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- 29 July 2006 -

Day At The Beach / Special Olympics

Attention on the Beach - I've uploaded more than 401,000,602.64068 photos for today's event -

I DID NOT look very closely at the photos, therefore there will be very little proof of editing, if any.

Some photos may not be appropriate for even me to view, so if you're easily offended, maybe you better not open any of the albums until post-production is completed.

Those with better eyes and judgment than I have, I'm sure will soon tell me which photos to delete -

The edited albums, and or photos - if any pass muster - may be available on Scot Cherry's Official Day At The Beach site -

BA's Liner Notes:
[ A bit of, err, a lot of Creative PhotoShopping just might help ALL of the photos]

I'm not gonna keep the photos on my server for more than a couple of weeks -

The photos I've uploaded have been reduced in size by about 60% - if anyone wants to print a photo, just let me know and I'll send you the full size photo - then YOU can do the editing / photoshopping / printing / publishing

- AND -

I just gotta thank all of the Special Olympians and volunteers, it was an honor for me to participate - I will never forget these moments!


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