | Photos 6 | Photos 7 | Photos 8

- 26 OCT 2010
BA's Notes -
Despite the common surf myth that arriving at the beach with a new board will ruin the surf - There were three beautiful new boards at The Shores today - AND - the surf was pretty good!

A Crow | A Mitsven | A Josh Hall

I'll try not to bore the 3 people who read this drivel, but the resin work that Larry Crow did on his own board, and on Bird's Mitsven was spectacular!

Crow's application of resin panels and pinstripes were obvious to the touch - a lost art [resin pinstripes and artwork - not the art of touching]

What % of the surfing public can appreciate the work and time it takes to produce art like Larry's??

It wasn't even that long ago that resin pinstripes and a gloss coat were included in the price of a new board -

Where have the Sam Cody Resin Spears gone??
AM Photos


- 24 OCT 2010
BA's Notes -
After years of searching, I finally found it: Stirnkorb's Forbidden Reef!
I silently paddled out, and was minding my own business, attempting not to rile the hostile Stirnkorb's locals, when some kid SWAM out to me, and said: "Catfish told me, to tell you: NO PHOTOS ALLOWED!"

I did not want to violate the local customs / mores at this totally secret spot, but I also did not want to get bullied into leaving the lineup - my search for Stirnkorb's has been exhausting!

My response:

"I did not realize this is a no photo zone, but I do want to take a couple of photos from the water, just to prove to my kids, my grand kids, and my numerous ex-wives that I finally had the sack to surf Stirnkorb's... I'm not gonna be intimidated out here!"

"Plus... [my well practiced line] ... you're gonna lose in at least three ways if you try to beat me up:

1. If you do beat me up - whoopee for you - you beat up a guy who's almost 70 years old - you lose!
2. If I throw a lucky first punch and - gasp - land it - you might get beat up by a 70 year old - you lose again!
3. Most importantly, my daddy's an attorney - strike three - you're out!"
Luckily for me - the swimmer's friends in the water wanted their photos taken, so reluctantly I handed my camera over to the guy, so he could take some photos of his gang.
The guy to whom I gave my camera must have been from Australia, because the locals called him "Dingo" or something like that??

A Catfish and a Dingo in the lineup - I wonder if these Stirnkorb's locals are dues paying members of PETA?
AM Photos 1     Include:     Typical BA Photo | Corky Carroll said this, about this guy: " bod you look like a old seal..." | Eric Spawn 1 | Eric Spawn 2 | Sunrise at 'Kob's

AM Photos 2     Include:    Matt asks: "BA, if I close my eyes, the Fire Coral Reef won't hurt me?" | Bonner sez: "I never get pitched!" |


Chris Bonner

- 23 OCT 2010
BA's Notes

AM Photos 1 Include: Eric, making sure the kids are all right! | Wally World | Eric demonstrates the art of The Set-Up Stall

AM Photos 2 Include: The Start of Surf Inside Matt's Big Adventure |

AM Photos 3 Include: Stink-Eye in training |

AM Photos 4 Include: Team Jared | Brian - away from The Swarm | A Donny/Lot in The Lot

Don Laughlin

- 18 OCT 2010
BA's Notes

Photos 1 Include:         South Coast John | Malibu comes to Tourmaline | Mitch goes to Malibu | Kiku returns to C-Street |

Photos 2 Include:          Peak at Lake Thompson | Sunset for the disabled | Hostile Locals between me and the safety |

- 17 OCT 2010
BA's Notes -


AM Photos Include: Mean Tan Guy | Brandon Speed Blur [or maybe just out of focus] | Dr. Julie sez to flasher MTG: "Is that all you got???" | Lucky for me - Jeff knows how to avoid a speed bump


When I started surfing in the 1950's, retribution for being the wrong person, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, used to be instant

It's still that way on the high seas -

Time for a return to the "good old days" in the lineup???

- 16 OCT 2010
BA's Notes

AM Photos  Include:

I would suggest one makes peace with the hostile locals here if you wanna sit outside | Merry Christmas to me  |  SideSlippin' Jeremy | Recommended!


