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Includes Tonga Trip May 2013 - Just uploaded - Lottsa out of focus - over and under exposed photos - crooked horizons

Travel Album 1 / Tonga Stuff / Fishing Bombora 1



/ More for 09 June 2013 / More for 08 June 2013: Bruce Byerly Paddle-Out WindanSea 1


A bit of history - from Mac Meda | Get Mac Meda Stuff HERE

More Boring Stuff: BA's Surf Turf Tours | Working on: "The Book of BA's Dribble and Drivel©" | My Friend Jimmy Weaver's Web Site: WindanSea Beach dot com

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H-Bay 1969 | 1960 La Jolla Shores - Pat Manley's Club House  |  Mussel Rock, from the water 1961 | PB Surf Shop and "The Fence" 1970 | North Boomer 1961

Here are a couple of videos - remember, I took the videos - please don't expect very much - 15 Jan 2012 Teddy Smith's Memorial at WindanSea:

Teddy Smith Memorial BA Video - WindanSea - YouTube 1

Teddy Smith Memorial BA Video - WindanSea - YouTube 2

A little bit of history from Doug Moranville - - Branding Iron

23 June 2013

La Jolla Shores Photos 1

Include --->

Daddy Jeff's bottom turn on an Archie's Left /

Hostile Locals bad vibe BA /

I'll keep posting photos of the new guard tower - maybe I'll learn to love it!?


22 June 2013

La Jolla Shores Photos 1

Include --->

I attempted to hide behind some Eel Grass and a mini fog bank, but I was still spotted by a very hostile local, The Schnead

Hostile locals: Audie, Eric, and Nolan /

Emma gives John some tips on how to improve his surfing /

Doc Julie attempts to distract Odysseys and me as she invokes the call of the sirens.
The joke's on her, Odysseys and I are lashed firmly to our boards with our unbreakable surf leashes [available at 1-800-kuk-kord©®™]

21 June 2013

La Jolla Shores 1 Photos

Include --->

White House Rights in June

20 June 2013

La Jolla Shores Photos 1


Paul's "angle take-off" / RK's "angle take-off" /

One would be hard pressed to find anyone better than RK, from whom one could learn how to master some of the subtle and not so subtle ways to ride a wave

RK, along with Louie [photos below] demonstrate that the face of the wave - even at The Shores - can be ridden vertically as well as horizontally

I think that [some of] the "Shores Locals" would enjoy surfing a bit more if they would at least attempt to "follow the curl line" rather than racing for the shoulder and then jumping off their boards when their ride ended in one way or another.

19 June 2013

La Jolla Shores Photos 1

Include --->

16 June 2013

BA says: "Naw, I ain't too proud of this school of guppies!"

AM Photos - Surfing - La Jolla 1

Include --->

AM Photos - Surfing - La Jolla 2

Include --->

09 June 2013


08 June 2013

Bruce Bylerly Paddle-Out WindanSea 1

BA' s Last Blast of BS:

"For me, I'd rather be an old 1/2 man still surfing South Wind Shores [this was a great day], the LJ Reefs and Black's, than an old whole man surfing Tourmaline. [No offence to old men and my friends at Tourmo]"

BA at The Shores by Alyson Doria /

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