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Disclaimer: This is stuff I find interesting - you don't really think I care if YOU think it's interesting, do you?

Photo of G & S Reunion 2005 at PB Surf Shop

December 13, 2004 - Entry about my first surfboard, photo by Tom Clark's mom, comments about Sand In - Sand Out / Change of seasons.

Bonzer's First Wetsuit - This is a story that a friend of mine sent me a couple of years ago - I posted it [I think] on 14 Aug 04 - If you've ever tried on a wetsuit, you'll relate to Bonzer's experience!

August 01, 2004 Yellow Bamboo - The supposed power of Yellow Bamboo was circulating like a tsunami thru my surf world - I experienced the power on this day - Read all about it, plus revealing before and after photos!

Mac Meda 1968 - written by BA sometime in 2003 - I wrote this a few years ago [on] about THE 1968 Mac Meda party at WindanSea - includes a photo by John Sarrett of the cops lined-up along Neptune.

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