- 15 OCT 2010
BA's Notes


AM Photos Include: Team Rusty's Danny Boy | Mean Tan Guy | Johnny Urethane  | Took this one on the head | Don't spook the herd


- 12 OCT 2010
BA's Notes -
My 5th "Waterproof - Shockproof" camera exploded - This is video was its last hurrah - Four Olympus and now the Fuji

I was actually gonna try to edit this video - TOO complicated - Lost all interest in video
AM Photos

- 11 OCT 2010
BA's Notes -


AM Photos Include:   Wave spotter Katie | Last seen in an Atlanta fog bank  |

Stuck in traffic for a mile behind this - after a morning filled with SUPers - Ouch

- 10 OCT 2010
BA's Notes -

This is my first attempt at video - Thanks Mr. Glick!
Bob Glick Video:

Notes on the video: A few comments regarding how to make the world a better place, spoken by Mr. Robert Glick,
the well known NPR activist for saving the seals, as well as being dedicated to creating world peace, feeding the hungry, and as a Senior Advisor to Al Gore's Stop Global Warming Scam, err, Initiative.
PM Photos  Include: Tad | Sons of Tad | Mitsven Pimpage | You gotta paddle thru this narrow fire coral reef pass in order to get the waves of your life

By the way - in my opinion one the surfing's most stylish maneuvers is the "Drop Knee Turn"

My goal has always been to perform a drop knee one half as well as Bobby Burns or Billy David did back when I - gasp - was a gremmie -

ANYWAY this guy walks up to me today and sez: "Hey BA, I heard you've been wanting to turn like this for 50 years - you're such a kook!   I learned how to do this drop knee in one day!"

AM Photos 1  AND   Photos A -

Include: Hey Doug, whose team are you on...Team Staples, or, Team Goldsmith?? | Tom Ortner - 5 Decades and counting! | Billy The Plumber | David can always grab that last breath of fresh air, even in the most dangerous situations

AM Photos 2 - Include: Mad Jack | A Toad in paradise | Joe Mac - one of the nicest of the LJ Tribe


The Lack Of Discovery Channel sent me on a mission to get just ONE photo of the most interesting surfer in the world - South Coast John.

Results Below and top secret photo of John:

After months of tracking thru every wretched surf side parking lot south of Oregon, I finally found him. John goes so fast on the death defying waves he chooses to tackle that I got one shot,
and some big headed tourist walked in front of me - the chance of a lifetime, blown because of some jack ass from Oklahoma's melon. Oh well, maybe Surfer Mag will purchase the photo?

I heard about some guy named Raw Meat Matt - got his photo, but please don't say anything to him - I heard he's a very hostile local!

I was looking for Jock Sutherland while I was in Hawaii - couldn't find him, but I found a much better surfer, charging over the foot shredding coral reefs at Jocko's

- 09 OCT 2010
BA's Notes -


PM Photos 1 | PM Photos 2

- 08 OCT 2010
BA's Notes -
Top Secret photos of a clandestine dive if your looking for: The Best Fish Tacos north of The River

Big Shot in Wind**Sea Surf Club sez: "Forget it BA, you'll NEVER get into our exclusive club - AND - just to make you feel even worse - if you were a member chicks would FINALLY dig you!"

- 05 OCT 2010
BA's Notes -


- 03 OCT 2010
BA's Notes-
I'm often asked: "BA, why are the Wind**Sea locals so hostile?"

The answer is simply: "Because they're weaned at an early age eating sand under The Shack!"

Photos AM 1 | Photos AM 2

Richard Kenvin

- 02 OCT 2010
BA's Notes
Usual disclaimers:
Obviously, I'm not good at multi-tasking - Beach Marshalling and Photo Paparazzing simultaneously - WHEW - the quality, err, lack of quality of both tasks are evident.
(1) If you thought I took your photo and you don't see it, it ain't a reflection on your photogenic attributes [does this make any sense], the photo was probably terribly out of focus and or over / under exposed - the photographer has not gotten better over the years - he just takes more photos

(2) If you don't like the photo of you, your spawn, or??? just let me know and I'll remove the photo

(3) This year's surf parents were the best yet!! Even when I called your kid - jokingly of course - a brat - most of you agreed with me??

