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Anger Management 101 -

Or I Gotta Stay Sane for [only] 10 More Years!

Yeah - things have changed in the 50 or so years I've been surfing in The Barrio - and yeah, I gotta change a few habits, no more anger towards:

1. Kooks clogging the line-up.

2. Joggers running against the traffic, smack in the middle of LJ's narrow streets.

3. Bikers hogging MY street!

4. Autos hogging MY boardwalk!

5. Absolutely no parking in the beach areas after noon in the winter, after 8:00 am in the summer - it ain't gonna bother me!

Doubt the parking problem?

How 'bout these photos - all taken on 5 Dec 04, 2:00 PM - [and the Chargers were playing a televised home game]


Rain and wind

One of the coldest days of the year

Perfect for a family outing [just kidding] yet, still zero parking - how's it [the parking] gonna be when it's sunny, much less the summer?
* Parking by the Seal Mosh Pit = ZERO
* Parking by the Cove = ZERO
* Parking up the street from South B***er = ZERO
* Parking by B**mer = ZERO
* Parking towards Prospect Street = ZERO
6. "Concerned" citizens, more concerned about the survival of some stupid harbor seals, than they are concerned about the crime and the state of the roads in LJ.

7. Bicycle clubs touring LJ's Scenic Routes, 5 abreast, 100 riders in the pack.

8. How 'bout the care and feeding of LJ's Homeless population -

I can tell, this is gonna be an ongoing list - but I ain't gonna let it get to me - I'm gonna trade my anger in - I love LJ's condition[s]!



BA snaps a secret spot photo before the hostile locals can take the camera away from him -
- Patrick Ahern apologizes for hacking BA-
Photo of BA and Patrick by: Jordan Finkelstein

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