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All I gotta say is Men, Women, and Groms - Job Well Done!

Paddling approximately 12 miles in less than 2 hours for the winners in Pro Men and almost that fast for the winning Pro Woman - WHEW!!

I can't even drive a car that fast!

The Sprint from The Rock to Simmons and back in about 45 minutes.

It takes me an hour just to paddle from The Shack into the Arena's lineup - Grom Joey - Third overall - and if the race had been just a tad longer, maybe, just maybe, the old guy may have overtaken the young guy??

What about Sara Roper - She gets a late start and still was competitive -

If I had been in the race with a 30 minute head start, Sara would have passed me, and splashed water in my face as she went by.

Then, Sara had enough energy left to join her friend Matty as photo journalists.


Groms  WindanSea Ladies

Paddle Queen  Paddle Kings 1

Paddle Kings  Paddle Kings

Paddle Kings

BA's Disclaimers - as usual:

I'm posting as many photos as possible - if there are any that are offensive to anyone, etc. please let me know and I'll delete it / them.

Good luck sorting thru these albums of out of focus under / over exposed photos - I already have a headache and crossed-eyes...

Bear in mind that the photos in these albums are 1/3 size and low resolution -

When John or Guy are ready to port them over to the Club's website, I'll give you guys a CD with the selected, full size, high res photos.
Album 1
Album 2
Album 3
Album 4
Album 5
Album 6
Album 7
Album 8
Album 9
Album 10
Album 11
Album 12
Album 13
Album 14

Photos by Sara and Matty
That's All Folks!


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