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Just in [12 May 2006] Menehune Contest Program - 1970 - From Tim Kessler's Collection

WindanSea Surf Club and other WindanSea Beach Activities

By the way - I found a bunch of broken links on this page - I'll fix 'em!!

Disclaimer - This is not an "Official Page" of the WindanSea Surf Club -

Last year [2004] I volunteered to throw some photos into a page that may someday be ported-over to WindanSea's host -so far it hasn't happened, so I'm gonna continue with this page.

- so if you have any issues with my pages / content, please contact me:

Bill Andrews   

By the way, I am a charter member of The Club, and a past president.

Some WindanSea Surf Club History:

From Selby's Collection:

Press Clippings 2 - Including a poster from the Pacific Beach Surfing Club - 1961 - This is an important date, because this is the club that caught Thor's attention -

1965 Press Clippings 1 - VERY Interesting

1967 Menehune Contest - Check out this page regarding what WindanSea Surf Club is doing / has done for the year!

From Tim Kessler's Collection:

Just in [12 May 2006] Menehune Contest Program - 1970 -


My contributions to the documenting WSC History - Please join in -


1. My first meeting with Thor -arranged by Larry Gordon, August 1961.
Meeting place was the G&S Shop on Mission Blvd. [broken links]

2. Names -
Who were they & where are they now?

Just take a look at the old In Trims - Archived WindanSea Surf Club Newsletters:

May - 1969
June - 1969
November - 1969 They reads like a surfing who's who of the times!
David Rullo
Bobby Andrews
Jon Close
Steve Jenner
Eddie Moore
3. Early 80's Pretty Tough Times for WSC - Not many members left

A. The attendees:  pg 1 pg2  of the first "New" WSC meeting Dec 1981 [broken links]

B.  Officers of The "New" WSC - December 1981 [broken links]

Steve Shaw and a couple of others saved The Club!

They filed the proper documents, and tax returns that apparently had not been addressed for years -

Because of our negligence - the registered name "WindanSea Surf Club" almost became the property of some clothing manufacturer in Chicago.

We owe a tremendous amount of "something" to both Thor and Steve - Now it's up to you guys to keep it going!

C. The Membership roster [broken links]

D. The letter I hated to write by the way - I NEVER mailed the letter - [broken links]

I met JJ on Christmas Day - 1960 or so - [He had just gotten his first surfboard] he and I remained very close friends for life.

On a different note - some of our activities:

- 30 July 2005 - Special Olympics / Day at the Beach

If there were another place or time in this world, where I would rather be, than in La Jolla, participating in the Day at the Beach / Special Olympics, I don't know where that place or time would be.

I just want to thank Adam, Scot, the Special Olympians, and the WindanSea Surf Club for allowing me to be part of  this great event -

It's both an honor and a privilege!

- AND -

Can you believe how much support we received from others than those in the WSC??

The San Diego Surf Ladies, Silvergate Bank, San Diego City Lifeguards, more and more -

Sometimes, I just gotta think that maybe, just maybe, life is pretty darn cool without worrying about having the biggest house or the fastest car in the neighborhood -

The Special Olympians, in my opinion, demonstrate how family, good friends, and a wave or two can make a really great life!

The Special Olympians, in my opinion, demonstrate how family, good friends, and a wave or two can make a really great life!

Water Photos by Jeff Lhuillier - these photos are GREAT!!

The photos below are only part of the more than 1000 photos I took.

Naturally, most [of my photos] were either out of focus, or out of range, or ... it was the singer [me] and not the songs - the songs were beautiful - next time, I swear, I'll do a better job - but - there are a few good ones [photos] in the mix

[The best photos were taken by Bill Decker and Sara Roper]

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