(4) Of course the event wouldn't be a success, unless Peek Performance created a controversy - in fact this time his first heat DQ was totally UNWARRANTED -

Menehune Photos 1  Include:  Peter King | Good Morning! | George sez: "This is a Bulky Boy Wake Up Call!" | Gordy sez: "What am I doing here, and how does this thing work?"

Menehune Photos 2  Include:  Ricky Four Legs | Surf Moms Rock!

Menehune Photos 3  Include:  We NEVER have any fun! | A VERY serious strategy session

Menehune Photos 4  Include:  Dawn Patrol | Dawn Spawn | I love DJ's Cooking! | Master Chef / Engineer DJ

Menehune Photos 5  Include:  BA offering - of all things - parenting tips | Little Dude sez: "My mom won this contest!"

Menehune Photos 6  Include:  Lucas nose perch |

Menehune Photos 6.5  Include: Ricky sez: "We're friends until the semi-finals!" | Tristan sez: "If Lucas can hang 5, I can hang an arch!"

Menehune Photos 7 Include:  Josh sez: "Chicks dig me 'cause I surf!"

Menehune Photos 8  Include:  Hey Aaron, what's inside that camera? | Bulky Boy's unusual size chart |

 Menehune Photos 9  Include: Little Dude makes it look way too easy!

Menehune Photos 10  Include:  I saw Lopez do this at The Pipe

Menehune Photos 11  Include:  Last minute instructions from dad

Menehune Photos 12  Include:  The Oracle of The Shores

Menehune Photos 13  Include:  Two for the price of one

Menehune Photos 14  Include:  Chicks dig me 'cause I can juggle sand balls

Menehune Photos 15  Include:  This surfing thing is so easy!

Menehune Photos 16  Include: You guys didn't really think you had a chance to get to know her, did you??

Menehune Photos 17  Include: A floating grom

Menehune Photos 18  Include: Grom backside bomb

Menehune Photos 19  Include: Breath holding lessons this way

Menehune Photos 20  Include:  JP gets announcing tips from Shackleton

Menehune Photos 21  Include: Three surfers and four boards - call 911

Menehune Photos 22  Include: Little dude made this death defying maneuver!

Menehune Photos 23 Include: Smile for Aaron

Menehune Photos 24 Include: Broken, but unbowed

Menehune Photos 25 Include: David sez: "I can hold my breath longer than you can!" | Surf hotties watching the action

Menehune Photos 26 Include: Mutant sand crab

Menehune Photos 27 Include: Tristan |

Menehune Photos 28 Include: Lucas or Joel or Butch?

Menehune Photos 29 Include: Team Choreograph

Menehune Photos 30  Include: Oh no!!! - I just saw BA without his camera or megaphone

Menehune Photos 31  Include: The calm before the storm

Menehune Photos 32  Include: Steve - father of Tristan | Tristan - son of Steve |

Menehune Photos 33 Include: We're Stoked! | Janet sez: "BA, I can surf better than you ever could, and I have a broken arm!"

Menehune Photos 34 Include: Joe Ewing - Surfer / Photographer / WindanSea Surf Club Member

Menehune Photos 35 Include: Ricky sez "Chicks dig me 'cause I surf, and I'm injured!"


-01 OCT 2010
BA's Notes

Set -Up Includes:
Michael says: "BA, if you surfed, chicks would dig you!" | Long Board Larry | Marne, La Jolla's own paparazzi-ette  |  The legends | The Pres, acting presidential | and ten thousand more

Pizza Party Includes:   The Heat Sheet | This foot was made for surfing, will be willed to science | The Schnead at his best | Dessa, artist / photo babe past infinity | Photo advisor to the stars, JP | and ten thousand and 1 more

BA' s Last Blast of BS is:

"For me, I'd rather be an old 1/2 man still surfing South Wind Shores [this was a great day], the LJ Reefs and Black's, than an old whole man surfing Tourmaline. [No offence to old men and my friends at Tourmo]"

BA at The Shores by Alyson Doria /

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