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William Wolcott Andrews

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Bill Andrews (b. August 18 , 1944 ( 1944-08-18 ) (age 63) ), documentary photographer and archivist, is the Studs Terkel of San Diego surf life.

Andrews surfed his first wave in 1957 at La Jolla Shores. He joined the line-up at Windansea Beach in the early sixties and was one of the first to discover and surf the world class waves at Black's Beach . In 1964 his surfing skills won him the cover of Surfer magazine (in a classic Ron Stoner photo) and membership in the notorious surf gang, *MacMeda, who terrorized southern California in the 1960's with wild pranks, police riots, and massive baccanals.

**Andrews claims to have been among the Macmeda members who chased novelist Tom Wolfe away from the real surf scene at Windansea down to the surf wannabe outcasts hanging out at the Pump House, thus casting doubts about the authenticity of Wolfe's reportage for his non-fiction classic, "The Pump House Gang".

Andrews has been cited in numerous articles and videos on surf history including "Welcome to Windansea" by Chris Ahrens, [1] , "The Strange Disappearance of Ron Stoner" by Matt Warshaw, [2] "Photo / Stoner" by Matt Warshaw [3] and Ty Ponder's "Sea Level Pressure" [4]

In recent years, Bill Andrews has became one of the major archivists of modern surf culture with his eclectic online chronicle A Day with BA .


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*MacMeda...  I was not a key player with the Mac Medians - I was actually pretty scared of them - for a full history of MacMeda, visit Doug Moranville at the Branding Iron in La Jolla. Phone Number: 858-454-4728    7464 Draper Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037
**Andrews...  I was not in the WindanSea parking lot when Wolfe got the big boot - however, there were a few Pump Housers who we did boot out of The Shores and other areas. For a better look at Pump House history, Jimmy Weaver and Billy Decker are good sources.

More Stuff About ME: [latest update, 05 Jan 08]
1. I was born in Illinois - not La Jolla, not even California, so I'm not a California native.

2. We [my parents and grandparents] moved to San Diego in 1953 from Playa Del Rey, CA and Berkeley, CA - Grandparents to La Jolla Shores, my parents and siblings to La Mesa - I spent my weekends and summers in La Jolla learning how to skim board, skin dive, spear fish, body surf, mat surf, etc.

3. My family moved from La Mesa to La Jolla in 1957 - This is when I bought my first real surfboard, purchased from Richard Gooch for $50. The board was a 9'6" balsa, weighing in at about 50 pounds, made by???

4. I graduated from La Jolla Junior Senior High School in 1962 - and was the recipient of a NROTC Scholarship to the University of New Mexico.

5. From 1962 - 2007 a whole bunch of weird and exciting things have occurred in my life - some with forethought - some without any thought - more about these "things" later.

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