Day at the Beach - August 28, 2004 -
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Forrester-Tom adam-sandwich adam-way-cool ba-died-in-heaven ba-heart-attack ba-new-suit ba-rochelle ba-roper-heaven
bag-em-FT big-smile bus1 bus2 bus3 bus4 chris-brady-mike chris1
chris2 chris3 deep-water dennis-friend-too dennis-roper dennis-sez-hang-on dennis-support-team dj1
drop-knee1 drop-knee2 erica-sebe first-off gushers1 gushers2 hang-on-hat hat-dance
hold-on1 jenn-friends kids1 line-up1 line-up2 look-out-ba1 look-out-ba2 lowell-friends
lowell-rochelle mike-sez-go-left paddle-out pay-tention pearl1 push-up relax-please rich-kurt
roper-ish-scot scot-bus scot-interview1 scot-interview2 scot-kid scot2 sdsl1 sdsl2

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