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- Characters: OB Surfer -

Words and Photos by OB Surfer:

It was a well conceived plan.

Months of planning went into it. I grew my hair long. Lost 20lbs. Let the beard and mustache grow out.

Putting on the ball cap as a final touch I wondered "was it enough?"

Will the changes be enough to mask from me from potential disaster? It had to work..the penalties for failure could be extreme.

One last check on the disguise, I grab the camera gear and off I went to the "off limits" reefs of La Jolla.

Home of some of the heaviest locals around. Including one of the baddest of all, the infamous BA.

It started out easy enough. Checked out the famous tube riding spot of Lobster Lounge.

Friendly vibes from some pro photogs put at me ease.

I soon grew tired of the disappointingly small waves and moved a few hundred yards north to the fabled Wind an Sea reef.

Home of the mad hellman BA.

The tide was coming in and the North East wind was blowing into the bowling inside left. The water was a beautiful turquoise green (far from the poop brown of OB). The left was going off and the local teenage rippers were putting on a show.

"How come these kids aren't in school right now" I asked a grizzled old local.

He looked at me like I was a dumbass "This IS school bro".

I was having a blast shooting endless images of radical young rippers in turquoise barrels.

The shoot went on for hours without incident when suddenly my hair went up on the back of my neck and a feeling of foreboding came over me. I slowly turned around and there, up above on the low cliff, was the infamous BA. With camera pointed directly at me.

I had been spotted.

A middle finger was extended in my direction followed by the obscenities.

There was a lump of fear in my throat as I quickly grabbed my gear and scooted for the car.

Burning rubber I got out just in time as I saw BA rousting the local heavies. A few miles down the road, I began to relax and a smile broke out on my face as I thought about the treasures I had captured on my CF card.

I guess I won't be back to trust fund baby land for quite a while.

I now understood what the initials BA stood for... "Bad ASS"

Disclaimer, all, part or none of this story is total fabrication. You be the judge!

images here:



BA snaps a secret spot photo before the hostile locals can take the camera away from him -
- Patrick Ahern apologizes for hacking BA-
Photo of BA and Patrick by: Jordan Finkelstein

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