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- September 2004 - Surfing And Life - As Seen Thru My Eyes - Calendar

Photo Journalist BA's Crappy Photos:
Labor Day Photos of Moon Taylor Reef and LJ Shores

Carter Haven's Videos:
Don't Hack Jay - Wind**Sea
Mike Myers - Wave House

Journalist BA's Crapola:
Sept Stuff
Sept Stuff Notes
   South End BA
   White Sands Reef
   North County!
   Labor Day at Wind**Sea  
   Moon Taylor Reef and LJ Shores
   Ivan and The Rules
   Wind**Sea rescues, change of season
   BA begins quest, plus The Shores
   BA abandons quest, plus hollow lefts
Sept 23, 2004    The whomp claims 3 more
Sept 26, 2004     Burn baby burn, Moon Taylor Reef, The Shores

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